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Quantum Leadership


A Practical Leadership Guide for Middle Managers
By Mark B. Stewart


Vision: The Key to Human Productivity
"THERE is nothing more disenchanting to man than to be shown the springs and mechanism of any art. All our arts and occupations lie wholly on the surface; it is on the surface that we perceive their beauty, fitness, and significance; and to pry below is to be appalled by their emptiness and shocked by the coarseness of the strings and pulleys." [Robert Louis Stevenson, "Art of Writing"]

Current organizational structures not only fail to bring out the best in people, but they also tend to hinder individuals from working at their full potential. The principles upon which today's organizational sciences were built were conceived as far back as the Seventeenth Century. In order to reach our full potential, we must build leadership models based on the principles and the scientific revelations of our time.

Due to today's outdated organizational structures and tired leadership models, it is altogether possible that, across the board, employers are getting, at best, fifty percent of employee potential. Imagine the dramatic impact on the workplace, the community and even on the world if we could achieve fifty, thirty, even twenty percent improvement in effective real work.

This article was written for corporate managers looking for a new way to lead. This is not about how to pinch more work out of people for less - the appalling watchwords for today's unenlightened leaders. This is an exposition on the shortsighted contemporary corporate doctrine focused on delivering real corporate worth by "driving shareholder value." In fact, it is altogether possible that that famous, and perhaps infamous, company mission statement of "driving shareholder value" may be the greatest roadblock to real value in corporate America.

This was written for those concerned managers who are uneasy with downsizing policies aimed just at boosting stock price. As managers we know that the true principles that underpin value are steeped in the import of the human asset. Today's shortsighted corporate "right-sizing" policies are just wrong and will cripple our ability to drive real, tangible, long-term value. In this article, we will deliver real alternatives to slashing headcounts founded on principles of inventiveness, growth, efficiency, and creating real value.

In this 4-part article you will learn:

  1. Effective new leadership tools
  2. How to design effective organizations
  3. How to tap into employees' hidden capacity
  4. How to increase employee productivity
  5. A new and powerful leadership model
We will reveal compelling principles derived from fresh scientific discoveries about how the universe and nature function. We, the individuals, are essential participants in this dance of life, synchronizing humanity and nature is important in order to ensure harmony, happiness, and accomplishment - all indispensable ingredients in this work of art we call life.

Fasten your seatbelts: You are in for the leadership ride of your life!