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I'm unemployed, with no proper education and I'm unconventional. How can someone like me earn a living?

heart to heart About the Questioner
Philosophy: I call myself a pagan but my beliefs are broader than this term. I believe in the Spirit of Love, he, she, it, they, who is one yet combined into everything... I am anti-religion but not anti belief... I am a broad minded lady tho emotional and opinionated, I believe I have psychic Gifts.
Hopes and aspirations: I want to stop being lazy, and stop feeling so much despair. I have no proper education but I am creative and fairly 'intelligent' ...but most of all I am spiritual.
How can someone like me earn my own money? I'm unemployed, no proper education to move forward, the fact that I am also a pagan who dresses differently with bright red hair doesn't help. I see no moral reason to change my dress style, etc. or pretend to be something I'm not (manipulation) because in the long run it would be evil.

Your genuine, loving and compassionate smile, with your grey hair, a lady who has been through so much sorrow.. is what and why I have been prompted to contact you. If I never hear from you, know that there is a Witch in the UK who thinks highly of you,

Blessings, peace and love.

Reply by Coach Doris Jeanette Doris Jeanette
Thank you for the love. If you begin to read energy, in addition to words, you will notice there is a great deal of love energy in this question. The words are missing, incomplete and not always clear. However the energy is clear.

There is energy in each question I receive from the wonderful Heart to Heart community. This is the reason I do not like to edit your questions. I want to give the reader a feel, a sense, of the person who is communicating. I encourage each of you to improve your ability to read energy. No matter how much energy you can read, there is always more to discover.

Do not be fooled by the words, labels and psychobabble around you. Please do not avoid words like witch, fag, dyke, hag, bitch and so on. Embrace all words or they will define you and control you. Instead, sense the energy in the words, sense the energy in the person and sense the energy around you.

Sometimes the energy in an email can jump right off the page and hit you! The energy in this question reached my heart and I hope it reaches yours. The word witch can bring up evil, bad, mean, nasty images to your mind. However, witch is a wonderful word. The original meaning of witch was "a superior woman."

Since the masses turned against their witches, who were their healers, the world has not been a healthy place. Both the earth and humans have suffered greatly without the wisdom of their witches. Humans lost their healthy connection to Mother Nature and their right to be responsible for their own health. Until humanity fully embraces their superior women, the world will not be safe for anyone.

A group of males, in authority, in the European society, became full blown psychotic from roughly 1480 to 1750. For three centuries the men believed that superior women were sleeping with the devil. One of the ways these men tested to see if a woman was a witch was by throwing her into the rough seas. If she swam she was a witch and was burned at the stake. Of course we know what happened if she did not swim.

This is the ultimate lose-lose situation I have referred to over and over again in the Heart to Heart columns. I want you to become conscious of how you put yourself into a lose-lose situation. Your brain still functions in this insane fashion far too often. Today there are still witch-hunts in Africa and witch scares in rural parts of the USA.

This psychotic way of thinking affects you today no matter where you live. It affects how you were taught to see the world. It affects the medical, healing care you receive today. It affects how you think about your own ability to heal yourself. It effects how you were conditioned to think of your own superior abilities. And most importantly, it affects how scared you are to use your superior abilities.

So, I suspect that you, the loving witch, who asked this question, is suffering from all of the above. You need to separate from this negative, unhealthy conditioning and come into your own real power. The witch's code is, "Do what you will and harm none." So I would like to see you put into practice the witch's code in your daily life.

You need to learn how to use your healing abilities to heal yourself. For example, you can learn how to turn the love in your heart inward. You can focus your loving heart and loving energy toward your own emotional self. This is the part of you who has been wounded by your past learning history and the insanity of the lose-lose thinking.

Give the same love, you sent to me, to yourself. Do this until your sweet, loving inner child, feels loved. Then you will become more self-confidence. Only when you become emotionally secure can you use the natural talents you possess. You must be strong in body, heart and soul to live a life of transformation.

Read the past columns on emotional maturity, letting go of control, depression, conditioning, feeling your emotions and self esteem to flesh out the answer to your question: search here.

The goal is to give up your defensive energy, which is a waste of time. Instead, embrace your authentic energy. Your authentic self is full of your natural superior abilities. These superior abilities are intuitive. This means you sense reality directly without thinking. You feel rather than use deductible reasoning to know. This is a far more powerful way to live. It is indeed superior.

Let me say emphatically there is no such thing as "lazy." I never believe this. The ego is the one who calls you "lazy" and no other. The authentic self is full of vital energy and is never lazy. It is excited, joyful and playful. And it loves; it does not call anyone names.

