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Could I realistically live a fully biogenic life in a natural habitat enclosure?

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Philosophy: I believe that all global configurations and upheavals happen because of "the failure of one people to recognize the humanness of another people." And the failure of those same people to understand that "the definition of justice is the golden rule." Knowing who we are and how we got where we are today, is always the first step towards healing and finding our home again.
Hopes and aspirations: To rid myself of all connections to the biotic poisons of city life. I was born a fully biogenic person meaning "LIFE GENERATING." I want to live on a ranch with a wonderful loving family.
I started a study from 1984 until 2008 of human civilization and life called, "The seminal world compass of the covenant." The project was called the biogenic human research and development civilization replacement project. The question posed was: is the unfathomable journey from the trees to civilized life today is one-way forever; or could we actually return home again? The study showed that because we humans are mortally social beings we don't do well being alone for long periods of time. But whenever we gave anyone a way to live alone, deep in the mountains, we found that the shockingly opposite was true; and most people had no problems after about 2 weeks of going without clothes and sleeping on a hammock outdoors and with food available to pick.

As a result I was very hopeful that we could one day go home again. But it took many resources to be make this happen, because of lack of knowledge of natural wild living, no way to buy land and non-sustainable food supplies. But even people who had been through the worst life could throw became very loving again and very quickly. The project is over and most have moved on and I've not seen many of them. There were 5 of us. Could I realistically live a fully biogenic life in a natural habitat enclosure? We did not include how people would feel or think about it in the study, or what kind of configuration and/or upheavals they might cause because of how they might see us or think about us.

Reply by Coach Doris Jeanette Doris Jeanette
We have indeed moved away from being natural and thus healthy! All our unnecessary diseases and human problems are due to man's disconnection from Mother Earth. This is the primary premise of my book, which is looking for a publisher called, "Fear is the Pathway to Freedom and Joy." The reason we are disconnected is because we currently reject our basic human nature. This self rejection has caused multiples of problems from sexual dysfunctions to pollution to suicide to wars.

Your interesting, profound comment about the source of human problems, "the failure of one people to recognize the humanness of another people" goes right to the heart of the matter. However, from my point of view as a holistic psychologist, it is our lack of acceptance of our own humanness that is the root of our inability to accept others. Until we recognize our humaneness, we cannot recognize another's. This is the reason we need to continuously engage in self-improvement and commit ourselves to personal growth. We need to learn to love and accept our own biology, psychology and greatness.

Therefore, start with yourself and move outward. Mother Nature is the one to follow to be strong, healthy and successful. I am delighted to hear you have been involved in research to prove this is true. I would love to know more about your findings. How many women were involved? Please supply more details, write it up and it share with us. Your experience into the forest was a wonderful way to shed many years of unhealthy learning. That is exactly the reason I started to do outdoor workshops in the forest 25 years ago. I knew people could break free of their unhealthy conditioning and move toward their natural, strong, healthy self with a little help from Mother Earth! And I knew people had to experience the facts in their own body so they would know the truth.

As a result of your research you know your body and its odors are not bad or wrong. You also know you can be happy alone and with others. I encourage each reader to do his or her own research so that you can access your inner knowing and develop your natural strengths. I grew up on a North Carolina, USA farm. Since I was a child, I have been able to feel the difference between the natural, healthy energy in the trees AND the unhealthy conditioned, controlled energy in humans. So in the early 1980's, when I was looking for more powerful ways to help people in my private practice, I started leading outdoor Nature Workshops.

I used to spend weeks and even years discussing defensive energy with my clients in regular talk therapy. After many sessions, using all the techniques and approaches that I knew, there would be very little change in their body or behavior. In contrast, one day in the forest is enough for people to recognize their hard, dense, dark ego energy as separate from their natural self. This body experience empowers them to make immediate changes in the moment and later when they go home.

For example, here is a body exercise I do in the Nature Workshop each fall in the forest. This exercise helps you expose the weakness in your ego.

First, get in your ego, defensive state, with your strongest body posture possible. Then have someone push against you gently. Notice what happens.

Next, get in your open, vulnerable state and grow roots into the earth like a tree. Now, feel the difference when someone pushes gently against you. You sway like a real tree. You are flexible and strong as you bend with the elements.

You ask, "Could I realistically live a fully biogenic life in a natural habitat enclosure?" I answer, "You must live naturally in order to flourish." You do not need to reject progress, comfort and advancements. You do not want to go backwards and be a cave man. You want to go forward and be a magnificent, future human being who uses more of your human potential. You can learn to be natural and stay natural as you live your life in harmony with others.

You are concerned about what others might think of you and what they might see. The problem is what you think about what you see. Self-judgment blocks success in all arenas. Of course, you are aware of other people's judgments, but your own judgment is what controls you, not outside factors. This is the psychological work you need to do to continue living naturally. Give up your own judgments against your body and emotions. In addition, you need to give up your judgments toward others who do not live the way you do.

You need to live in such a way that you are proud of how you live and gradually you will let others know you and love you. There is a world of difference between a noble idea and the nitty gritty of living a noble life with a real body and a real heart on a highly emotional planet.

This is your challenge, to continue to live in your whole body as you allow the energy of your soul to naturally move through it. There really is a natural, organic process where "Fear is the Pathway to Freedom and Joy." You can trust the natural, biogenic, emotional process because it leads you back home.

Retuning home means to be fully relaxed in your body on planet earth. This is the real secret to being on this planet. When you relax, you feel like you are in heaven on earth! This is because you are in heaven on earth.

Use the best teachers you can find to learn how to read, sense, feel, smell, hear, see and taste physical, emotional and spiritual energy so you know what is natural and healthy. Spend time in nature relaxing into matter, not hiking and looking outward. Become one with Mother Earth. You can join a small group of people in a forest near NYC and Philadelphia at a Nature Workshop, Oct. 23, 2010. This is not psychotherapy, it is transformational work.

To return home you need to do transformational work. The secret to transforming energy is to go into deeper and deeper states of body relaxation. Anxiety is what keeps your body tight and tense. Use qualified relaxation teachers, take courses and put into practice what you learn. I suggest the Overcome Anxiety Naturally online course. The 10 lessons give you body exercises, relaxation tools and guide you into letting go of self-judgment and moving toward self-acceptance.

Coaching copyright © 2010 Dr. Doris Jeanette
Dr. Doris Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with 34 years of clinical experience helping people find, accept and follow their natural, authentic self. She can read energy on the phone and is available for experiential, private consultations on the phone. As director of the Center for New Psychology she is head mentor of the Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program and head teacher of the Certification Program in Holistic Psychology. To learn more, read the FAQ.

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