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I feel there is something more I am supposed to be doing with my life - but what?

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
I am a Christian. I believe that there is more to this universe than what people think.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
I hope to find my true purpose in this life.
I am a 26 yr old woman. I have a great job, a boss who takes care of me, a healthy daughter, and the most wonderful boyfriends a woman could ask for. I am the happiest I have been in years. I have everything that I've ever wanted. But... I feel that something is missing. I feel as if there is something more I am supposed to be doing with my life. I have tried to meditate about this concern of mine, but still have received no answer. I guess I am asking for whatever is missing in my life to smack me in my face and say, "Here I am. This is what you've been looking for."

Can it be that easy? I sit here and ponder what I can do to figure out where these feeling are coming from, but I draw a blank. I don't believe that this is it for my life. That I received everything I ever wanted and that's the end of it. There has to be something more! I feel a fire burning in my soul trying to tell me something. I can't seem to get it out. Can you help me figure out what this fire is, and how to use it to give everything I can give in life?

Maurice's reply

Wallace I'm going to take this opportunity, afforded by your question, to wax philosophically with a Christmas message of my own.

The fire in your belly is a good thing. It signals there is more for you in this life. Call that your first alert. Now comes a little digging on your part, keeping the following in mind. What you are looking for is going to knock you over, but it may very well be a series of steps. Part of your mission is to uncover that for yourself and that puts you on a mythological scavenger hunt. For this type of foray into the deeper recesses of your heart and mind I recommend Journaling. Get yourself a 3 ring binder and fill it with empty pages and get ready to start this investigation.

Ask yourself feeling questions first then move on to Life Purpose questions. "What am I feeling about this process of self-exploration?" will get you started. Then move on to "What would I love to do?" and just play with a bunch of ideas. Just put a question at the top of a page and write on it. Focus on what you feel (good or bad) about the topic at hand, rather than what you think. When you know what you feel you will soon know what you think. That's how it works. And Journaling will get you there faster than any other method.

Christmas is a good time of year to do such reflections. There is a lot of positive energy in the air so its good to take advantage of the break to do a little self-reflection. Sometimes the only answer will be "the next step" which is "to learn something" or "try something new." At your age, exploring is your natural calling because many things will attract you but only a few will turn out to be favorites. And you will always be on track to your life purpose if you're involved in things you love.

What we love is what gives our life meaning. And loving ourselves is only a first step. But it is through that step that we come to find our life's work. The question is always "What would I like to do?" As opposed to "What should I do that makes the most money?..that will please my parents?..that will get me prestige?" and so on. It's what you love to do that will have the greatest impact on the world at large and/or your immediate community.

So do a little research into what you might like and give a few things a try. Don't wait for the big hammer to hit you over the head with "The One." Start doing things that intrigue you, then journal about the experience, especially how you feel about it. Ultimately your feelings will take you to the exact place you will want to be. And you will know it upon arrival. Because it will only have that special meaning for you.

Your feelings, your passions, your desires and your ability to self-reflect will get you there. For most of us "There" is a process and not a destination. It is where we best place our talents, abilities and our love for our fellow man and all the creatures of this earth. The happiest people are the people who Love what they are doing. They got there by loving every step of the journey.

So, young lady, you've asked the right questions. Now start your research! The process will be fun and you will find out what you are made of. What better Christmas gift could you have?

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