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How Can I Use 100% of My Mind to Get Everything That I Desire?

heart to heart
I want to use 100% of my mind to get everything that I desire. How can I use it?
Wallace's reply
Wallace I am delighted to have been asked this question as there is so much misunderstanding around this issue. The secret of finding fulfillment and happiness in life is not in using 100% of your mind to fulfill your every desire, but rather in cutting back on the number of desires to which you are subject and to focus instead on serving others by solving problems intuitively from the Heart. If you use your mind as you suggest you will suffer from a huge and inflated ego that will grow ever bigger because as soon as one desire is fulfilled five more will appear to take its place. You will be a driven person who is never at peace.

Your insatiable appetite for more is shared by many people and it is this voracious appetite, evident in so many people, that is driving our entire civilization to destruction.

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