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Preparing Yourself Psychologically For a Job Interview

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I'm currently in the job market and have had some responses to my resume (it was professionally written) but I didn't make a great impression during the interview. I currently had a response for a job that I would kill to have and I don't want to bomb the interview. I'm afraid that the jobs that I didn't get were because they ended up not paying enough (I suspect, but I'm not sure this is the reason) but this job starts at an incredible amount and I don't want to screw up the interview. Any suggestions?
Wallace's reply
It is a paradox but your very desire to land a job with a big salary is the very thing that will make it difficult for you to do a good interview. When going for the job the payment you receive is an important consideration. However I want you to detach from the money aspect and go with a spirit of enquiry – remember you need to establish whether the work involved in this job suits, that you can make a meaningful contribution to the organization and that you will be fulfilled in your prospective role. If you go to the job interview with this approach you will be calm and relaxed and enjoy the experience. Learning to live a relaxed life is enhanced if we can glide through these paradoxical situations.

Further Help and Resources
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