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Is there anything I can do to find my life's purpose?

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
I usually describe myself as a recovered Catholic.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
To live the remainder of my life in service to my fellow man through liberating education.
I was raised on a farm a very strict Catholic. An intolerance of diversity was something I very much subscribed to until about 18 years ago after the death of my daughter, then five and a half years old. I questioned everything. I broadened my horizons so much that almost everything became acceptable even lying, cheating and many other excesses. I felt the need to express all the subjugated whims and fantasies denied in earlier times. The pendulum of my life which was so right wing swung a full 180 degrees. Some people have suffered, including me.

Now I find myself in an effort to rein it all in and make sense of it all. I have sold many assets and invested them. I am very interested in any and all innovative technologies that might give humanity more freedom from abuse, hardship and ignorance, physically, ethically and spiritually.

Presently I feel a certain degree of fulfillment in the taxi business, meeting and speaking with a diverse range of humanity and the myriad of situations they find themselves in....but somehow it is not quite enough. There is a yearning in my soul to be more, do more, risk more, express more and share more. My friend and confidante assures me that all I need do is relax into life and when my life's purpose is with me I WILL know. Is there something else I should be doing to ensure that clarity and conviction of my true purpose in life will soon dawn on me? Thank you for the work you do.

Wallace's reply
Wallace Yes there is something you can do - not just think, speculate and ponder but ACT. One's life purpose is like a ship that needs to go on a journey to an unknown destination. Through pondering and wondering you are keeping your ship in the harbor. You need to raise the sail and steer the ship out through the harbor wall into the vast ocean and let the wind and waves help determine your destination.

One's life purpose cannot be known through mere speculation, because one's purpose is a direction that leads to a destination and direction can only come into play when we act as well as think. If you feel you have a life purpose and you have a hunger in your soul, you need to let that hunger "speak" to you. Ask that hunger what it needs and how it can express itself in a way that will feed those needs. Then ACT on the slightest hints of a direction by DOING SOMETHING.

I have a friend in Dublin, who went to see my Guru, Sai Baba, in India. Sai Baba asked him what he was doing with his life. He was tempted to lie, (for he was doing nothing constructive), but he knew this would be futile since Sai Baba, through his omnipresence, already knew the truth, - so rather tentatively he said "Nothing Swami". Sai Baba immediately admonished him and told him to do something. "But what will I do?" he replied, confused. Sai Baba, emphasizing his comment by gesticulation of his arms, shouted "ANYTHING."

You have already stated your aspiration, "To live the remainder of my life in service to my fellow man through liberating education." I want to give you the same advice as Sai Baba offered... do something - anything - along the lines of your aspiration and your Heart will soon tell you if you are pointed in the right direction. Once the ship has left the harbor and set out on its journey, you are then able to tack this way and that, steer to avoid the rocks and set a new course to benefit from a favorable wind. But while you are in the harbor nothing can happen!

recommended To help you I suggest you do our top recommendation for finding your life's purpose, the Life On Purpose home study course. Doing this course will help you become clear about your values (this is one of the ways your soul speaks to you), and then support you in designing a life that is a true reflection of those values. The course will help you set your sails and take you out of the harbor. Then you will not be on your own as you begin your journey. You will still be captain of your ship but you will also have a skilled crew on board: this is the value of the course and its wide range of resources for supporting students on their path. This will make setting out on our journey into the unknown much easier and faster. I recommend you sign up for this course straight away and begin a brand new adventure in living.

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