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I'm struggling to get a job and the bills are coming in - help keep me from worrying and getting stressed.

heart to heart The questioner's philosophy
Christian. I believe in the idea that anything is possible. You have to work hard to get to where you belong.
The questioner's hopes and aspirations
I want to write business articles, write novels, and work in marketing eventually at an Ad Agency.
The economy in Connecticut is slow. I have some experience in my field, but am finding a hard time finding a position. I get one or two interviews a month. Because it is going so slow, I have my ups and downs. I am single and have my own apartment which I want to be able to keep. I went to all the temporary agencies and have been applying to positions in other states, I also have been networking (which has been helpful) and doing freelance work. I have bills to pay though and every once in a while I get scared (especially because they are medical).

I also have been seeing a therapist because things have been hard. People have been telling me I have been doing more than enough in terms of looking for a position. I have friends who I see and I have been getting out. I even explored some other fields off of my own. I even went to the state for assistance. What tips can you give me that I can do to ease stress? What can you also tell me to help ease worry?

Wallace's reply
Wallace Your problems with stress and worry are very common, especially in Western countries. Your problems in these two areas stem from an unwillingness to surrender your life to Divine Power. Life is full of ups and downs. This happens to everyone. Many people have come to believe that life can only be enjoyable and happy when things are on the up. When the reverse happens they instantly become depressed, stressed and worried. This is the situation you are in now.

When we seek happiness in having favorable life circumstances then we find it nearly impossible to surrender within. However if we can see the truth, that happiness can be a state experienced continually and is a state that is independent of our particular life circumstances, (whether they be up or down), then we find it easy to surrender to God.

Therefore my advice to you is to stop trying to control your life so that it is always on the up. Accept that at times life will be on the down. Accept that the down side of life is inevitable, just as night follows day. Do not link your having a happy and carefree approach to life to your life's circumstances, (whether they be up or down), and instead offer your situation up to God, who dwells within your heart. Refuse to get agitated. Let Him take care of your business. Let Him be the one who will think about your problems. Say farewell to all fears and discouragement. The inner God will intervene when you hand over all your problems to Him. Then go about your life with joy in your heart trusting that you will receive the help you need.

Then as you go about your business wait patiently for the call of the divine. Do not be surprised if inspiration strikes, dreams enlighten, imagination leaps, insights are gained, contacts are made, and help is given, resulting in fresh impetus to address your problems. For God is always present, like a beautiful radiant swan deep within your heart. Realize that you are never alone. God really does exist and we really can draw on His power.

This God who dwells within is omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful), and omnipresent (present everywhere). All you need to do to have this incredibly powerful ally on your side is to develop a relationship with Him. He is none other than Christ within, inner Allah, indwelling Budda, the internal Krishna, the caring Goddess. Some may picture this in a transpersonal way, as the Higher Self which is part of a creative and loving universal consciousness - but it is nonetheless real, your ally. So hand over all your problems to Him and ask Him to ponder the help you need. You will be surprised at the assistance you receive. But remember God intervenes only when you have genuinely handed over your life and your problems to Him - for it is when you surrender to Him that a relationship with divine power becomes possible - not before.

So to conclude I invite you to use the down episodes of your life to practice deepening your surrender to God - if you do you will not only have found the power to solve all and any problems, but will also float like a graceful swan, on a lake of inner peace and contentment. When you do this you may still work hard - but your actions will have wings.

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