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Will forgiveness and releasing past hurts heal my physical problems?

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
Get rid of past emotional baggage and live in the now.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
To become pain-free and pursue future interests.
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001. I strongly believe I do not have fibromyalgia. I believe that forgiving myself and those of my past to release emotional baggage will help. However, I feel I have let go and dealt with the past problems, but physically, I have not felt any pain relief. What other way of thinking should I be utilizing?
Reply by Coach Maurice Turmel
Maurice Turmel
It sounds like you believe that if you do all your spiritual practices properly you should be rid of your fibromyalgia. I think this is naive and here are my reasons why.

First off, we are here on this earth to learn lessons. When a lesson is learned the challenge that brought it to us dissolves back into the ethers. We are stronger because of it and are now prepared to take on our next challenge or task.

The idea that doing spiritual practices alone will take care of physical problems is promoted by certain New Age groups as fact, when it is simply untrue. The idea is preposterous. And the upshot, my dear woman, is you get to feel like you did something wrong. Or, you are simply not spiritual enough. That sounds a lot like a dysfunctional religion to me.

Diagnosing fibromyalgia is a physician's job. You are not qualified to do so, and therefore not qualified to dismiss the diagnosis. And so long as you remain in denial of that you will suffer the symptoms of that disease and continue to feel like a victim, or that you are just not thinking straight.

Does your thinking process need adjusting? Obviously yes! Well then, what should you be thinking about? "What this illness has to teach me about myself and my attitudes," perhaps.

You or I do not get to dismiss thousands of years of medical practice and evolving treatment strategies. We do however get to assess what each instance of a physical illness has to teach us. And we take our physical vehicles to the medical doctor until our problem is solved or under control.

I'm going to guess that you will dismiss this answer because it doesn't fit in to the attitude that raised your question. Too many people operate under the illusion that good spiritual practices can wash away any physical dilemma.

"How's that working?" Dr Phil would ask? Not!

I don't know what specific lessons the Universe wants you to learn, but I'm sure one of them is about getting to the bottom of this illness and why You Brought It Into Your Life!!!

My wife was diagnosed with MS 16 years ago. The illness has progressed some, but she is still highly functional. Yesterday we, friends from our neighborhood and ourselves, had a great dinner party that she put together over the past week. Nobody thinks about my wife as an MS victim. Why? Because of her attitude. She never complains and never asks "why me?" She only asks "What can I do today?"

She, like so many people with physical challenges lives her life to the fullest and loves every minute of it. We have 2 pets, great friends and lots of love in our lives. Are we just fortunate or do we have the right attitude? By the way, I don't feel victimized by my wife's illness either.

Your physical vehicle, your body, is capable of providing you with feedback about your attitude toward life and your state of your being. There certainly is a connection between spiritual, mental and emotional states of being and your physical being. What I think is not true is that all illness is spiritually caused, that conventional medication or even alternative medical treatment is unnecessary, since it's all in the head or a matter of past life influence, or chakra energies that need alignment, or some such. There's clearly truth in the holistic approach but that approach should include the body's workings, not exclude it; to do that isn't being holistic.

Are you a happy person? Do you give and receive in equal fashion (without keeping score of course)? Do you communicate with your God Self on a daily basis? How about communicating with your body to see what it has to say?

There are some resources that Trans4Mind has to offer to help you delve further into this challenge. To take advantage of complementary avenues of the holistic approach, I suggest you put your question to Ayal Hurst, at Clearing the Way, a long-running alternative Q&A service at Trans4mind.

Also I suggest you simply look up "alternative treatment fibromyalgia" in Google, and see what complementary medicine has to offer. But I also suggest you take your physician's advice seriously and that you address your personal and spiritual development as a separate issue. This should be done for its own value, and if successful you should validate your progress; it should not be used as a last-ditch way to treat an illness.

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YOUR COMMENTS: Susan Nash, comments December 2009:
I agree with you, illnesses are very complex things which are created out of combinations of circumstances - physical, and psychological and spiritual. Genetics, nutrition, exercise, and chemical or germ exposure in our environment are examples of physical circumstances which affect illness. Psychological factors such as not feeling worthy of love or thinking negatively contribute to illness. Spiritual factors are fuzzier and hard to delineate from psychological but have to do with living a life of integrity - of seeking and understanding things outside the realm of physical and psychology.

There are some choices and circumstances over which we have no control and therefore cannot do this - I am hearing-impaired as a result of genetics, my mother's choice not to have me immunized against german measles, my coming in contact with the germs, and subsequent high fever. I cannot change any of those choices, I can only accept and live with the illness and not do myself further harm by stressing about it.

So undoing the damage done is sometimes not feasible, but recognizing the causes and how we have contributed to them can help us from doing further damage and potentially heal us or mitigate our symptoms. Healing the spiritual and psychological causes can contribute to healing the physical since they are related, miracles do happen that way I believe.

Rhonda Murray, comments December 2009:
I must say that I cannot totally agree with your advice to this person. Yes I do advise getting medical advice and treatment if necessary, however I do not agree it is the only way.

I consider myself to be a spiritual person (not religious) and it is my knowing that emotions, beliefs, and thoughts, can create disease or heal it. I was diagnosed in 2000 with Lupus during a routine medical checkup. I had not been sick or suffering any kind of symptoms prior to my checkup. I was referred to a specialist by my primary physician, who in turn conducted his own testing and agreed with the original diagnosis. I was placed on medication and had to have regular blood check ups and follow up visits. In my heart and spirit I never felt like I had the disease, and therefore never claimed to have it. Each visit was the same I was asked a series of questions regarding symptoms which were typical for someone with Lupus. I honestly did not suffer any of them. During one visit the doctor actually displaid feelings of frustration and disbelief because I didn't have any of the issues associated with this disease. I stopped taking the medication years ago because I felt I didn't need it.I would just let him write me a prescription renewal and never get it filled. To this day I have not suffered any illness from their diagnosis nor have I have been hospitalized.

I do not discredit the medical profession, they have made tremendous progress over the years. However it is my firm belief that most medications do more harm than good. A pill only masks the symptoms it does not get at the cause.

We are one with the creator source God and therefore have the same abilities. But because we have been taught to believe we are powerless, and a bevy of other worthless beliefs, we suffer. Our creator has not put us here to suffer in any way, nor are we here to learn "lessons" per se. We are here for experiences and to come to know our true divinity.

I could go on about this but it's not necessary. Just making my comments about that particular story. Nothing is more powerful than the mind. Bless that lady, who I feel you just didn't not address fairly.

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