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Mythology - By Culture

This is a list of more than 2,000 deities from many civilizations. The list is not complete; the Egyptians alone had more than 2,000 gods and goddesses, and the Hindus have 333 million.

Note: Mythology is not an exact science; reference sources give information which is conflicting, ambiguous, and incomplete. In the course of time, there have been changes in deities' names (or spelling of the names), or area of authority (e.g., changing from a goddess of agriculture to a goddess of love), or geographical region in which the deities were honored, or details regarding appearance and adventures, or even gender. This book gives only a sampling from the obscure history of mythology. Though these lists are more comprehensive than those of other books about mythology, please bear with the unavoidable limitations which occur in this text as in every text on the subject.

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  1. Africa.
  2. Amazon.
  3. Anglo-Saxons.
  4. Armenia.
  5. Assyria.
  6. Australia. 
  7. Aztecs.
  8. Babylon.
  9. Bali.  
  10. Brazil.
  11. Britain.
  12. Cambodia.
  13. Canaan.
  14. Celts. 
  15. Chaldea.
  16. China.  
  17. Columbia.  
  18. Crete.  
  19. Egypt.
  20. Eskimo.   
  21. Estonia.
  22. Etruscans (Etruria).  
  23. Fiji.
  24. Finland.
  25. France.
  26. Gaul.  
  27. Germany.
  28. Greece.
  29. Haiti.
  30. Hawaii.  
  31. Hinduism/Vedas.  
  32. Hittites. 
  33. Hungary.
  34. Incas.  
  35. India.
  36. Iran.  
  37. Ireland. 
  38. Islam.
  39. Israel.
  40. Italy.
  41. Japan. 
  42. Japanese Buddhism. 
  43. Java.
  44. Korea.
  45. Lithuania.  
  46. Maoris (New Zealand).
  47. Mayas. 
  48. Melanesia.
  49. Mesopotamia.
  50. Micronesia.
  51. Mongolia.  
  52. Native America.
  53. Nicaragua.
  54. Norway (Norse Mythology). 
  55. Persia.
  56. Peru. 
  57. Phillipines.
  58. Phoenicia.
  59. Poland.  
  60. Polynesia.
  61. Rome.  
  62. Russia.  
  63. Scandinavia.
  64. Scotland.
  65. Serbia.
  66. Shinto.
  67. Slavs. 
  68. Sumeria.
  69. Syria.
  70. Tahiti.
  71. Thrace.
  72. Voodoo.
  73. Wales. 
  74. Yoruba. 
  75. Zoroastrianism.


Ajok - chief god. Lotuko of Sudan.
Akongo - chief deity. The Ngombe in the Congo.
Akuj - chief deity. The Akuj in the Congo.
Ala - goddess of fertility. Nigeria.
Buku - god and goddess of the sky. West Africa.
Gua - god of agriculture, blacksmiths, thunder. Ga tribe of West Africa.
Gunab - god of evil. Hottentots.
Iku - god of death. Nigeria.
Imana - chief god. The Banyarwanda people of Ruanda.
Iruwa - god of the sun. Kenya.
Khonvum - chief god. Pygmies.
Kibuka - god of war. Africa.
Leza - god of rain, wind. Central Africa.
Libanza - chief deity. The Upotos in the Congo.
Mawu-Lisa - god and goddess of the sun, the moon. Ewe tribe.
Mulungu - chief god. East Africa.
Nanan-Bouclou - god and goddess of herbs, medicine. Ewe tribe.
Nenaunic - god of storms. Masai.
Nyame - chief god. Ashanti tribe.
Nyasaye - chief god. Maragoli tribe.
Ogun - god of iron, war. The Nago of West Africa.
Olokun - god of the sea, sky. Nigeria.
Rugaba - god of the sky. Uganda.
Sagbata - god of smallpox. Dahomey tribe.
Shagpona - god of smallpox. Yoruba tribe.
Shango - god of storms, thunder. Nigeria.
Unkulunkulu - god of the sky. Chief god. Zulus.
Utixo - god of rain, sky, thunder. Hottentots.
Wele - chief god. The Abaluyia of Kenya.
Were - chief god. The Luo of Kenya.
Zanahary - chief god. Madagascar.


Evaki - goddess of darkness.
Kuat - god of the sun.


Wayland - god of blacksmiths.


Vahagn - god of war, the sun.


(Also see Mesopotamia)

Ashur - god of fertility, war. Chief deity.
Ishtar - goddess of fertility, love, sex, war.
Kadi - goddess of justice.
Namtaru - god of plague.
Tammuz - god of vegetation.


Gidja - god of the moon.
Julana - chief god of the Jumu.
Julunggul - goddess of initiations.


Atl - god of water.
Centeotl - god of corn.
Chalchiuhtlicue - goddess of beauty, danger, lakes, love, rain, rivers, storms, violence, vitality, water, whirlpools, youth.
Chantico - goddess of the hearth, volcanoes.
Chicomecoatl - goddess of corn, fertility.
Cinteotl - god of fertility, maize (corn).
Coatlicue - goddess of earth.
Coyolxauhqui - goddess of the moon.
Ehecatl - god of crafts, education, wind, wheat.
Ekahau - god of merchants, travelers.
Eueucoyotl - god of pleasure, sex, sorrow, spontaneity.
Huehueteotl - god of fire.
Huitzilopochtli - god of tributes, war, the sun. Chief deity -- a title which was also given to Ometecuhtli.
Inti - god of the sun.
Itzcoliuhqui - god of darkness, destruction, volcanoes.
Itzpapalotl - goddess of agriculture, healing.
Ixtlilton - god of feasts, games, medicine.
Macuilxochitl - god of dancing, gambling, music.
Metztli - god of the moon.
Mictlantecuhtli - god of death.
Mixcoatl - god of hunting, stars.
Ometecuhtli - god of duality. Chief deity -- a title which was also given to Huitzilopochtli.
Pacha Mama - goddess of fertility.
Patecatl - god of medicine, surgery.
Quetzalcoatl - god of the wind, fertility, wisdom.
Tecciztecatl - god of the moon.
Teoyaomqui - god of dead warriors.
Tepoztecatl - god of drunkenness.
Tezcatlipoca - god of death, evil, power, the summer sun, thieves, war, weather.
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli - god of dawn.
Tlaloc - god of agriculture, clouds, fertility, rain, lightning, mountain springs, rain, water, weather.
Tlazolteotl - god of death, filth, gambling, intoxication, licentiousness, love, pleasure, sex, uncertainty, witchcraft.
Tonatiuh - god of sun, war.
Tozi - goddess of sweat-baths.
Ueuecoyotl - god of sex.
Xilonen - goddess of maize.
Xipe Totec - goddess of agriculture, fertility, jewellers, plants, sacrifice, seeds, springtime, vegetation. Also called Xipetotec.
Xiuhtecuhtli - god of fire, time.
Xochipilli - god of feasting, flowers, maize, pleasure.
Xochiquetzal - goddess of art, crafts, fertility, flowers, love, the moon, physical pleasure, sexuality, the underworld.
Xolotl - god of luck (bad luck).
Yacatecuhtli - god of commerce.
Yaotl - god of darkness.


