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I want to help people but I'm stuck with the belief that I may not succeed.

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
My philosophy on life is that everyone should have the freedom to be the best he can be, be as happy as he can be and have all his heart desires.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
I hope to be a leader in inspiring and educating the world to improve the quality of their lives.
All my life, I have been in the banking industry, that's not where I want to end up. I want to reach out to the world... I have always had a deep desire to help people, to add value to people's lives, to help the world be a better place. I now want to be a business and personal coach but years down the line, as I am nowhere close to achieving my dreams. I'm stuck with the belief that I may not succeed and that people will laugh at my chosen field. Please advice me on what to do.
Reply by Coach Maurice Turmel
Maurice Turmel
So you want to help people? Are you prepared to do the work necessary to achieve your goal?

Do you know what "courage" is? Courage is what we demonstrate when we face our fears and doubts and do the unimaginable anyway. That's right. It takes courage to assert our goals. It takes courage to face our fears. It takes courage to overcome our doubts.

How do we increase our level of courage? By sharing our hopes and dreams with reasonable people, people who are open to the kinds of ideas we are playing with. If you want to be lifted up, talk to people who are positive and have faced some challenges in their own lives. Do not share your ideas with people who are stuck and want you to remain stuck.

If you want to help people you have to help yourself first. Yes, being a coach or therapist means you have to get to know yourself at a deep level. That means facing your fears and doubts and working through them. That means getting all the right resources that will benefit your personal growth. That means uncovering all the gifts God placed inside of you.

If you want this - then go for it. Who cares what others think. They can stay stuck in their own psychological muck. You want more. So go for it!

Now get moving and write to me again in 6 months with a progress report.

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