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I have very high expectations of myself but am struggling to reach my goals - please assist me.

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
New Age - very spiritual
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
To do the very best, to be very wealth, to have the very best.
I have been working for the same company for a number of years. Approximately one and a half years ago I started as a financial advisor to work exclusively in the investment field - however I could not meet my goals. I like my position and enjoy helping people with their investment needs... but the goals are too high.

I left this company for another company for a period of 3 months - that environment was worse. I came back to my original company in another location, thinking that still was better but cannot make their goals. I know, through visualization, that I should be able to create these goals but cannot. I have very high expectations of myself and feel I can attain these goals but continue to be disappointed. So I need some help. Please assist me. Thank you in advance.

Wallace's reply
I am reminded of an event where there was a debate in Australia as to who was better in the outback - the Australian Special Forces or the native Aboriginal people. So someone organized a race on foot from a remote part of the outback to a town many miles away. The race started and both teams disappeared into the horizon.

Two weeks later the Special Forces army team crossed the finishing line first and everyone cheered. The Special Forces team had won the race but looked bedraggled, exhausted, thirsty and starving. The army personnel were interviewed in the media and said, "Before we started this race we set ourselves a goal and had had very high expectations of our team. We are delighted to have proven that we are better in the outback than the native Aboriginal team."

The media people waited for the Aboriginal team to cross the finishing line - but they never appeared! So the journalists got into a helicopter and went looking for them. After much searching they found the Aboriginal team deep in the outback where they had set up camp. They landed their helicopter to find them singing, laughing and telling stories around the campfire. The first question the journalist asked them was, "Why did you not finish the race?" They replied - "We were having such a great time in the outback we just stayed!"

So I want both the questioner and our readers to consider and contemplate the following questions in relation to this story in our endeavor to understand the role goals have in our life...

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