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After reading and applying "The Secret," the Law of Attraction isn't working - now I feel depressed. Where do I go from here?

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Non-practicing Catholic.
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To make my writing a success, have plenty of money (so I no longer need to worry about it) and to have a loving, passionate relationship.
I have read 'The Secret' and I am familiar with the Law of Attraction, but as I start to practice affirming what I want to the Universe I seem to attract the opposite. For example I asked for a large sum of money and since then I have received more bills than usual and have had expensive mishaps and now I am totally broke with a big credit card debt! I asked the Universe, I prepared myself to received and behaved as I had the money already and it just did not work! Now I feel rather depressed and hopeless. I can't even sell any of my work. I don't know where to go from here. My marriage is not the best either.
Wallace's reply
Wallace You say you have read "The Secret" - I have not read the book but I have seen the film. I am also of the impression that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the Law of Attraction from some of the people who have seen this film and from their reading other material produced on the subject. This misunderstanding has, in some cases, lead to feelings of disheartenment, confusion and dejection.

We always attract into our life what we need to grow and what we need to grow is not necessarily pleasant. This is the Law of Karma which is more fundamental and operates at a deeper spiritual level than the Law of Attraction. The Law of Karma says that what we put out we will receive - or as Jesus said, we reap what we sow. However this law is not so easily understood in everyday terms because our past lives often play a big part in how the Law of Karma applies to our present life.

The presence of this law can be used to explain the expensive mishaps happening in your life right now, even though you asked for the opposite. I want to give you an example that will help to explain this. The Law of Karma can be used to explain how an otherwise good and upright woman can work with the Law of Attraction to give birth to a strong healthy baby and yet give birth to a severely disabled child. In this case, which I am using as an example, it could have been that in a previous life these two soul's, the mother's soul and the child's soul, were together as, let us say, a judge and his assistant. To take this hypothetical example further, these two souls, as judge and assistant, gave out harsh, punitive sentences for minor offenses due to a lack of compassion on their part for the offenders, then, as souls, they would have agreed to be together in their current life as mother and disabled child, in order to learn the lesson of compassion, which was so missing in their previous life.

Being born into this mother and disabled child relationship, gives them the perfect setting in which to learn about compassion in their current life - although the mother could be completely mystified as to why, being a "good honest person", and having worked with the Law of Attraction to have a strong and healthy baby, she should have been given the responsibility of caring for a severely disabled child. Indeed the same mother could have been reading "The Secret" prior to conceiving the child, asked for a strong healthy child, prepared herself to receive such a child and behaved as if she had the child already, only to be devastated when it did not "work". What the mother cannot see is that the buried effects from her past make it necessary for her to have this life with her severely disabled child so she can learn compassion and redress the balance for her misdeeds from a previous life.

However, despite the presence of negative Karma in our life, we can still improve our the quality of our life and circumstances using the Law of Attraction - indeed it is essential that we do, for this is the way we reduce the effects of negative Karma in our life. In the previous example, if the mother in question accepts the fact that she is now the care giver for a disabled child, she could use the Law of Attraction to bring to her aid all kinds of assistance from her spouse, her extended family, friends and health care professionals to make the task of caring for her new child a pleasant and rewarding experience. By learning to do this she would grow in compassion and would be nullifying the effects of accumulated negative karma from the actions and decisions she took in her previous life in her role as the heartless judge. She would also be a happy and fulfilled person because, by carrying out her duty to the child, she would be fulfilling her life's purpose and her soul would be evolving toward enlightenment. So do not be discouraged if mishaps and apparently negative circumstances are entering into your life, even if you are asking for the opposite - the Law of Karma may over-ride your requests. Work with the Law of Attraction to nullify these negative Karmic effects.

With regard to you getting more bills than you normally receive, is this because, to quote your question, "I asked the Universe, I prepared myself to received and behaved as I had the money already and it just did not work!" Did you go on a spending spree because you were behaving as though you had the money already? If so this shows a misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to your life. In my own life I do not ask for more money. In fact I recommend that people never ask God for money. Asking for money baldly like this panders to the ego with all its attendant desires for the things of the world and its fears that it will not have enough.

Instead learn to live within your means and ask "How can I be of service to others?" Asking this question takes the focus off yourself and your petty desires and places it outward on other people and on helping your local community. Indeed the secret of finding your purpose in life lies in marrying your natural gifts and talents with serving the needs of others. When you do this you will quite naturally be supported financially. You do not need to ask for it. So if you want to know how to sell your work ask, how can I serve my customers better? If you want your marriage to be loving and passionate ask, how can I serve my husband better?

Remember the Law of Attraction does not work unless we act. When we seek to serve we need to be able to ask for help as to how we can act to best meet other people's needs. Remember to ask the Universe for help, and when you do, develop a listening posture to sense your inner guidance (which is always there). Remember to be patient and surrender your request to the Universe - do not fret for answers, they will come in their own time. Be open to the help when it comes through from your Higher Self and then put this inner guidance into action by serving other people.

You need to ask, listen, sense, be patient, be open and act on a daily basis and apply these skills to serving others. It is then that you will attract the people, money and circumstances that will help your life evolve in the optimum direction, nullifying the effects of your negative Karma as you do so.

If you attend carefully to my words, by learning to see the Law of Attraction from a new higher perspective and by experimenting with the Law in the manner I have outlined - not getting worried or stressed and instead leaving your requests for help and the results of your actions in God/The Universe's hands, you will gradually emerge from the trough you are in and regain your happiness.

Further Help and Resources
If you would like help with learning to listen to, sense, open up to and act upon inner guidance to nullify the negative karma in your life, my book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off is a powerful testimony to the benefits of traveling this path and gives guidelines and training on the skills you need.

To learn more about Karma, read what these writers have to say at Ken Ward, Owen Waters, James Harvey Stout, Omni.

Peter Shepherd's view: "Karma means you reap what you sow. You get back what you give out. Unlike the Eastern view, however, I do not think it is imposed by an external force. I think it is self-imposed by the Higher Self - that part of you which knows. Karma is eradicated in the human personality by learning from the mistakes of one's past, and recognizing how the old ways of being are continued into the present. Until you learn such lessons you continue to replay a fixed identity that makes those actions right - however that identity is self-defeating and you suffer from it. If we wish to move forward, we can learn those lessons now, through getting in touch with our inner knowing, our essence. And since truth is always based on unconditional love - expressed as acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and service - that is our best guideline."

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