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How can I ever be free from fear and worry?

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
An open-minded Christian - live and let live is my philosophy. If possible, help in some way.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
To be a whole complete person; mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, and in every way. To be transformed into a positive, optimistic person!
How can I ever be free from fear and worry? All this positive thinking stuff is something I cannot get my head around, also hypnosis and the rest of the mind-transforming crap that doesn't work for me.
Wallace's reply
Wallace I can tell from the way you have expressed your question that this is something you feel passionately about and that you also feel let down by the help you have encountered from a variety of sources. Good. It's healthy to know what you do not want and what does not work for you. Although I would ask you to bear in mind that these same sources you despise are of obvious help to some people otherwise they would not exist and we would not recommend them - so I want to encourage you not to rush to judgment and be dismissive!

There is a way to go beyond all fear and worry that really works, although like everything connected with personal development you have to nurture it in yourself. This solution requires you to form a relationship with God, and your Higher Self, which belongs with God. This is ultimately the only solution to casting off fear and worry.

How can I do that? I hear you ask. You describe yourself as an open minded Christian, so I assume from your philosophy that Christ is your example and Master. Take that relationship seriously. Please understand I am not about to promulgate a Christian belief system and recommend you adhere to it - quite the opposite. I am writing about the real Christianity - a one to one relationship with Christ your Master, whose example and Presence is your chosen pathway to your Higher Self. I recommend you read about Christ's life and, reflecting on his actions, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What was guiding Christ to take the actions he did? How can I access this guidance for myself?

  2. Why were these actions at the same time so attractive to some and so despised by others? How was he able to perform these actions that caused such dissention in the eyes of the rich and powerful, without fear and worry?

  3. Why does perfect love cast out fear? What can I learn from this for myself?
You might seek help with this from an enlightened Christian, someone who has Christ as his/her master and who you admire as being calm and free from worry (and not necessarily an official in the church). Take these questions along to your discussion.

If you combine conversations with an enlightened Christian with reading and practicing what is in my book, you will come away with a new understanding of how to work with, manage and ultimately go beyond worry and fear and you will also have a deeper appreciation of your chosen spiritual path.

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