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I desire to be wealthy but fear lack - how do I get rid of this fear?

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
I describe my philosophy on life as being whole and perfect. To be one with all of God's creation - to be all that is.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
My hope and aspiration is to "become." To live on Earth as I live in Heaven - to be wealthy, healthy with eternal life.
I desire wealth because "I am" wealth. I visualize wealth, I affirm wealth, and sometimes feel wealth, but not all the time. Fear of lack always comes to play, with great strength.

Looking at where I am now with the body's eyes, there is lack, fear of being homeless, fear of the thing not appearing according to beliefs and words (affirmations). I am in debt, lack of money to pay my bills, and keep a place to stay (my own place). I have encountered this cycle in finances before. Trusting and believing God and the universe brought me out. I choose to commit to be all that I am. How do I rid the ego of the fear of lack forever? Please help.

Also, there is a fear of not manifesting the things I preach. I so much want to think and act in the way with God I say I am, and he says: I am his child - I am one with all of creation. I am the light of the world. There is no fear in Him, there is no lack in Him. As above, so below - I choose to live on Earth embodiment as I do in Heaven. Thank you for your time.

Wallace's reply
Wallace Heaven is a state of mind. You are quite right when you say that in the heavenly state there is no lack and no fear. In the heavenly state we are completely open to inner guidance, (God's voice), which always prompts us in the optimum direction. By listening to and following inner guidance we effortlessly go beyond every problem. So the question is - how can we attain and maintain this state? And - how can we attain and maintain this state when under financial pressure and troubled by fear?

The first requirement is to get the focus right. Remember - to desire wealth causes you to suffer the fear of lack. Do not desire wealth as this will only exaggerate its opposite - desire only to express Love, in service, as these are the nature of our Divine self.

Whenever fear and a sense of lack assault the senses, call to mind a person who, for you, embodies God - a spiritual master you revere. Mentally clothe yourself in His/Her presence. Declare - I am He/Her. Call in all His/Her divine qualities like infinite creativity, all seeing vision, boundless compassion, complete detachment from the affairs of the world, enormous power, etc. Feel yourself become stronger as you do this. Then have complete faith and confidence in your Self as God. With this faith, face up to the challenges in your life.

The second requirement is to study God's qualities and teachings - preferably those of the spiritual master you revere - the person who, for you, embodies God's qualities. What does He/She say about trust, surrender, faith, guidance, detachment, grace and love? Realize the truth, that you are in your current position to learn something incredibly valuable. God gives each of us what we need in order to grow spiritually, over and above what we desire. If we discover how to work with what God gives us, then we will make more rapid progress in attaining Him/Her.

The third requirement is to keep in the company of Godlike people and protect your self from all the fearful thoughts put out by others and by society. Be discriminating. If a conversation is not conducive to your well-being, disengage from it. If a television program is spreading thoughts of fear and lack, turn it off.

Life is not meant to be plain sailing or to be free of problems and difficulties. It is through facing up to our trials and difficulties and in accepting responsibility for them that we grow into God. And remember, for every step we take toward God, He/She takes a hundred toward us. So although the journey may appear long and arduous, and there is a sense of old patterns repeating themselves, this happens because when we follow the spiritual path, all that is not God must come to the surface to be experienced, and discarded.

Do not try and get rid of the ego and its ways; rather, by focusing on God, what you focus on will grow and, like the tadpole who discards his tail, the ego will be transcended naturally. So although we do have difficulties, and although old patterns do repeat themselves, if we keep focused on God, it gets easier as time progresses.

It is good that you wish to practice what you preach - but be forgiving and gentle with yourself as well. Only a handful of us are perfectly centered in God. For the rest, we have to accept some fall off in integrity now and again, while redoubling our efforts to remain true to what we propound.

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