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I want to know what its like for my mother in the afterlife?

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I want to know what its like for my mother in the afterlife

My mom tragically passed away the 20th of November 2009, and ever since my life has been completely upside down (dad died when I was 7). My major challenges every day is wondering if my mom is okay, if she really is in a better place and what its like for her, because knowing my mother she wouldn't have made the choice to leave us. Her not being here this year when (if) I finish my degree is the most awful thought ever! And not to be able to pick up the phone whenever I need to talk to someone.

I read a lot on the afterlife, and proof of its existence. I'm a scientist myself so I know what to look for in constitutional/empirical proof. Although NDEs and OBEs seem good on paper, when you read them in an article, it still seems highly doubtful when considering the nature of some people, especially religious people that claim to get messages from Christ, Buddah, Allah and whoever else, about what the afterlife is like.

Fact is every religion has a view, all religions have people claiming to see miraculous things from "their god" and having looked at this bigger picture, where do I go? Which God do I ask for guidance and forgiveness? How do I really know that I'm going to see my passed loved ones again in the so called "other side."

I never wanted to be an atheist to spite anyone or to go up against anyone's beliefs, just to tick them off, like most atheists I know. I really want to believe in the afterlife. But how do I know for myself? Who can I talk to that gives me a true and honest opinion, and not some medium that wants to ride me for 700 bucks and send me on my way (which I did by the way, and it wasn't convincing at all, I thought she was such a fraud and an idiot).

I really hope you can help me, or at least point me in the right direction to find something concrete I could believe in. I'm in desperate need of a truly spiritual experience to give me piece of mind that my parents are doing great, and that I would continue my relationships with them in an afterlife.

Maurice's reply

Maurice Turmel
My dear young man, religion is the last place to look if you want an understanding of the so-called "Afterlife." There may have been religions at one time who could steer you through an in depth understanding of life and death, but they do not exist today. Most of today's religions are financial institutions masking as intermediaries between us and God. Their only interest is in gaining recruits, covering up their abuses and growing the bottom line

Forget science for now and forget religion. You do not need either of these to focus on your heart. Your heart and feeling centre are where your pain lies. Healing that pain is part of grief recovery. My book "How to Cope with Grief and Loss" will help you negotiate the shoals of emotional pain and those feelings of loss. You will be instructed on how to journal. You will be encouraged to speak to your mother in your journal. Your scientific side will yell and scream that "this is nonsense." Ignore that voice for now. That part of you knows nothing of Grief Recovery.

Grief is pain. It is what we "feel" whenever we experience any loss. The biggest losses in life are 1) Losing a Loved One; 2) Losing a Relationship; 3) Losing a Pet. Anything we are connected to emotionally will cause us pain upon its loss. That is normal. Working through the pain using tried and true methods of recovery based on psychology, and yes, mythology, is the path of healing.

You don't need to know or believe in an afterlife to heal your pain and go on loving your mother. She lives in your heart. All you can feel right now is the loss. As you heal that pain, you will get back to the Love. And then on birthdays and holidays you will remember her fondly. You may tear up, but that's because you miss her. What a wonderful gift. If there were no consequence in loving someone then how would we differentiate Love from Indifference.

Celebrate your love for your mother. Obtain my book: this link will take you to the purchase page. Work the Grief Recovery Program detailed in the book. Follow all the steps. Then write to me in about 3 months and tell us all how you are feeling. Your report on working through this grief will help others. I look forward to hearing from you.

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