(Also see Mesopotamia.)

Adad - god of rain, storm.
Anu - god of heaven.
Ea - god of cunning, magic, water, wisdom.
Ellil - god of air.
Ereshkigal - goddess of death.
Gula - goddess of creativity, healing.
Ishtar - goddess of childbirth, creativity, fertility, healing, love, sex, war.
Kadi - goddess of justice.
Lahar - goddess of sheep.
Marduk - god of the sun. Chief deity.
Mylitta - goddess of fertility.
Nabu - god of speech, writing.
Nergal - god of death, war, the underworld.
Nintur - goddess of the womb.
Ninurta - god of agriculture, war.
Shamash - god of prophecy, the sun.
Sin - god of moon.
Siris - goddess of banquets. Also called Sirah.
Tammuz - god of crops.
Tiamat - goddess of the sea. Also called Tamtu.


Rati - goddess of fertility.


Iae - god of the moon.
Kuat - god of the sun.


Arnamentia - goddess of spring water.
Cerridwen - goddess of mountains, fertility.
Geofon - goddess of the sea.
Habetrot - goddess of healing, spinning.
Ludd - god of the sea.
Sulis - goddess of healing waters.


Po Yan Dari - goddess of disease.


Anat - goddess of hunting, love, war. Also spelled Anath, Rahmay.
Asherali - goddess of fertility, the moon.
Athirat - goddess of sea. Also Asherah, Ashtartian.
Athtart - goddess of fertility, hunting, sex, war. Also spelled Astarte, Ashtoreth, Ashtart.
Baal - god of fertility, rain.
El - god of fertility.
Eshmun - god of healing.
Hadad - god of lightning, thunder.
Hiribi - goddess of summer.
Ithm - god of sheep.
Kothar-u-Khasis - god of crafts.
Moloch - god of the sun.
Mot - god of death, infertility, the underworld.
Naamah - goddess of sexuality.
Pa - goddess of droughts.
Resheph - god of pestilence.
Shahar - god of dawn.
Shalim - god of dusk.
Shapshu - goddess of the sun. Also spelled Shapash.
Sheger - god of cattle.
Tanit - goddess of moon.
Yam - god of rivers, the sea. Also Nahar, Yaw.
Yarikh - god of the moon.


Angus of the Brugh - god of youth.
Artio - goddess of wildlife.
Badb - goddess of war.
Bel - god of light. Also spelled Belenos.
Boibhniu - god of smiths.
Brighid - goddess of craftsmanship, education, healing, poetry. Also spelled Brigit.
Cernunnos - god of animals, virility, the underworld.
Creidhne - god of metalworking.
Dagda - god of the earth.
Damona - goddess of cattle.
Druantia - goddess of fir trees.
Epona - goddess of animals, horses.
Govannon - god of blacksmiths.
Gwynn - god of the underworld. Also called Gwyn ap Nudd.
Lug - god of the sun. Also spelled Lugh or Lleu.
Mabon - god of freedom, harmony, music, unity.
Macha - goddess of war.
Manannan - god of fertility, the sea.
Medb - goddess of war.
Morrigan - goddess of death, war, destruction.
Nemain - goddess of war.
Nuadhu - god of healing, water. Also spelled Nud or Nodens.
Ogmius - god of education, genius, eloquence, magic, language, poetry. Also called Ogma.
Rosmerta - goddess of water.
Sucellus - god of agriculture, forests.
Taranis - god of wheels.
Teutates - god of war.


Eshara - goddess of agricultural fields.


