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As a Self-employed Person How Can I Improve My Motivation?

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After a negative childhood I had a career in finance for a long time but never felt it gave me anything at all except a means to an end.

I retrained as a Hypnotherapist and love doing the job itself but am finding the loneliness of the job hard to cope with, although I do meet up with a group once every 3 months. I am in a clinic which has recently changed hands and the energy there is no longer right for me but I am unable to find a new home to work out of. I sometimes feel very down about it although I am in myself really pleased with what I do and the people I am able to help.

How can I get the motivation more in place to get on and up so to speak? I know it is the right thing for me to do but feel very alone within it at present.

Wallace's reply
Wallace How is your support network? Every self employed person needs a support network. This network can consist of friends, family, spouse, business partners, business clubs and support professionals (like accountants and bankers). How's yours?

It is vital that you tend to your support network. Don't be afraid to ask for support (and to offer it as well). If we get bogged down in the job and do not reach out for support then we can very quickly feel lonely, isolated and de-motivated. Think of the needs you have as a person around being supported - write them down - and as you go about your life keep these needs uppermost in your mind along with the intension that you will find support.

Then live your life as normal but be open to opportunities for both giving and receiving support. You will be surprised at how your network will build quite naturally and at how loneliness will recede and motivation return.

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