In addition, your body is relaxed when you are being authentic. The open body is the only body that allows healthy energy to move through it. Your physical body needs lots of rest to replenish its energy source. Being relaxed is not lazy. Being relaxed is the optimum state of the organism.

This means you are controlled by your ego that is calling you names such as "lazy." Watch out, I am sure there are many other nasty names in your head, like witch, bitch, crazy, narcissist, selfish and so on. It is your own mental judgments that are inhibiting you. You have been conditioned to think this way and you can decondition yourself. Read past columns about conditioning.

The despair you feel is probably from not fulfilling yourself. I felt deep despair for years as I struggled with my ego and tried to break free from my past learning history. I felt inadequate to the task over and over again. All of us kick and scream on the way to soul fulfillment.

So do not despair, you are not alone anymore. Connect with everyone who is reading this column. Feel the worldwide, spiritual community with you on the same path. Know that despair is part of the natural process. Let your despair give you a swift kick in the butt to take appropriate action!

My authentic self was finally the victor as I moved through my guilt, judgments and self-doubt toward freedom and joy. This is the universal journey of transformation. You must move though your guilt, judgment and self-doubt. You can learn how to stay on the path of that leads to your authentic self and soul.

The natural process of transformation is perfect in terms of doing what it needs to do. By this, I mean you do not want a person who is not pure, strong, healthy and open hearted to have access to her or his power. Only the person who is wiling go through the trials of cleansing and clearing can access her or his power. This is a good thing.

In addition, it sounds like you are stuck in resistance and have not yet learned to play the game. It is not wise as a soul to "fight city hall," as I call it. You need to learn the rules of the game and play the game as it is plaid for your own self-preservation. Wise souls do not need to prove points or be self-destructive. These are ego qualities.

Your resistance is your worse enemy. You are being defensive when you resist anything. You cannot win any battle with city hall. It is too rigid, there is no negotiation. You do not need to dig your heels in and refuse to move or be defiant. Put your energy toward places where you can be effective and your efforts will grow corn. Skillful witches can disappear and be silent when needed.

I am sure you were born with psychic gifts; this energy is also in your question. Because you have not developed your spiritual gifts there is a good chance your energy has backed up on you. By this I mean when you inhibit your powerful, spiritual energy it quickly becomes stagnant and can cause serious problems.

Let your problems motivate you to get serious about developing and using your spiritual gifts. Use your superior talents to heal your emotional wounds. Before you know it, there will come a time when you turn a corner and there is no going back.

You will notice your ego does not have the upper hand. From then on, you will not be plagued with feelings of inadequacy. Instead, your despair is replaced by joy. You will feel a sweet, unbelievable joy in doing what you came here to do.

So take the energy in this answer and use it to fuel your transformation journey. It will help you become an honest, open, loving, superior woman, who uses her talents for the highest good.

Action Steps

  • Practice disappearing in public places. See how it feels to master the art of not being noticed. For help study the women in native cultures who have always carried the superior skills. Read Lynn Andrews' books. Medicine Woman is my favorite. But I think it is Jaguar Woman: The Wisdom of the Butterfly Tree where the Mayan women disappear. They definitely shape-shift.
  • Get to know the energy of resistance. What does it feel like and how can you disengage when you are wasting your energy by refusing to do something. Your resistance is what is keeping you from being able to let go of your unhealthy conditioning. Visit the free library at for letting go advice.
  • Learn to play the game. Never be self-destructive for any reason. Period. If you have to behave this way by the law. Then behave that way by the law. Instead, focus your attention on things you can affect and master. Teach your children to be true to themselves and learn to play the game for survival. Show them how to do this by your own behavior.
  • Reconnect and learn from nature. Spend time in nature and vibrate with her. Learn from nature how energy and matter work and communicate. Observe other creatures that are not tortured by lose-lose insanity. Attend nature workshops designed to help you be more intuitive. Attend the Saturday, April 30, Nature Workshop in Cape May, NJ, USA.

Coaching copyright © 2010 Dr. Doris Jeanette
Doris Jeanette is thrilled to no longer be plagued with feelings of inadequacy. Being able to write this column for Peter Shepherd, in the Heart to Heart column, to the world community, fulfills my purpose in being here. Thank you to Peter, the community of readers, those who ask questions, and the worldwide seekers of truth. Bless all of you. As director of the Center for New Psychology I teach what I know to others. Learn more and sign up for the free newsletter, "The Vibrant Moment."

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