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How Can I Find the Healing Path and Follow it One Day at a Time?

heart to heart
I am good hearted and pretty intelligent however I have been controlled by fear and anxiety all my life. I am tired of being anxious and not moving to where I can be. I know there are no quick fixes but, I wish there was a path I could follow one step at a time. I need to start enjoying the journey of life day to day and stop worrying about the destination.
Wallace's reply
Wallace On what are you dependent? Where do you place your faith? There is a type of dependency in life which is good and healthy. When you have that dependency all worry and anxiety leave. Furthermore this dependency opens the path that you are seeking. What is this dependency? It is a dependency on God–who lives within your heart.

How can this dependency help you in your life? There is a link - a profound connection - to God Within. You need to learn how to activate it. I call this connection inner guidance. By living a life dependant on inner guidance you will be able to let go of all your fear and anxiety because your life–the relationships you choose, the work you do and the decisions you make - will all be determined inwardly through your strong and powerful connection with the Source of Life. Once you have surrendered your decision making to the guidance you receive from that Source and handed the results of your decision over to God, there is nothing to worry about, because God will always lead you in the optimum direction, by empowering you to make decisions that are in the best interests of all concerned.

Learning to be guided from within is a skill that you can learn. However this skill does need to be studied and practiced if you want to be able to rely on it. If you want to study the skill of being guided from within I strongly recommend my book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off. It will tell you all you need to know about learning inner guidance and give you exercises and tools with which you can practice. Furthermore by ordering this book you will be able to access the private part of my website where you can receive all kinds of help and support.

Learning inner guidance is fun and you can use it in a practical way in your everyday life to go beyond fear and anxiety, guide your decision making and open up your healing path.

Further Help and Resources
Claudette Rowley, in her article Trust the Power of Your Intuition gives effective guidelines to discerning and following your intuition, which you can then use to ask it to reveal your healing path.

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