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I've found my life's purpose, but my confidence has taken a knock and I don't know how to move forward?

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
I believe in Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul. I believe "all of us" know so little about the world(s) that we live in daily. Most people are not in-tune with the life force and think it does not exist.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
I know what my life purpose is. My hopes and aspirations are to take the God given gift that I have and know was giving to me for a special reason and somehow make it into what it is supposed to be. I don't know what I am supposed to do next.
From age 19 to 30 I was always searching the ground looking for something. "What I didn't know." I often questioned myself as to what I thought I was going to find, gold, money, what? The older I got, the more intense the searching. I went walking everyday and searched the ground, and looked and looked.

Right around age 30 I started finding strange rocks. Not so strange, a lot of people collect rock, and my collection kept growing. One day (and I have the personal journal log I started keeping that day) I found a rock that looked so much like a snake head to me that I couldn't touch it. I had to pick up a stick and put the rock in my bag with a stick.

So from then on, I started looking with a new eye. I saw rocks differently from that point forward. However, when I contacted the universities and other professionals, they called my fossils, pseudo-fossils. So I kept collecting but did not share my finds with anyone from that point forward. I now have a great collection and want to move forward, but I don't know what to do. I want to make a living by doing fossil rocks. I know it is my life mission, but I don't know how to move forward. Any advice?

Wallace's reply
Wallace I feel your confidence has been affected by some know-it-alls at the university. You are right - you have been given this gift for a reason. Your task is to find out what that reason is. You will not find the reason by hiding your talent away - you now need to believe in yourself, in the value of your calling in life and SHARE what you are learning. I would like to re-emphasize the quote at the beginning of this week's magazine:

"The people who matter will recognize who you are." --Alan Cohen

I suggest you refrain from sharing your findings and collection with academics and instead get in touch with what you find passionate about your rock collection and about the process of finding great rocks and start to share it with the public. How? Through a website, magazine articles, writing a book or eBook, giving talks to your local women's group, doing radio interviews etc. If you are fascinated by this subject others will be as well! Through that sharing you will meet the people who matter to you and discover the reason you have this calling.

You are lucky to know your life purpose - many never find it. Following it will bring great and abiding joy. You do not have to justify your calling to anyone - it is enough that you have it and that you are in touch with it. A life purpose differs from everyday work in that it is something at which we feel we MUST succeed. This feeling is present because our life purpose fulfills a need to nullify our Karma from this life and past lives - it is our primary vehicle for personal development and growth.

However a life purpose, contrary to popular opinion, will not necessarily make you wealthy financially. It will bring you an abundant life, for there are many constituents to abundance in addition to money, but will not necessarily bring financial riches. It may do this but it is not always the case.

Consequently I recommend that as well as pursuing your life's purpose with vigor, you also get a straightforward job locally that you would also enjoy. Ideally it needs to be employment that provides you with sufficient income, and that allows you enough free time and energy to pursue your dream. Once you have such a job, you will be able to follow your Heart with energy and freedom because you will not always be asking yourself - "How can I get a living from this?"

It may turn into a living at some time in the future but the pressure is off to make money from it. This freedom from financial pressure will release you to make wise decisions in the pursuit of your dream -bringing the love of fascinating rocks and the mineral kingdom to the public.

If you would like support in your pursuit I recommend our own "Start a New Life" course. Through taking this course you will gain new skills that will empower you to start your new life.

Congratulations on finding your life's purpose and I wish you all the success and abundance life has to offer.

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