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How Do I Get Past This Block and Start Moving Toward a New Job?

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I've worked in the IT field for 25 years, but the job market for what I do has become very poor with no real future in it. I know it's time for a career change but have been avoiding going in any direction. I feel like I did before going to college when I didn't know what to major in. How do I get past this block and start moving toward a new job that can carry me to retirement?
Wallace's reply
If you see your situation as a block then it will be just that. I would encourage you instead to see your situation as a space - a beautiful space to be enjoyed.

Having a career path is a bit like being on a train. You journey for miles in the one direction and changing direction can be difficult - you need to get off at the right station, hesitate while you study the train timetable and the various destinations, perhaps taking a break to eat in the station restaurant - a beautiful space - then when you are ready, know where you want to go and know the right train and the platform for its departure, you leave the comfort of the restaurant and climb aboard.

I advise you to detach from your existing career, and take time out. Create your own beautiful space for exploration and reflection. If you need to earn money work at something simple like being a shop assistant or gardening. In your beautiful space you need to wait for inspiration to emerge. Live with questions like; what would be the best career path for me at this stage of my life? What new talents would I like to express? Where is my inner guidance directing me now?

Do not be in a hurry to find an answer. Let the new train and its destination emerge in its own time. If you need help with getting in touch with your inner guidance I recommend my book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off. See especially "Your Calling Speaks in Different Ways," page 47-49, which gives guidelines in finding your life's purpose.

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