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How Can I Set Myself up as a Counselor?

heart to heart
I am the mother of 7. My oldest is 40 and my youngest is 19. I am having a hard time letting go and have feeling of worthlessness. I am 60 and am now a grad student in Community Counseling but I have fears of wasting my money because I am too old and no one will hear me. I could do my own thing, like retreats, which is what I would like, but I am not very good at self promoting. My grades are very good and my life experience is extensive. Am I barking up the wrong tree?
Wallace's reply
Wallace I feel you definitely need a new purpose to your life to replace your role as a mother. It is impossible for me to tell you whether or you are barking up the wrong tree in seeking to be a Community Counselor – indeed it is unwise to even ask me this question because it is a matter for yourself. Learn to trust your inner guidance when it comes to making major decisions rather than rely on a stranger's opinion.

However I can help you understand your situation. My advice to you is to see the Community Counseling as a hobby rather than the means of earning an income. If you need to work for money get a job that suits, is fulfilling and provides enough income. Then if you feel drawn to work as a community counselor and do retreats, ease your way into this role by perhaps running a retreat on a voluntary basis in aid of a local charity. Running retreats on this basis will help you attract help with promotion. This approach will take all the pressure away and you will enjoy seeing yourself develop as a counselor.

If you want help in learning to tune into and trust inner guidance consider ordering my book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off.

Further Help and Resources
60 years of age is certainly not too old to begin a successful career, whether or not you chose to start on a gentle gradient by not relying on it immediately as a main source of income. Craig Nathanson has written some good articles for Trans4mind - we suggest you read Is Your Life's Purpose For Sale? and then follow up on his site.

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