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My problem is that I have no idea who I am. I feel lost and desperately need guidance.

heart to heart Philosophy: I believe that everything that happens in life happens for a reason. I also believe that we attract the good and bad things into our life but our thoughts. I believe in God and the Universe.

Hopes and aspirations: I hope to become more spiritual and learn to withdraw the negativity from my life.


I am at a point in my life where I really need to have better things happen. I want to become more Spiritual because that will help me to become more positive. What is the best way to start, without haveing to pay lots of money for help or advice?
Reply by Coach Phil Evans Phil Evans
Your question is a very 'open' one; with a huge array of different answers; and directions you could take. The best way to start is to begin reading appropriate books about spirituality, etc. It really does depend on what you are really seeking... and then following that path.

Start to 'listen' to your inner self; start to become more self aware; and learn to ask God and the Universe for the things that you wish to learn. Ask the universe how to find the answers that you are seeking; they will come.

You could also find someone who you really 'resonate with' at the emotional and energy levels which feel just right!

It sounds to me that you're at an age where you are frustrated with not achieving more, and feel that 'enough is enough', and it is time for you! If that is right, then there is one way that you could approach this for the best good for yourself, and that is to get some Life Coaching, if that feels right. It is about you investing in a brighter future for yourself! And it really does become the best investment that anyone could make; having the potential to live and enjoy a brighter future. And ... to take the most appropriate direction for you to find, and optimize, your true purpose in life! I wish you well - and send you love and caring.

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