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How can I achieve success in life?

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How can I achieve success in life?
Wallace's reply
Wallace To achieve success in life we need to know life's purpose.

Start with the love that clings to 'me' and 'mine' and let it grow, to embrace neighbors, family and friends, your local community, and then out beyond into the world at large. Eventually spread your love to embrace the whole world and everything that creeps and crawls. It is then that you will know what 'spirit' is and who God is - for it is in expressing love in a universal way that we grow in love and merge in the divine. This is the purpose of life.

So what does this mean in practice. It means that we forgo the satisfaction of our own petty desires and strive instead to serve others. It is best if we begin this journey early for then we will be able to drive slowly and, eventually, toward the end of our life, arrive safely at our goal. At the start of life we need work hard and, by forgoing our own unnecessary expenditure, invest in our future.

Most people's first experience in expressing unselfish love is in their marriage. Commitment to marriage forms the training ground for unconditional love.

In time these three good habits of holding back on our own desires, investing in the future and unselfish love will yield wealth and time that we can use in the service of others. Then as our children become increasingly independent and our investments mature we find ourselves with more and more time, wisdom, love and wealth to share with others. We can find outlets for this time, wisdom, love and wealth, through projects we have created, contributed to or joined. These projects can be directed to serve the many pressing needs of Mankind.

These projects, in the latter stages of life, become vehicles for the blossoming of ourselves. This is the time when, if we have lived aright, our lives bear fruit, as our love, expressed through our projects and our life of service, becomes one with divinity. It is at this stage that we experience the unity of life.

In the words Peter Shepherd has placed on the home page of the Trans4mind website:

"When we love, we are the universe
and the universe lives in us"

To feel this with every fiber of our being is success in life.

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