Ba - goddess of drought.
Caishen - god of wealth.
Chang Fei - god of butchers.
Chang Hsien - god of dreams, pregnancy.
Ch'ang-o - goddess of the moon.
Chang Pan - god of masons.
Ch'ang Tsai - god of the spleen.
Chao San-Niang - goddess of wig-sellers.
Chao T'eng-k'ang - god of bowels.
Ch'eng-Huang - god of ditches, moats, walls.
Cheng San-Kung - god of fishing.
Cheng Yuan-ho - god of strolling singers.
Chen Kao - god of the ears.
Chih Jih - god of day.
Chih- Nii - goddess of spinning.
Chih Nu - goddess of weaving.
Ching Ling Tzu - god of tea.
Ch'ing Lung - god of the lungs.
Chin-hua Niang-niang - god of drums, violins.
Chio Yuan-Tzu - god of the brain.
Chi Po - god of wind.
Chou Wang - god of sodomy.
Chuang-Mu - goddess of the bedroom.
Chu-jung - god of fire.
Chung-kuei - god of examinations, travelers.
Ch'ung Ling-yu - god of the nose.
Chung Liu - god of eaves.
Chu Niao - god of the heart.
Chun T'i - goddess of dawn.
Chu Ying - god of the eyes.
Di Jun - god of eastern sky.
Fan K'uei - god of butchers.
Fei Lien - god of wind.
Fengbo - god of wind.
Fu Hsi - god of fishing nets.
Fu-hsing - god of happiness.
Fuxing - god of happiness. Also called Fu-hsing.
Guan Di - god of war.
Hao Ch'iu - god of the heart.
Heng-O - goddess of the moon. Also called Chang-o.
Hou T'u - god of the earth.
Hsiao Wu - god of prisons.
Hsieh T'ien-chun - god of the planet Saturn.
Hsien Nung - god of agriculture.
Hsien Se - god of agriculture.
Hsi Ling-ssu - god of silk.
Hsi-shen - god of joy.
Hsi Shih - goddess of face cream.
Hsi Wang Mu - goddess of female energy.
Hsuan Wen-hua - god of the hair.
Hsu Ch'ang - god of archery.
Huang Ti - god of architecture.
Huang T'ing - god of the spleen.
Huan Yang-ch'ang - god of the heart.
Huo Pu - god of fire.
Hu-Shen - god of hail.
Jen An - god of robbers.
Keng Yen-cheng - god of robbers.
King Wan - god of luck.
Ko Hsien-Weng - god of jugglers.
Kuan Ti - god of literature, fortune-telling, war.
Kuei-ku Tzu - god of fortune-tellers.
Kuo Tzu-i - god of happiness.
Kwan Yin - goddess of compassion, mercy, childbirth, fertility. Also called Kwannon, Kuan Yin.
Lai Cho - god of agriculture.
Lao Lang - god of actors.
Lei Kung - god of thunder.
Lei Tsu - god of innkeepers.
Li Lao-chun - god of leatherworkers.
Li Ssu - god of robbers.
Li T'ien - god of firecrackers.
Liu Meng - god of agriculture.
Liu Pei - god of basket-makers.
Lo Shen - goddess of rivers.
Lo-Tsu Ta-Hsien - god of barbers, beggars.
Lo Yu - god of tea.
Lu-Hsing - god of justice, employees, salaries.
Lung Yen - god of the liver.
Lu-pan - god of carpenters, masons. Also called Lu Pan, Lupan.
Ma-Ku - goddess of springtime.
Mang Chin-i - goddess of the womb.
Mang Shen - god of agriculture.
Mao Meng - god of the planets Jupiter and Mercury.
Miao Hu - god of agriculture.
Ming Shang - god of the eyes.
Nan-chi Hsien-weng - god of longevity.
Niu Wang - god of oxen.
Nu Wa - goddess of marriage arrangers.
Pa - goddess of drought.
Pa Cha - god and goddess of grasshoppers.
Pai Chung - god of agriculture.
Pai Liu-Fang - god of the throat.
Pai Yu - god of guitars.
P'an-Chin-Lien - goddess of brothels, prostitutes, sex.
P'an Niang - goddess of vaccination.
Pao Yuan-ch'uan - god of the spleen.
P'i Chia-Ma - god of the ribs.
Pien Ho - god of jewellers.
Sao-ch'ing Niang - goddess of brooms, good weather.
Shang Chien - god of the neck.
She chi - god of agriculture, dirt, grain, land.
Sheng Mu - goddess of black magic.
Shen Hsui-Chih - god of medicine.
Shen Nung - god of agriculture.
Shih Liang-shih - god of the tongue.
Shiu Fang - god of agriculture, embankments.
Shoulao - god of longevity. Also called Shoul-lao.
Shouxing - god of longevity. Also called Shou Hsing.
Shui Yng - god of agriculture.
Shun I Fu-jen - goddess of droughts, famines, floods.
Sien-Tsang - goddess of silk cultivation.
Ssu Cho - god of agriculture.
Ssu-ma Hsiang-ju - god of wine merchants.
Sung-Chiang - god of thieves.
Sung Su-kung - god of tea.
Sun Hsuan - god of robbers.
Sun-Pin - god of shoemakers.
Sun Ssu-miao - god of druggists.
Tan Chu - god of the teeth.
T'ang Ming Huang - god of the theater.
Tao Kung - god of the diaphragm.
T'ien Fei - goddess of sailing.
Tien Mu - goddess of lightning.
Tsai Shen - god of wealth.
Ts'ang Chien - god of writing.
Ts'an Nu - goddess of silkworms.
Tsao Chun - god of kitchens, stoves.
Tsao-Wang - god of the hearth.
T'shai-Shen - god of wealth.
Tung Chun - god of day.
T'ung Chung-chung - god of the skin.
T'ung Lai-yu - god of the stomach.
Tung Lu - god of snow.
T'ung Ming - god of the tongue.
Tu P'ing - god of robbers.
Tzu-ku Shen - god of latrines.
Wang-Mu-Niang-Niang - goddess of female energy.
Wang Ta-hsien - god of white ants.
Wang the Pure - god of gamblers.
Weiwobo - goddess of female energy.
Wenchang - god of literature. Also called Wen-ch'ang, Wen Ch'ang.
Wu-tai Yuan-shuai - god of musicians.
Yanwang - god of death.
Yen-lo - god of death.
Yen Wang - god of death.
Yuan Tan - god of wealth.
Yu Ch'iang - god of wind.
Yun-T'ung - god of clouds.
Yu Te - god of vaccinations.
Yu-Tzu - god of rain.
Zaishen - god of wealth. Also called Zai Shen, Tsai Shen.
Zaoshen - god of kitchens.
Zhongguei - god of examinations.


Sibilaneuman - goddess of songs.


Britomartis - goddess of fishing, hunting.


Akusaa - goddess of sunset.
Amon - god of agriculture, fertility, life. Also called Amun.
Anubis - god of death, embalming, funerals, black magic.
Apis - god of fertility.
Astarte - goddess of war.
At-Em - goddess of time.
Athor - goddess of light.
Bastet - goddess of dancing, fertility, joy, love, music, sex. Also called Bast.
Bes - god of childbirth, dancing, families, food, love, luck, marriage, music, recreation, relaxation, sleep.
Bubastis - goddess of childbirth.
Ermutu - goddess of childbirth.
Geb - god of earth.
Harpocrates - god of silence.
Hathor - goddess of alcohol, beauty, childbirth, infants, dancing, death, fertility, joy, love, marriage, music, the sky.
Horus - god of the sky.
Imhotep - god of healing.
Isis - goddess of childbirth, death, earth, fertility, healing, home, magic, marital devotion, motherhood, the moon.
Khem - god of fertility.
Khepra - god of the rising sun
Khons - god of healing, the moon. Also called Khensu.
Maat - goddess of justice, stability, truth. Also called Ma'at, Mayet.
Mehturt - goddess of sky.
Menthu - god of the sun, war.
Meshkent - goddess of childbirth.
Meskhenet - goddess of fate.
Min - god of fertility, rain, roads, sky, thunder, travelers, virility.
Mut - goddess of fertility.
Nefertem - god of lotus flowers.
Neit - goddess of crafts, hunting, war, wisdom. Also called Net, Neith.
Nephthys - goddesses of death, sunset.
Nut - goddess of the sky.
Osiris - god of corn, death, fertility, the moon, the Nile River, the underworld. Also called Serapis.
Ptah - god of architecture, art, crafts, masonry, metalworking.
Qetesh - goddess of beauty, femininity, love.
Ra - god of re-birth, the sun. Also called Re.
Ranno - god of gardens.
Renenet - goddess of children, nursing mothers, harvest. Also called Renenutet.
Satis - goddess of fertility.
Seker - god of death, light.
Sekhmet - goddess of war.
Selket - goddess of fertility.
Seshat - goddess of books, literature, writing.
Set - god of destruction, drought, evil, storms, black magic, thunder, the desert. Also called Seth
Shai - god of fate.
Shu - god of air, light, wind.
Tauret - goddess of childbirth, fertility, pregnancy, rebirth.
Tefnut - goddess of clouds, dew, moisture, rain.
Thoth - god of art, astronomy, death, education, geometry, law, magic, mathemetics, medicine, the moon, music, science, surveying, time, wisdom, writing. Also called Thot.


