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3. The Amount of Money Available to You is Limitless


By Wallace Huey, Trans4mind’s Director of Training

Many people want to start great projects but hesitate, sometimes indefinitely, because they feel they do not have enough money. When I speak with these people they nearly always focus on the money and talk of lack, rarely about abundance. Their perspective is faulty and because they have a faulty perspective, they create scarcity, then they use that scarcity to justify their perspective of lack. And it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy of the worst kind.

If life really is abundant, how can we tap into this abundance for the benefit of others and of ourselves?

People coming from a perspective of lack are caught up in their ego, and its the ego that has us isolated and in poverty. Of course, as the world of celebrity will testify, the ego can also have us immersed in social intercourse and wealthy. The ego is a very tricky entity to transcend. A great way to add to the abundance in your life is to share what you do, and especially to share the financial cost.

For this sharing to be effective you need to have a vision. And not just a small scale vision like starting a market stall, but a large vision that meets a real need in the world and that excites both you and others. Then you can do your homework to make sure there is a real need for this vision and share it with people who have what you need - money. And invite them to invest.

For example when we started Trans4mind Training it was run as workshops in the community. Then there came a point where the most natural next step was to put the training we had developed online. So my colleague Peter Shepherd and I used the remainder of the money I had invested in the business to hire a business mentor. And we hired a really good one, a woman with a lot of training and experience behind her and, most importantly, who really cared about our project.

I explained the nature of what we were looking to do - design, rehearse, shoot, put online and quality test 29 interactive video workshops and to put them onto our own custom designed training platform. She asked me who was going to write the workshops. I said Peter and I were. Then she asked who was going to present these workshops. I said I would. Then she asked who was going to do the film directing. I said I’d direct myself. Then she asked who as going to be the cameraman. I said I had a small Sony that I would put on automatic. Then she asked where was it going to be filmed. I said in a bedroom in my house. Then she asked who was going to do the video editing. I said we would. Then she asked, who is going to put the whole thing online? I said we would. Then she asked who was going to design the training platform. I said, “I don’t know?”

Dayna, my mentor is a small, attractive slightly built woman, however she sat bolt upright in the chair, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Look Wallace you are going to need to get real here. You will need professional scripts, and presenters, a film director, a professional studio to shoot the workshops in, a professional cameraman and a small team of people to do the post production. AND you’re going to need $700,000 to pay for it all.” And I had to admit she was right. Now at that point I could have walked away and forgotten the whole thing. However my colleague Peter and I decided to work with Dayna to create a well researched, professional presentation that I could use to raise the money we needed. When we had the presentation finished, I phoned up one of my friends, who I knew had funds in a low yield bank investment (and who really disliked banks) and asked him if he would be willing to receive an investment presentation. He said he would.

So I booked the most expensive presentation room in the most prestigious hotel in Belfast and invited him to attend. He did. And when I had finished my presentation he jumped to his feet and said it was the best investment proposal he had ever heard and did I want him to sign up now? From having virtually no money to do the project I left Belfast that night with a cheque for $150,000. Then, as I used the investment to start the project, more people stepped forward and offered to invest. Today the project is finished and we are taking it to market.

So if you want to discover just how limitless the supply of money is, focus on having a great idea that has real value and present the idea as an exciting vision that others can get involved in. Be prepared to be surprised at how limitless the supply of money really can be and at how your project attracts the financial resources it needs.

Because our project was founded on the values of love and service, it attracted the financial resources it needed AND attracted the right kind of investors, people who believed in the vision of the project and who supported us with flexibility, compassion and grace, through the inevitable ups and downs of doing something innovative. So if you need money to do a project, don’t focus on the money and its lack, focus on how you can serve others in a really exciting way and invite some great people to support you financially.

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Wallace Huey
Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance. Today, Wallace is Co-Founder of Trans4mind Ltd and is Director of Training, running the Trans4mind Personal Development Training program of interactive, online video workshops.

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