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Heart to Heart Coaching

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Do you ever wish you could have a personal life coach, free of charge, to get help with the challenging situations you face... when you need inspiration, insight or advice?

This service within the Trans4mind website empowers you to coach yourself, by using the Heart to Heart Coaching previous questions and answers, on all the issues that you, the readers, have told us are the ones that matter most.

The coaching is based on questions that readers like you put to our Heart to Heart Coaches - Dr. Doris Jeanette, Wallace Huey, Dr. Maurice Turmel and Phil Evans - over the previous 7 years. Previous questions have been categorized into 36 commonly encountered issues ranging from "Finding your life's purpose" to "Coping with and recovering from a major loss in your life," and these Q&As are available for your reference.

Previous Questions & Coaching
By identifying and clicking on questions that readers have posed that are close to your own life challenge, and by reading the coaching replies you can come to a profound understanding of your situation. In addition, each question has a Comments section where readers can contribute their experiences and advice.

There are 36 life challenges featured within Heart to Heart Coaching, under four main categories -

Healing Yourself
Being Successful
Loving Relationships
The Big Questions

Coach yourself on the issues that you have told us are the ones that matter most.
Read our previous coaching Q&As on these life challenges...
Healing Yourself:
Being Successful:
Loving Relationships:
The Big Questions:


Doris' Final Message and Coaching
Doris Jeanette I want to thank Peter Shepherd, co-editor of Cultivate Life! from the bottom of my heart for his ongoing support and encouragement. He found my website, many years ago and we have been good friends and supportive colleagues ever since.

Starting in June 1, 2010, I wrote the Heart to Heart Coaching for Peter. Prior to writing the H2H column, my free holistic psychology newsletter, "The Vibrant Moment," appeared monthly for over six years in Trans4mind publications.

I also want to thank the wonderful readers who have read shared the Heart to Heart columns with others. Bless you and your journey to wholeness, self-realization and soul satisfaction.

A very special thanks goes to all the people who asked questions. I am grateful for your interest, trust and sincere life stories. Your questions accelerated my personal growth and professional development. I am sorry I could not answer all your questions, but if you search in the archives for similar questions, you will find helpful answers.

Each week, I pondered how to put into words what I know. I wondered, "How could my get-in-your body-emotions-energy approach be applied to your real life problems?" I also searched for effective action steps you could take that would create positive results in your life.

For more information about my new, holistic psychology approach that is based on human energy flow, read the definition of holistic psychology offered by the Center for New Psychology.

The Heart to Heart columns are coming to a close due to a format change at the website. There is a wealth of Previous Heart to Heart Q&As to read and reread. Remember to come back and search these columns any time you have a question about relationship advice, emotional health, mental health and spiritual personal growth.

Please share Peter's website, and the Heart to Heart resource with others.

Continue your personal growth and self-improvement
The best way to continue your self-improvement is to consciously open one chakra after another. Becoming more open is the pathway to transformation. Personal growth can become your lifestyle.

When you open any chakra a little bit more than before, you bring more energy into your body and life. Don't forget the back of your chakras. You have a whole body with a whole energy field. Each opening, front and back, has a special function. When you open your chakras you enjoy:

Please remember that transformation is a process. Opening your heart and any other chakra is a process. This means opening up to more energy does not happen all at once.

To make your dreams come true you need to follow your heart
To follow your heart you need to find, accept and follow your emotional self. Your emotional self is this lifetime's authentic personality. Your emotional energy feeds the cells of your mind-body with vital energy. This energy is what makes you healthy, vibrant and alive.

In order for you to have daily access to your emotional self you need to establish an ongoing, loving relationship with him or her. This loving relationship with your emotional self allows you to enter your natural flow of energy. Your natural flow of energy automatically goes to your soul and your purpose in life. This natural flow of energy is the spiritual journey of transformation. Since it is a natural process, all you have to do is get your ego self out of the way and enjoy the wonderful emotional, energy ride.

Here are my final recommendations to help you continue your transformational journey of personal growth and self-improvement.

Use Mentors, Teachers, Coaches, Psychologists
Socrates mentored Plato ... Plato mentored Aristotle ... Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great...

It is a known fact. The best way to be successful is to be mentored. I have had many excellent mentors over my 35 years of professional life.

Seek out holistic psychologists, alternative therapists, emotional health coaches, energy work teachers, bodywork practitioners and massage therapists. Use the ones who teach you how to fish. Do not use the mentors who give you a fish.

The mentors who give you a fish, give you a treatment. This is just like the traditional medical doctor. Treatments are helpful at times and you need them. However, treatments are not enough if you want to do transformational work.

If you want to be empowered, seek out the holistic health professionals, mentors and healers who teach you how to catch your own fish. Use holistic psychologists who teach you how to find your own answers by looking inward. For more about how to pick the perfect holistic health professional for you read this article at

Develop An Effective Crap Detector
Since you need many different types of spiritual teachers to help you on your spiritual journey you need to be very picky. Always make sure you use reliable, credible people. Trust people who are qualified and have their feet on the ground.

Glamorous teachers and fakes gurus are just as abundant in the spiritual community and holistic psychology community as they are in any other community. Without a crap detector you will be manipulated, fooled and used by others.

You do not want to be fooled by those who use the same "energy" words and are NOT open, loving and healthy. There are people online who call themselves holistic psychologists and offer a scholarship for certification in holistic psychology who are not credible. There are distant energy healers who offer to heal you from afar. Some of these people can be dangerous to your health because they do harm to your body and energy field. Distant energy healers send energy to you without having any knowledge of your energy field and how you will interact with the incoming energy.

Your energy system is very delicate and refined. Your nervous system cannot handle intense energy sudden dropping into it. Use due care and caution when working with anyone. It is your body, soul and energy field. So be careful with both in-person and distant energy healers. You must be able to recognize crap when crap shows up. You need to learn the difference between the real thing and the fake. You need to see the truth, feel the truth, smell the truth, hear the truth and taste truth. The truth has a very different energy from the crap!

Crap is of the ego. People who are full of crap are controlling and ego based. Controlling people are fakes. They express image, fake, ego energy. Ego energy is weak, thin and grey. The way to develop your crap detector is to take your own ego to task. Put yourself in front of the mirror and find your False Self. Once found, own this unhealthy energy as yours and begin to transform your ego. The more you remove your False Self, the more you will notice crap when it appears in front of you.

So develop and use your intuition, instincts and inner knowing. Your crap detector will be heart based, not brain based. Your body and heart can feel the truth. Your brain confuses you.

There are many obstacles on a spiritual journey, you must be able to separate crap from substance all along the way. So develop your crap detector and use it at all times.

Use Available Resources
Here is a list of my favorite resources...

Here is an interview I conducted with Peter Shepherd on Live at the Edge free Internet radio. If you have not listened to Peter's interview, please do so now or bookmark it for later: Interview with Peter Shepherd.

Invest in Yourself
Spend money on products, courses, training and services that help you grow. Never be stingy with spending money on yourself. The very best investment you will ever make is in you. Just make sure you use your crap detector before buying.

When everything else is destroyed, you have yourself to count on. So, never stop seeking personal growth and self-improvement. Be yourself. The world needs more authentic human beings.

Goodbye for now. Watch out for the future articles I will be writing for Peter's ongoing ezine. Feel free to ask any personal questions you have at Ask Dr. Jeanette. Remember to have daily fun on your transformational journey. Thank you for reading the Heart to Heart column.

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