Asiaq - goddess of weather.
Igaluk - god of the moon.
Kadlu - goddess of thunder.
Pinga - goddess of hunting.
Pukkeenegak - goddess of childbirth, clothes-making. Eskimo.
Sedna - goddess of the sea, sea animals, the underworld.
Tekkeitserto - god of earth, hunting.


Peko - god of fertility.

Etruscans (Etruria)

Februus - god of the underworld.
Tinia - god of storms.


Ndauthina - god of fire, fishing, adultery, seafaring.
Ratu-Mai-Mbula - god of fertility.


Ilmarinen - god of wind, good weather.
Kalma - goddess of death.
Metsarhatija - goddess of the forest.
Pekko - god of barley.
Tuulikki - goddess of forest animals.
Ukko - god of rain, storms, thunder, clouds, the sky, weather.


Korrigan - goddess of underground springs.


Brighid - goddess of metalworking, poetry.
Dis Pater - god of death, the underworld.
Tuetatesa - god of war.


Aegir - god of the sea.
Bragi - god of poetry.
Dag - goddess of day.
Donar - god of the sky, thunder.
Freya - goddess of youth, sexual love.
Frigg - goddess of fertility.
Gefjon - goddess of fertility.
Heimdal - god of dawn.
Hel - goddess of death.
Kornjunfer - goddess of corn.
Nanna - goddess of flowers, vegetation.
Nehalennia - goddess of fertility, the sea.
Njord - god of the sea, wind.
Sessrumnir - goddess of fertility.
Thunor - god of lightning, thunder, fertility.
Tiwaz - god of law.
Ull - god of archery, skiing.
Wodan - god of poetry, inspiration, magic, the underworld, war. Also called Wotan.


Adonis - god of nature.
Aeolus - god of wind.
Aether - god of light.
Amphitrite - goddess of the sea.
Anteros - god of love, passion, tenderness.
Aphrodite - goddess of beauty, desire, fertility, love.
Apollo - god of archery, art, harmony, inspiration, intellect, law, light, mathematics, medicine, music, oracles, order, poetry, prophecy, reason, truth, the sun.
Ares - god of storms, strength, war.
Arete - goddess of justice, virtue.
Artemis - goddess of archery, chastity, childbirth, fertility, hunting, the moon, nature, virginity, wild animals. Also called Artemus, Parthenos.
Asclepius - god of healing, medicine. Also called Asklepios.
Astraea - goddess of justice, modesty, innocence, purity, truth.
Astraeos - god of starlight.
Ate - goddess of discord, evil, error, guilt, infatuation, mischief.
Athena - goddess of architecture, art, crafts, horses, intellect, literature, oxen, purity, reason, science, spinning, war, weaving, wisdom. Also called Athene.
Aura - goddess of morning wind.
Baubo - goddess of belly laughter.
Bellona - goddess of war.
Boreas - god of the north wind.
Cer - goddess of violent death. Also called Ker.
Chloris - goddess of flowers.
Comus - god of banquets.
Demeter - goddess of agriculture, corn, the earth, fertility, grain.
Dice - goddess of justice. Also called Dike.
Dionysus - god of altered states, ecstacy, nature, revelry, wine.
Eileithyia - goddess of childbirth. Also called Eleithyia, Eleutho, Ilithyia.
Enyo - goddess of war.
Eos - goddess of dawn.
Erebus - god of darkness.
Eris - goddess of discord.
Eros - god of passion, love, sex. Also called Himeros.
Eutychia - goddess of happiness.
Gaea - goddess of the earth. Also called Ge.
Ganymeda - goddess of youth.
Hades - god of death, wealth, the underworld.
Hebe - goddess of beauty, youth.
Hecate - goddess of agriculture, black magic, fertility, the moon, night, the underworld, witchcraft.
Hegemone - goddess of soil.
Helios - god of the sun. Also called Hyperion.
Hemera - goddess of daytime.
Hephaestus - god of crafts, fire, metalwork, volcanoes, weaving. Also called Hephaistos.
Hera - goddess of childbirth, marriage, storms, women.
Hermes - god of athletes, commerce, communications, eloquence, gambling, liars, luck, medicine, oratory, roads, thieves, travellers, wealth, wind.
Horae - goddess of seasons.
Hymen - god of marriage. Also called Hymenaeus.
Iaso - goddess of healing.
Ilithyia - goddess of childbirth.
Irene - goddess of peace. Also called Eirene.
Iris - goddess of rainbows.
Jaso - goddess of health.
Kakia - goddess of vice.
Kore - goddess of springtime. Also called Cora.
Kronos - god of agriculture, time.
Lethe - goddess of oblivion.
Liber - god of ecstasy, wine.
Maia - goddess of the night sky.
Malophoros - goddess of underworld.
Moerae - goddess of reason.
Momus - god of jeering.
Moros - god of fate.
Morpheus - god of dreams by humans. See also Phobetus, Phantasos.
Nemesis - goddess of fate, punishment, anger, revenge.
Nike - goddess of victory. Also spelled Nice.
Notos - god of the south wind.
Nyx - goddess of night.
Oceanus - god of the sea.
Ophthalmitis - goddess of eyesight.
Orpheus - god of literature.
Ossa - goddess of rumor.
Paeon - god of healing.
Pan - god of pastures, woodlands.
Peitho - goddess of persuasion.
Persephone - goddess of death, the underworld.
Phantasos - god of dreams by inanimate objects.
Pheme - goddess of fame.
Phobetus - god of dreams by animals.
Phoebus - god of enlightenment.
Pluto - god of wealth. Also called Hades.
Poene - goddess of revenge.
Poseidon - god of earthquakes, the sea.
Pothos - god of anxieties.
Praxidice - goddess of justice, revenge. Also called Praxidicae, Praxidike.
Priapus - god of fertility, orchards.
Prometheus - god of fire.
Proteus - god of sea creatures.
Pudicitia - goddess of modesty.
Rhea - goddess of childbirth, earth, fertility, forests, mountains.
Selene - goddess of the moon.
Soteria - goddess of safety.
Terminus - god of boundaries.
Thanatos - god of death, pain.
Themis - god of fire, hospitality, human rights.
Tyche - goddess of luck.
Vesta - goddess of the hearth.
Zephyros - god of the west wind.
Zeus - god of rain, the sky. Chief deity.


(Also see Voodoo.)

Agwe - god of the sea.
Ayida - goddess of rainbows.
Azacca - god of agriculture.
Erzulie - goddess of love, beauty, flowers, jewels, dancing, clothing.
Legba - god of the sun.


