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Help me have more confidence to get a job.

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My question relates to finding employment. I have been unemployed for about six months and have never had to face this problem before. In the past, I have applied for a job and got it. This time however, I am getting interview after interview but not getting the job.

I have tried to focus on the outcome that I want and am trying to stay positive. I know that we manifest what we focus on so my question is this: how do I manifest a job when the very process of applying for the job is actually a focus on unemployment. In Australia, when we are unemployed, we have to report fortnightly to a government body called Centrelink, to show how many and what jobs we have applied for. The whole process focuses very much on being out of work.

Is there anything I can do to turn my employment situation around? I have tried to think of my state of mind when I got my last job but nothing seems to be helping and I am loosing my confidence. I am finding that the longer I am unemployed, the harder it is to sound convincing in response to the questions asked by the interviewers. If anyone can offer me any help, I'd be most grateful.

Wallace's reply
Wallace Your difficulty exists because during the process of looking for a job you are focusing on yourself and your state of mind. How am I performing? How can I be more convincing? Why am I unable to get a job? etc.

I recommend you completely take your focus off yourself and focus on how you can best be of service to any future employer. Do this in the way you present your application, write your CV etc. and if you get an called for interview before the meeting do some homework on your prospective employer. Find out how they work, what their mission is, what values they use to run the organization and more specifically, what they need in the way of a good employee for the position they are advertising. Then during the interview focus OUT on your interviewers, get busy empathizing, listening, understanding, etc. and you will not have any space to wonder about your state of mind and how you are "performing."

By taking your focus off yourself and placing it on the needs of the employer, you will be focused outwards and not be able to be self concerned. Furthermore you will, through this process, automatically come across as an attractive person to employ, because your prospective employer will feel and know how focused you are on their needs. Then if it appears likely you are going to be offered the job, or at the end of the interview, you can discuss your own needs. If you proceed in the manner I have suggested you will be free of self doubt, act decisively with confidence and come across as an attractive person to employ.

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