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I want to make myself like Anthony Robbins - please help

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I am in the last year in high school. I learn well and have no physical problems. My aim is to become one of the most distinguished personalities in the personal development industry - someone like Anthony Robbins. What should I do? Should I learn any course? I am ready to do anything to make myself like Robbins. Please help. Thank you.
Wallace's reply
Wallace Last week, on the telephone, I was talking to an old friend about the Tao Te King - an ancient Chinese book of wisdom. After our conversation I felt drawn to read the Tao Te King, something I hadn't done since my twenties. So I sauntered up to my office, turned on my PC and went online. I found a version whose translation into English I liked and began reading.

As I read the incisive passages of timeless wisdom, the feelings I had had as a young man returned. I felt a mystical sense of connection to this wisdom and to Lao Tse, the author. This ancient chronicle was calling me - but to what and to where? That evening, as my wife went to bed, I choose to stay with that feeling of being called by one who was old and wise. As I did so I began to scribble down sentences that were arriving, fully formed, in my mind. Timeless wisdom was flowing from pen to page. Then I lost the connection and the sentences became mere scribbles without form or meaning. Aware that my wife was by now trying to get to sleep, clutching the pieces of paper covered in musings I dropped them into my office in the house and followed my wife to bed.

The following morning dawned bright and fresh - unusual for November in Ireland. After helping my wife get organized for school, I returned to my morning ritual - turning on the computer. However I was not drawn into my regular line of work, something else was calling me, something deep. As a man I do not know what it feels like to be pregnant with a child, but for me, being pregnant was an apt description of how I felt that morning.

I opened a new Word document - ahhh, an empty page. Creativity is born out of empty space. I started to copy the few sentences that had come through clearly the previous night into my machine and as I did so feelings of timelessness returned. With the feelings came new sentences which were duly entered on the screen. Once the flow had stopped, I too stopped... waited... and read what I had written. What I had written was a beautiful piece of timeless wisdom about recovering from a sense of loss - so I gave it the same title as one of the sections within my Heart to Heart Coaching Service - Coping with and learning from a major loss in your life.

Coping with and learning
from a major loss in your life

That which was lost was never gained.
That which is gained will always be lost.

For to hold on,
Is to refuse to let go
And to have in one's hand something.
And to let go,
Is to release the hold
And to have in one's hand nothing.

For the Inspired Soul knows,
That something is born out of nothing,
And that today's loss
Carries the seeds of tomorrow's gain.

So what is lost and what is gained?
To fail to learn the lessons wrapped in grief,
Is loss indeed.
To succeed in learning the lessons grief contains
Is success sublime.

For the Inspired Soul knows
That the greatest loss is the loss of what is possible,
And the greatest gain is to gain God.

And that the fullness of what is possible
Is dependant on being adaptable,
And that the fullness of God
Is at that point where possibility begins.

For the Inspired Soul knows,
That it is by exploring life's possibilities
That learning and healing form,
And that to expand the Heart into life's possibilities
Is to transcend grief.

So the Inspired Soul is poised
After ending and before beginning,
Where possibilities abound and grief is unknown
Immersed in the divine
At the threshold of adventure!

Wallace Huey

When I read through it I realized that the piece had the style and pace of the Tao Te King, but was more obscure. The word koan came into my head. I don't know where that word came from but I fired it into Google and learned that in ancient Japan, Zen Masters used to give their students a short story, saying or discourse in response to a challenge they were facing. It was the duty of the student to meditate upon this koan and in doing so bypass the rational mind and attain new enlightenment in relation to the life challenge facing them.

I realized I had written a koan but in a different style from that of the Japanese Masters - stylistically it was similar to the Tao Te King. I suppose one could argue that it was original, as it did not fit in comfortably to either genre.

Lao Tsu's work acted as a pointer, suggesting the path I was to follow. My task was to follow those subtle but persistent suggestions that were arising from deep within my heart. This is how great works are created - one receives them. They are gifts from God.

So young man, if you wish, by all means have Anthony Robbins as your inspiration, but please do not try to be like him. Instead learn to connect with and trust your Higher Self and let the original inspiration that comes from there guide you in your life. That inspiration will make you and your life unique.

Further Help and Resources
You asked if there was a course that you could do. I recommend you visit the Anthony Robbins website and see if there are any activities there that you feel drawn towards.

If you want, you can also read my own book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off - it's about transforming your life by following inner guidance. You can buy it in paperback.

The opportunities offered on Anthony Robbins' website combined with both these books, will give you a solid foundation for achieving your dreams.

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