Haumea - goddess of childbirth, fertility.
Hi-iaka - goddess of hula dancing.
Hina - goddess of fertility.
Kanaloa - god of sea.
Kane - god of fertility, fresh water, woodlands.
Kapo - goddess of abortions, childbirth, corruption, fertility.
Ku - god of power, sunrise, war.
Laka - goddess of uncultivated land, hula dancing. Also called Rata.
Lono - god of agriculture, clouds, peace, rain, the sky.
Paka'a - god of wind.
Papa - goddess of the earth, the underworld.
Pele - god of fire, volcanoes.
Ukupanipo - god of sharks.


(Also see India.)

Agni - Hindu god of fire.
Annapatni - Hindu goddess of food.
Aruna - Hindu god of dawn, morning.
Bhairavi - Hindu goddess of terror.
Brahma - chief god.
Chandra - Vedic god of the moon.
Dharma - Hindu god of justice, righteousness, virtue.
Dhisana - Hindu goddess of prosperity.
Dyaus - Hindu/Vedic god of rain, the sky.
Ganesa - Hindu god of prosperity, education, prudence, wisdom, writing, good luck. Also called Ganesha.
Ganga - Hindu goddess of the Ganges River.
Hulka Devi - Hindu goddess of cholera.
Indra - Hindu/Vedic god of clouds, fertility, rain, storms, thunder, war.
Jyeshtha - Hindu god of bad luck.
Kali - Hindu goddess of cemetaries.
Kama - Hindu god of desire, love.
Karttikeya - Hindu god of war. Also called Skanda.
Krtya - Hindu goddess of witchcraft.
Kubera - Hindu god of wealth.
Kubjika - Hindu goddess of pottery.
Lakshmi - Hindu goddess of agriculture, beauty, good fortune, lotus flowers, love, wealth.
Manasa - Hindu goddess of snakes.
Maya - Hindu goddess of illusion.
Mitra - Vedic god of light.
Nirriti - Hindu goddess of corruption, destruction, disease, decay, evil, misery.
Parjanya - Vedic god of lightning, thunder.
Parvati - Hindu goddess of mountains.
Paurnamasi - Hindu goddess of the full moon.
Prithivi - Hindu goddess of the earth.
Pushan - Hindu god of cattle, possessions.
Ratri - Hindu/Vedic goddess of night.
Rati - Hindu goddess of love, motherhood, sexual passions.
Rodasi - Vedic goddess of lightning.
Rudra - Vedic god of disease, the jungle, death, healing, lightning, storms, thunder, wind.
Sanjna - Hindu goddess of dawn.
Sarasvati - Hindu/Vedic goddess of art, education, eloquence, music, poetry, rivers, science, speech, wisdom. Also called Saraswati.
Savitar - Hindu/Vedic god of the sun.
Shasti - Hindu goddess of childbirth.
Shiva - Hindu god of fertility. Also called Siva.
Sitala - Hindu goddess of disease, smallpox. Also called Shitala.
Skanda - Hindu god of war.
Soma - Hindu god of the moon.
Sraddha - Hindu goddess of faith.
Sunrta - Hindu goddess of happiness.
Surya - Hindu/Vedic god of light, the sun.
Svasti-devi - Hindu goddess of the household.
Urjani - Hindu goddess of strength.
Ushas - Hindu/Vedic goddess of dawn, wisdom. Also called Usas.
Vach - Hindu goddess of speech.
Varuna - Hindu/Vedic god of air, sky, water, wind.
Vayu - Hindu/Vedic god of air, wind.
Yama - Hindu god of death, the underworld.


Hannahanna - god of agriculture.
Kamrusepas - god of healing, magic.
Taru - god of weather.
Tasimmet - goddess of weather.
Telipinu - god of agriculture.


Isten - chief deity.
Xoli-Kaltes - goddess of dawn.


Catequil - god of lightning, thunder.
Ilyap'a - god of storms, weather.
Inti - god of the sun.
Kilya - goddess of marriage.
Mamacocha - goddess of wind, rain.
Mama Quilla - goddess of the moon.
Manco Capac - god of the sun.
Pachamac - god of the earth.
Pachamama - goddess of fertility, good fortune, nature, the earth.
Supai - god of death.
Viracocha - god of storms, the sun. Chief deity.


(Also see Hinduism/Vedas.)

Challalamma - goddess of buttermilk.
Chinnintamma - goddess of households.
Gauri-Sankar - goddess of Mount Everest.
Grhadevi - god of the household.
Lohasur Devi - goddess of iron forging.
Purandhi - goddess of childbirth, abundance.
Radha - goddess of prosperity.
Rudrani - goddess of storms.
Samundra - goddess of rivers.
Sura - goddess of wine.
Tulsi - goddess of the basil plant.
Vata - god of wind.
Vivasvat - god of sunrise.
Yaparamma - goddess of commerce.


Atar - god of fire.
Nairyosangha - god of fire.
Tishtrya - god of clouds, lakes, sea, water.


Aine - goddess of fertility, love.
Airmed - goddess of herb lore, witchcraft.
Angus - god of love. Also called Angus of the Brugh, Angus Og.
Badb - goddess of war. Also called Bibe.
Balor - god of death.
Boann - goddess of rivers.
Brigit - goddess of cattle, creativity, fertility, fire, healing, poetry, wisdom.
Carman - goddess of black magic.
Ceibhfhionn - goddess of inspiration.
Dian-Checht - god of healing, medicine. Also called Diancecht.
Dil - goddess of cattle.
Donn - god of death, the underworld.
Eadon - goddess of poetry.
Fachea - goddess of poetry.
Lir - god of the sea.
Lug - god of commerce, crafts, magic, war.
Lugh - god of light, the sun.
Macha - goddess of fertility, festivals, sports.
Manannan Mac Lir - god of the sea.
Morrigan - goddess of war.
Net - god of war.
Oenghus - god of love.
Taillte - goddess of August.


Allah - chief deity.


Yahweh - chief deity.


(Also see Rome.)

Fortuna - goddess of luck.
Liber - god of fertility, grapevines.
Mania - goddess of the underworld.
Tursa - goddess of terror.
Valetudo - goddess of health.


(Also see Shinto.)

Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone - god of thunder.
Ama-No-Uzume - goddess of fertility.
Amaterasu - goddess of the sun.
Amatsu Mikaboshi - god of evil.
Benten - goddesss of music, wealth, eloquence, good luck, love. Also called Benzaiten.
Bishamon - god of happiness, war.
Chimata-No-Kami - god of crossroads, footpaths, highways.
Emma-o - god of death.
Fudo - god of wisdom.
Fukurokuju - god of good luck.
Gekka-O - god of marriage.
Hachiman - god of war.
Ho-Masubi - god of fire.
Hotei - god of good fortune.
Inari - god of rice.
Jurojin - god of longevity, luck.
Kagutsuchi - god of fire.
Kawa-No-Kami - god of rivers.
Kaya-Nu-Hima - goddess of herbs.
Kishijoten - goddess of good luck.
Monju-Bosatsu - god of education.
Nai-No-Kami - god of earthquakes.
O-Kuni-Nushi - god of medicine, sorcery.
Omoigane - god of wisdom. Also called Omoikane.
Quan Yin - goddess of mercy. Also called Kwannon, Guan Yin, Kwanyin.
Raiden - god of thunder.
Shine-Tsu-Hiko - god of wind.
Shoten - god of commerce, wisdom.
Susa-No-Wo - god of agriculture, snakes, storms, the sea. Also called Susan, Susano-wo.
Tajika-no-mikoto - god of physical strength.
Tsuki-yomi - god of the moon.
Uke-mochi - goddess of food.
Uso-Dori - goddess of singing.
Uzume - goddess of laughter.
Yaya-Zakura - goddess of cherry trees.
Yuki-Onne - goddess of death by freezing.

Japanese Buddhism

(Also see Japan.)

Benten - goddess of femininity, literature, love, music, the sea. Also called Benzaiten.
Daikoku - goddess of wealth.
Emma-O - god of death.
Kishi-Mojin - goddess of motherhood.


Saning Sri - goddess of rice.


Mulhalmoni - goddess of water.
No-Il Ja-Dae - goddess of the toilet.


Ausaitis - god of health.
Austeja - goddess of bees.
Bubilas - goddess of bees.
Dugnai - goddess of dough-kneading.
Ganiklis - god of shepherds.
Giltine - goddess of death.
Kovas - god of war.
Krumine - god of corn.
Laima - goddess of birth.
Matergabiae - goddess of the household.
Medeine - god of woodlands.
Menulis - god of the moon.
Patrimpas - god of agriculture, joy, peace, spring.
Pikuolis - god of death, evil, the underworld.
Pilnytis - god of wealth.
Puskaitis - god of fruit.
Saule - god of the sun.

Maoris (New Zealand)

Haumia - god of wild plants.
Papa - goddess of the earth.
Rangi - god of the sky.
Rongo - god of cultivated plants.
Tane - god of woodlands.
Tangaroa - god of sea.
Tawhiri-ma-tea - god of storms.
Tu - god of war.


Ab Kin Xoc - god of poetry, war. Also called Ppiz Hiu Tec.
Acat - god of life.
Ahau Chamahez - god of medicine.
Ahau Kin - goddess of the sun.
Ah Chuy Kak - god of war.
Ah Cun Can - god of war.
Ah Kinchil - god of the sun.
Ahmakiq - god of agriculture.
Ah Puch - god of death. Also called Hunhau.
Ahulane - god of war.
Akhushtal - goddess of childbirth.
Backlum Chaam - god of male sexuality.
Camazotz - god of underworld.
Chac - god of fertility, lightning, rain, thunder, wind.
Chac-Xib-Chac - god of dancing, sacrifice, war.
Chantico - goddess of fire.
Cit Bolon Tum - god of medicine.
Cizin - god of death.
Cumhau - god of death, the underworld.
Ek Chua - god of commerce, war.
Hunab Ku - chief god. Also called Kinebahan.
Hun Nal - god of maize.
Hurakan - god of thunderstorms, hurricanes.
Itzamna - god of agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine, the moon. Chief deity.
Ixchel - goddess of childbirth, floods, moon, rain, storms, weaving. Also called Ix Chel.
Ix Ch'up - goddess of the moon.
Ixtab - goddess of paradise, suicide, death by hanging.
Ixzaluoh - goddess of weaving.
Kinich Ahau - god of sun.
Kinich Kakmo - god of the sun.
Kisin - god of earthquakes.
Kukulcan - god of storms, wind.
Nacon - god of war.
Tohil - god of fire.
Yum Cimih - god of death.
Yum Kaax - god of agriculture, maize.


Marruni - god of earthquakes.
Nevinbimbaau - goddess of initiation.


(Also see Assyria, Babylon, Sumeria. The area of Mesopotamia included Assyria, Babylon, and Sumeria, each of which has its own section in this book. Many of their gods were identical.)

Adad - god of thunder.
Anu - god of the sky.
Aya - goddess of dawn.
Belit-Sheri - god of the underworld.
Ea - god of arts, magic, water, wisdom.. Also called Enki.
Enlil - god of earth, wind.
Ennugi - god of canals.
Ereshkigal - goddess of the underworld.
Inanna - goddess of fertility.
Ishkur - god of rain.
Ishtar - goddess of fertility, love, sex, war, the moon.
Mushdama - god of architecture.
Nebo - god of speech, writing. Also called Nabu.
Nergal - goddess of plague, war, the underworld.
Ninhursag - goddess of earth.
Ninurta - god of war, wind.
Shamash - god of justice, the sun.
Sin - god of the moon.
Tammuz - god of fertility.


Aluluei - god of knowledge, navigation.
Ne Te-reere - goddess of trees.


Tengri - god of the sky.

Native America

Ahsonnutli - chief god. Navajo.
Asgaya Gigagei - god of thunder. Cherokee.
Ataensic - goddess of earth. Iriquois.
Awonawilona - chief deity. Pueblo.
Awonawilona - chief deity. Zuni.
Estsanatlehi - goddess of change. Navajo.
Ga-Oh - god of wind. Iriquois.
Hahgwehdiyu - god of goodness. Iriquois.
Hastsehogan - god of houses, racing. Navajo.
Hastseoltoi - goddess of hunting. Navajo.
Hastsezini - god of fire. Navajo.
Hino - god of thunder, the sky. Iriqouis. Also called Hinu, Heno.
Masauwu - god of death, nighttime, fire, war. Hopi.
Napi - chief god. Blackfoot.
Onatha - goddess of wheat. Iriquois.
Pah - goddess of the moon. Pawnee.
Shakuru - god of the sun. Pawnee.
South Star - god of the underworld. Pawnee Indians.
Tirawa - god of the sky. Pawnee.
Tobadzistsini - god of war. Navajo.
Tonenili - god of rain. Navajo.
Tsohanoai - god of the sun. Navajo.
Yolkai Estsan - goddess of the sea. Navajo.


Masaya - goddess of earthquakes, volcanoes.

