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Heart to Heart Coaching

Heart to Heart
Do you ever wish you could have a personal life coach, free of charge, to get help with the challenging situations you face... when you need inspiration, insight or advice?
This Trans4mind service empowers you to coach yourself, using the Heart to Heart Coaching questions and answers, on issues that you have told us are the ones that matter most.

Your questions have been categorized into the most commonly encountered life challenges ranging from "Finding your life's purpose" to "Coping with and recovering from a major loss in your life." By reading the coaching replies you can come to a better understanding of your situation, and then take this much further by using the resources on this site.

There are 36 life challenges featured within Heart to Heart Coaching, under four main categories...
Healing Yourself
Being Successful
Improving Relationships
The Big Questions

Healing Yourself:
Being Successful:
Improving Relationships:
The Big Questions:

See these selected resources for specific life challenges:
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