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I'm happily married and successful but something is missing. How can I find my dream?

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Hindu - open to all philosophies.
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To fully understand and live out my potential.
On one hand, I am satisfied with what I have in life - money, relationships, career and all other aspects, on the other I have my share of challenges, difficult times and frustrations. At 35 I realize that the last 10 to 15 years has slipped past pretty quickly and I feel that I am at the same place where I started my life. I believe and know that I have vast potential but I seem to be squandering energy and time in doing things that really don't matter.

My question is this: the biggest advice you hear and see around is "Live your dream." I have been reflecting on various aspects and today grapple with the question, "What is my dream in life?" I bet many other people share the same predicament. To me a dream is not about the money I make or the car I buy or a dream house. I think it needs to be more than that. You need to be at a point where you recognize what your true calling in life is. How do I know that? More importantly, if I do not ever get to that point, is life all about the routine? Sleeping, eating, making money, paying bills, relationships, misunderstandings, watching TV, etc - and years later you realize that your day has come and the song was still in you and it never came out?

Wallace's reply
Wallace I understand your predicament. You have a good career and happy family life but for some reason are affected by a gnawing discontent. You know this discontent exists because, although your life is sound, it does not express what is in your Heart and Soul. You have not discovered the work you were born to do - your life's purpose. You rightly recognize that Life Purpose is more than material aspirations - it is to do with a spiritual calling and is intimately connected to your capacity to love and to care. You are also right when you say others must be in the same situation. This need for truly meaningful work is spreading like an epidemic all over the world. Everywhere people are beginning to cry out to find their life's purpose. The current world crises will be solved by the masses of people who respond to this call to love and to care.

Because Life Purpose is about loving and caring the first step you can take, without changing anything external in your life, is to commit to loving and caring more in those roles you have adopted in life. This means taking a stand for the human values of love, truth and right conduct in your role as husband, parent, and professional. Consciously raise the bar of caring in your existing life - aiming to provide extraordinary levels of care in all areas. Whenever you are faced with a challenge, ask how you can inject more care into your response. For example if you go shopping for groceries, buy your family good healthy fruit and vegetables and cook some of the meals out of a recipe book. Let your life purpose be about expressing more and more love. Constantly live with this question: how can I put more love into my work, marriage and family life?

Because God is Love, in any difficult or challenging situation you can cry out to God and ask Him to guide you in the correct course of action. (I use the word God here but you may use other terms - I am referring to our higher spiritual source and essential nature.) By constantly expanding your capacity to express Love in every sphere of your life, you will be opening your Heart, the source of inner guidance, and in doing so become increasingly receptive to being divinely guided toward the work you have been born to carry out.

The next step, when you are ready, is to begin to ask God to show you your life's purpose. Within Heart to Heart Coaching on Trans4mind we now have a number of excellent services to help you find your life's purpose - I will introduce you to them in further help and resources below. The main point about using these tools is not to fret and push yourself toward finding your life's purpose, but rather to focus on your connection to God and His means of communicating with you (through inner guidance) in the manner I have suggested, then when that channel has opened to a sufficient extent your life purpose will be revealed. It is at this point that the tools within Heart to Heart Coaching will be of great help.

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