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I hate my job but it keeps me well. How do I break away?

heart to heart
I am 29 years old and have been stuck in a job I hate for the past 12 years. I have been unable to step outside my comfort zone for any extended period of time to realize any real success. I once quit my job and tried something different and almost lost everything I own, so I had to go back to my old job, which I am still doing now. Over the past 12 years I have dreamed and fantasized about having a successful home business in network marketing, but every time I have tried I have failed. I start out all excited and motivated, and then within a few weeks I give up and decide the business or opportunity is not for me.

I am ready to experience true success. I feel I am beginning a transition in my life and I have been working very hard to change my limiting beliefs about success. I have found another network marketing opportunity that I feel very good about. I have been doing their training and after a few months I'm still eager to work with them. I am going to pay my way into their business next month so I can begin earning money and I am using Karol Truman's script to help with my success issues. I feel determined to change my life and find success with this business opportunity, but I'm afraid to let go of the job I hate.

Even though I am not fulfilled with my current job and feel dread as each day approaches, I know from my past experience that it provides me with a comfortable lifestyle and I'm not willing to give that up. The problem is I can't focus on my new business opportunity because I'm too distracted with my current job. I feel my job is keeping me from doing what is necessary to find success in my new business. How do I find the faith and courage to just let go of my old job and focus on my new business? Fear is keeping me in my current job because I'm scared of struggling financially. I'm determined to change and find success but need some advice. I plan to fight the urge to give up this time if it arises. I need advice on what to do.

Wallace's reply
Wallace Sometimes we need to listen to our fears and sometimes we need to ignore them. In your case I feel you need to listen to your fear because it is based on the experience of earlier failure in a similar venture which nearly cost you everything you own.

Let me ask you a simple question - why are you in such a hurry for success? What would happen if you were to take your time? What if taking your time meant you could start your new network marketing business in your spare time while keeping on your existing job?

The most important thing in business is to learn from experience. If you were to start gradually and slowly, learning from experience as you went, then there may come a time when you would fell more confident and less fearful of moving away from your existing job. At this point if you could find a way of working at your existing job or at another job part-time, while continuing to develop your network marketing business, you will be progressing toward your goal of becoming self employed gradually with minimum risk. Then when you do eventually decide to go full time you will have a wealth of experience, an existing client base, a healthy income stream and a new found confidence all supporting this move.

Try to move away from seeing your existing job as a block to self employment, to seeing it as an essential and vital stepping stone to greater freedom. When you see it in this way your whole attitude toward your existing job will change.

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