Norway (Norse Mythology)

(Also see Scandinavia.)

Aegir - god of the sea.
Bertha - goddess of spinning.
Bragi - god of eloquence, poetry, wisdom.
Brono - god of light.
Eir - goddess of healing.
Forseti - god of justice.
Frey - god of fertility, rain, seafaring, weather, the sun.
Freya - goddess of beauty, fertility, love, rainbows, war, wealth. Also called Freyja.
Freyr - god of fruit, rain, peace, pleasure, prosperity, sunshine, war.
Frigg - goddess of marriage.
Heimdall - god of fire.
Hel - goddess of death, the underworld.
Hlin - goddess of consolation.
Hod - god of winter.
Lofn - goddess of illicit unions.
Loki - god of evil, mischief.
Mimir - god of knowledge, wisdom.
Nanna - goddess of the moon.
Njord - god of fertility, the sea, the wind.
Norn - goddess of the past.
Odin - god of death, poetry, wisdom, war. Also called Voden, Woden, Wotan, Votan, Wuotan.
Saga - goddess of history, poetry.
Sif - goddess of agriculture, fertility.
Sjofn - goddess of love, passion.
Skuld - goddess of the future.
Snotra - goddess of virtue, knowledge.
Thor - god of the sky, thunder.
Tyr - god of justice, self-sacrifice, sports, war.
Ull - god of archery, hunting, skiing.
Urd - goddess of fate.
Var - goddess of marriage vows. Also called Vor.
Verdandi - goddess of the present.


Ahurani - goddess of rain, water.
Anahita - goddess of fertility, semen.
Rapithwin - god of noon-day heat.
Tishtrya -- god of rain.
Zurvan - god of time.


Mama Allpa - goddess of the harvest.


Darago - goddess of volcanoes.


Astarte - goddess of fertility, love, sex, the moon. Same as Ashtoreth.
Baal - god of fertility, nature, winter rain.
Dagon - god of wheat.


Marzana - goddess of winter.
Siva - goddess of life.


Faumea - goddess of fertility.
Hina - goddess of darkness. Also spelled Hine.
Kuklikimoku - god of war.
Mahuika - goddess of fire, earthquakes.
Oro - god of war.
Pele - goddess of sorcery.
Tane - god of fertility, the sky.
Tangaroa - god of fishes, reptiles, the sea. Also called Tangoloa.
Tawhaki - god of lightning, thunder.
Tinirau - god of the sea.
Tu - god of war.
Turi-a-faumea - god of fish, reptiles.


(Also see Italy.)

Abundita - goddess of agriculture.
Adeona - goddess of children's trips home from school.
Aedos - goddess of modesty.
Aesculapius - god of medicine.
Alemona - goddess of fetuses.
Amor - god of love.
Angerona - goddess of anguish, fear, secrecy, silence, winter solstice.
Antevorta - goddess of childbirth, prophecy, the future.
Astrea - goddess of justice. Also known as Astraea.
Attis - god of vegetation.
Aurora - goddess of dawn.
Bacchus - god of revelry, wine.
Bellona - goddess of war.
Bubona - goddess of cattle.
Caca - goddess of the hearth.
Calliope - goddess of epic poetry.
Candelifera - goddess of birth assistance.
Cardea - goddess of door hinges.
Carmenta - goddess of childbirth, midwifery, prophecy, water.
Carmentis - goddess of childbirth.
Carna - goddess of health.
Ceres - goddess of agriculture, corn, fertility, growth, vegetation.
Cernunnos - god of animals, fertility, prosperity.
Clio - goddess of history.
Comus - god of banquets, drunkenness, mirth.
Concordia - goddess of peace, harmony.
Consus - god of agriculture, counseling, negotiations, the underworld.
Copia - goddess of prosperity.
Cuba - goddess of children's sleep, infants who have recently come out of the cradle.
Cunina - goddess of infants who are still in the cradle.
Cupid - god of love.
Diana - goddess of chastity, childbirth, fertility, hunting, the moon, virgins, woodlands.
Disciplina - goddess of discipline.
Discordia - goddess of discord, war.
Dispater - god of death, the underworld. Also called Dis Pater, Dis.
Edusa - goddess of infants who are weaning.
Egeria - goddess of childbirth, fountains.
Epona - goddess of cows, horses, mules, oxen. Also called Erato.
Euterpe - goddess of music.
Fama - goddess of fame, rumor.
Fate - goddess of fate.
Faunus - god of agriculture, fertility, nature, prophecy, rural life, woodlands.
Februus - god of purification. Also called Februa.
Felicitas - goddess of happiness.
Feronia - goddess of orchards, woodlands.
Fides - goddess of faithfulness, honesty, oaths, public trust.
Flora - goddess of flowering plants, flowers, gardens, love, prostitution, springtime, youth.
Fons - goddess of fountains, springs.
Fornax - goddess of baking, grain.
Fortuna - goddess of chance, happiness, fate, luck. Also called Tyche.
Fraus - goddess of treachery.
Fulgora - goddess of lightning.
Furina - goddess of robbers.
Hippona - goddess of horses.
Hora - goddess of beauty.
Hygieia - goddess of health. Also called Hygea.
Hymen - god of marriage. Also called Hymenaeus.
Iaso - goddess of healing.
Janus - god of arches, beginnings, doors, entrances, gates, thresholds, travel.
Juno - goddess of childbirth, marriage, motherhood, women. Also called Hera.
Jupiter - god of light, lightning, wisdom, thunder, rain, weather. Also called Jove. Chief deity.
Juturna - goddess of springs. Also called Diuturna.
Juventas - goddess of youth. Also called Juventus.
Laverna - goddess of thieves, imposters.
Liberalitas - goddess of generosity.
Libertas - goddess of liberty.
Libitina - goddess of death, funerals.
Limentina - goddess of thresholds. Also called Lima.
Lucina - goddess of childbirth.
Luna - goddess of the moon.
Luperca - goddess of pregnancy.
Lutinus - god of fertility.
Maia - goddess of fertility, the night sky.
Majestas - goddess of honor, reverence.
Mania - goddess of death.
Mars - god of war.
Mater Matuta - goddess of sea travel.
Meditrina - goddess of healing, medicine.
Mellonia - goddess of bees, honey.
Melpomene - goddess of tragic drama.
Mens - goddess of menstruation.
Mercury - god of commerce, communication, eloquence.
Minerva - goddess of art, crafts, inventing, medicine, painting, pedagogy, poetry, science, sculpture, thinking, war, weaving, wisdom.
Mithras - god of the sun.
Mors - god of death.
Muta - goddess of silence.
Naenia - goddess of funerals.
Nascio - goddess of childbirth.
Necessitas - goddess of fate.
Neptune - god of the sea.
Numeria - goddess of childbirth.
Ops - goddess of abundance, fertility, the harvest.
Pales - goddess of cattle, sheep, shepherds.
Pallor - goddess of fear.
Panacea - goddess of health.
Pax - goddess of peace.
Picus - god of agriculture, forests.
Pietas - goddess of duty.
Pluto - god of the underworld.
Poena - goddess of punishment. Also called Poine.
Polymnia - goddess of mime.
Pomona - goddess of fruits, fruit trees, gardens.
Porus - god of prosperity.
Potina - goddess of children's beverages.
Postvorta - goddess of the past.
Potina - goddess of drinking, weaving.
Praxidike - goddess of vengeance, enterprise.
Proserpina - goddess of seed germination, the underworld.
Pudicitia - goddess of modesty.
Puta - goddess of tree-pruning.
Quies - goddess of tranquility.
Quirinus - god of war, thunder.
Robigo - goddess of corn, grain.
Robigus - god of corn, grain.
Rumina - goddess of infants, nursing mothers.
Salacia - goddess of the sea.
Salus - goddess of health, public welfare, prosperity.
Saturn - god of agriculture, education. Also called Saturnus.
Silvanus - god of uncultivated land, woodlands.
Sol - god of the sun.
Somnus - god of sleep, dreams.
Strenua - goddess of strength, vigor.
Suada - goddess of persuasion. Also called Suadela.
Summanus - god of thunder.
Telesphorus - god of strength.
Tellus - goddess of fertility.
Tempestates - goddesses of storms, wind.
Terminus - god of boundaries, landmarks, limits.
Terpsichore - goddess of dancing, choral singing, lyric poetry.
Terra - goddess of the earth. Also called Tellus.
Thalia - goddess of comedy.
Unxia - goddess of wedding anointment.
Urania - goddess of astronomy.
Vacuna - godess of agriculture, leisure.
Venilia - goddess of coastal waters.
Venus - goddess of beauty, love, springtime.
Veritas - goddess of truth.
Verplace - goddess of family harmony. Also called Virplace, Verplaca, Virplaca.
Vertumnus - god of change, commerce, fruit, gardens, orchards, plants, seasons. Also called Virtumnus, Vortumnus, Numina.
Vesta - goddess of the hearth, fire, marriage.
Victoria - goddess of victory.
Virginia - goddess of politics.
Virtus - goddess of valor.
Volumna - goddess of willpower.
Voluptas - goddess of sensual pleasure.
Vulcan - god of art, fire, inventors, metalwork.


