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I sense future circumstances and know when something is wrong. This "skill" is making me ill - please help.

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
I believe in enlightenment and a higher power - but I also believe that religion builds walls!
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
To learn how to channel my ability - so I can help others and be more proficient in helping others.
I have had several Medical Professionals tell me that I am an emotional sponge! I can feel other people's emotions. I don't have to know or touch them (they can just pass me on the street). I can feel their energy. I don't know how else to explain it! I can also feel things before they happen but they are not really clear, (I just know something's going to happen).

This ability (I don't know what to call this thing?), also makes me very ill, at least 3 weeks out of the month. (Part of the reason being that I have 4 children who are all grown up and I feel them when they are sick or hurting - they think I am weird but they have learned that when I have these feelings I am right 90% of the time. So, they do listen, at least.)

The Medical Professionals all tell me the same thing, but no one is teaching me how to channel and cope with this ability. I have been searching for a year now and have got no where. I hope you can help. Here is my question:

Do you know where I can begin to learn to channel this ability (if that is what it is?) or know someone that can help me? I really need help!

Wallace's reply
Wallace I feel your primary concern right now is not to reach out and help others but instead to look after yourself. You say you are ill three weeks out of the month. To start this week's discussion I'd like to suggest you check the basics. Have you visited your doctor? Are there tests he could do that might help pinpoint a cause for your ill health? Are you receiving adequate rest? Do you get regular gentle exercise? Are your nutritional habits healthy? Do you have a purpose to your life that commands your interest and captures your enthusiasm? Are your relationships life enhancing and nurturing? In short - are you leading a healthy, balanced life? We all need to get the basics right to be healthy. If you are and you are still having these problems then your problems may be caused by the spontaneous opening of one or more of your chakras, which has led to an increase in your sensitivity.

I will share a little bit of background about the chakras and in particular about the chakra known as the third eye. I offer this week's advice as a person who has known others with skills in the fields of spiritual healing, mediumistic abilities and clairvoyance, but who does not have these skills himself - so my knowledge is second hand in this regard.

The chakras are energy centers and are part of a greater network of subtle energies pervading the body. Your third eye chakra, or Ajna chakra (meaning to know in Sanskrit), may have spontaneously opened. This Chakra is located on the forehead between, and slightly above, your two eyes. Opening this chakra empowers you to see into the future and to know and perceive directly through telepathy and other means which bypass the ordinary senses.

The person, whose third eye has opened, is able to use the energies to help the karmic situation of others. By becoming conscious at this level it is possible to perceive the karmic effects and in so doing stand above karma and gain an understanding of it. This is how one is able to perceive future events - even in fine detail if you are a spiritual master, like Christ, Krishna, Buda or many of the saints and masters throughout history. (This is how Christ was able to tell one of his disciples when facing up to his coming crucifixion - "before the cock crows you will deny me thrice.") Very few medical people have an understanding of such matters - although I once met a Sufi Master who was a qualified psychiatrist!

If the basics, as outlined above, are all in order you may be having health and other problems because this chakra, and perhaps other chakras, are open all the time. If this is the case, you need to learn to turn this capability on and off at will. To learn how to do this you need the help of a sincere and genuine medium and clairvoyant - not one who does readings for primarily commercial reasons. Ask this medium to teach you how to turn your new found sensitivity on and off. If you can turn it on and off at will, you can use it when needed and not be open to unwelcome psychic influence when not needed.

Personally speaking I would not wish to develop the sensitivity you talk about in your question because I do not yet have enough detachment. The way I wish to grow is to feel increasingly secure in unitary consciousness (the ability to perceive the unity of life). One seeks to nurture this state of consciousness by expressing unconditional love toward everyone and by always having thoughts of unconditional love with no room for critical, cynical, derisory, or condescending thoughts or any of the 101 other negative misperceptions that tend to pollute the human mind. Focusing on the development of unconditional love opens the heart chakra and gives one the ability to perceive the unity behind what appears to be multifaceted and dissolute - the result is spiritual understanding. This is the understanding I draw on to answer reader's questions. The Path of Love is the royal road toward personal development, recommended by the world's great teachers.

The heart chakra is the bridge between the higher throat, third eye and crown chakras and the lower chakras connected with everyday experience. Focusing on opening the heart chakra first, through love, brings detachment from the affairs of the world, because one is able to perceive purpose and meaning in the events of everyday life which one would have previously judged to be "good" or "bad". Through such spiritual insight one is able to transcend such judgments and attain ever higher levels of detachment from the affairs of the world. At the point when one's journey into unity is nearing completion one is then ready to enter the world of psychic sensitivity, if God wills this, because one's high level unity consciousness and detachment make's one immune to the emotional trauma that would otherwise be brought on by increasing levels of psychic perception.

You wish to harness your psychic sensitivity - you say your motive is to help others, which is admirable; but there are two questions you need to ask yourself before you embark on such a journey - "Am I in any fit state to help others when I am struggling so much myself?" and "If I was in the company of my boyfriend/best friend/child/mother etc. and saw psychically that they were destined to die by some tragic circumstance and I could do nothing to prevent this because it was their destiny, would I be able emotionally to deal with such perceptions?" Ask these questions seriously before you embark on a course of developing your psychic sensitivity. Reaching out to help others when we are ill and debilitated ourselves is only exhausting and great levels of detachment are needed to be unaffected emotionally by unpleasant perceptions of future events.

In addition, were you to develop such sensitivity and used it without having first opened your heart chakra, unknowingly, you may use your new found powers to destructive effect. I have been on the receiving end of a person using such powers in this way and I was badly messed up by it. In my opinion many mediums and clairvoyants lead quite mixed up lives!

Your main task, I feel, is to learn to look after yourself - to learn to love yourself by leading a balanced life. My advice to you is to forget about using your psychic sensitivity to help others and to focus on leading a balanced life instead. You may also benefit from some help from a medium and clairvoyant in how to prevent yourself from psychically taking on other people's negativities. If you want to reach out and help others, wait until you are stronger and then find ways of expressing unconditional love in the ordinary everyday events of your life.

Further Help and Resources
If your life is out of balance the trans4mind website combined with your doctor's advice will help you make great strides in leading a balanced life.

If you do not know much about chakras then I suggest you read Chakras for Beginners by Naomi Ozaniec - you can buy a copy at Amazon for $4.98.

Heart to Heart Coaching has a Quick Coach section for Understanding psychic experiences, and you'll find there an excellent short article about preserving your energy as your psychic sensitivity increases: Developing your Innate Psychic Abilities by Annette Sassou. I suggest you follow the guidelines given in this article and see if your energy level improves.

To get help in avoiding the taking on of other people's negativity I suggest you find a genuine medium and clairvoyant of the kind I mentioned earlier.

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