Dolya - goddess of fate.
Kostrubonko - god of spring.
Kupalo - goddess of midsummer.
Siva - goddess of life.


(Also see Norway.)

Aegir - god of the sea.
Eir - goddess of mercy.
Frejya - goddess of fertility, love, beauty, magic. Also called Freya.
Frey - god of fertility, prosperity, weather. Also called Freyr.
Frigga - goddess of marriage.
Hel - goddess of the underworld.
Hnossa - goddess of infatuation. Also called Hnos.
Lofn - goddess of love.
Loki - god of fire.
Njord - god of fishing, prosperity, ships, the sea.
Odin - god of divination.
Ullr - god of skis.
Snotra - goddess of wisdom.
Vor - goddess of prudence.
Yambe-akka - goddess of the underworld.


Corra - goddess of prophecy.
Momu - goddess of hills, wells.


Colleda - goddess of the winter solstice.
Doda - goddess of rain. Also called Dodola.


(Also see Japan.)

Amaterasu - goddess of the sun.
Hachiman - god of war.
Inari - god of food, rice.
Kamado-no-kami - god of kitchen ranges.
Kunitokotatchi - chief deity.
Ogetsu-no-hime - goddess of food.
Susanowo - god of storms.
Uzume - goddess of laughter, merriment.


Baba Yaga - goddess of death.
Belobog - god of daytime, happiness, luck, order, peace. Also called Belun and Belbog.
Chernobog - god of chaos, hell, night.
Dazhbog - god of the sun.
Dilwica - goddess of hunting.
Kupala - goddess of herbal lore, sorcery, sex, life, water.
Marina - goddess of the moon.
Perun - god of justice, lightning, thunder, war. Also called Piorun, Pyerun, Perenu.
Rod - god of fertility.
Semargl - god of barley, family.
Stribog - god of wind.
Svantovit - god of fire, war.
Svarozic - god of fire.
Vesna - goddess of spring.
Volos - god of animals, cattle, commerce, death, music, wealth, the underworld. Also called Veles.
Yarilo - god of fertility.
Zoria - goddess of beauty, morning. Also called Zaria.


(Also see Mesopotamia.)

An - god of the underworld. Chief deity.
Ashnan - goddess of grain.
Dilmun - god of fresh water.
Dumuzi - god of fertility, vegetation.
Ea - god of water, wisdom.
Endukugga - god of the underworld.
Enki - god of cunning, fertility, water, wisdom.
Enlil - god of air, earth.
Ereshkigal - goddess of death.
Inanna - goddess of fertility, heaven, life, light, love, war.
Ishkur - god of rain.
Kabta - god of bricks.
Ki - goddess of the earth.
Lahar - god of cattle.
Nanna - god of the love, moon, war. Also called Sin.
Nidaba - goddess of writing.
Ninhursaga - goddess of fertility, productivity, wildlife.
Ninlil - god of air, grain.
Ninsar - goddess of plants.
Nintur - goddess of the womb.
Ninurta - god of agriculture, floods, thunder, war.
Sadarnuna - goddess of the new moon.
Shamash - god of divination.
Sin - god of moon.
Tammuz - god of agriculture.
Tiamat - goddess of the sea.


Astarte - goddess of the moon.
Baal - god of fertility, storms. Chief deity.
Hadad - god of storms.
Qadshu - goddess of fertility.
Yam - god of sea. Also called Yam-Nahar.


Hoa-Tapu - god of war.
Oro - god of war.
Rua - god of crafts.
Ta'aroa - chief deity.


Cotys - goddess of fertility.


(Also see Haiti.)

Agwe - god of the sea.
Baron Samedi - god of magic, death, cemetaries, black magic, the underworld.
Erzulie - goddess of love, sex.
Ghede - god of death, fertility, love.
Loco - god of healing.
Ogoun - god of fire, war.
Zaka - god of agriculture.


Aeron - god of war.
Arrianrhod - goddess of fertility.
Caridwen - goddess of craftsmanship, healing, learning, poetry.  


Esu - god of watchfulness.
Sopona - god of smallpox.


Atar - god of fire.


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