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What Lies Beyond Imagining?

By Wallace Huey

When I was young I was often praised for my imagination. "To have a vivid imagination is a good thing," my teachers and parents told me. Now at the age of 54 I'm not so sure.

If I watch my imagination at work, as I often do, I find its roller coaster ride out of sync with my everyday experience. Imaginative thought is out of the box and way over there, rather than Be Here Now.

Furthermore my imagination has two modes - positive and negative. In positive mode it creates pleasant images and wild rides of fancy encouraging exuberance, while in negative mode it accelerates thought processes downward into a worst case scenario sparking worry and its traveling companion - anxiety.

Inner peace and mindfulness are valuable qualities and it seems to me that vivid imagination, whether positive or negative, does not contribute to this hallowed inner prairie.

So are we to be dull, inert, lifeless of mind and soul? Are we to be possessed of a certain grayness? Is the banal an inevitable result of enlightenment?

Not at all - for there is a faculty more powerful, valuable and creative than imagination - a diamond representing the holy grail of personal power, a precious pearl known and treasured by all the world's great masters and artists. This power is inspiration and it is to this power that I am increasingly surrendering my life.

What are the characteristics of this inner faculty that I may recognize and nurture its precious flood of life affirming possibility?

Inspiration is always positive - it has no negative. Furthermore it is always appropriate to the particular environment in which I find myself - delivering the optimum response to the Be Here Now moment. With practice and proper nurture it develops the interesting and valuable quality of working uncalled for and of delivering pearls of great price unrequested. As I surrender to it's unpredictable and beguiling temperament, I sense an inner security next to perfect. This inner sanctum, built on the unrequested power of inspiration, comes to my aid time after time with brilliant effect in moments of challenge.

So if you are in need of a breakthrough may I suggest you forgo reliance on your thinking, fueled by your imagination and instead call upon your inspiration to see through the veil of confusion, for it will respond to your request.

Beyond Imagining

"A widget did I need in truth
To see me through unbridled youth.
The stallion was the wild in me
Of snakes and snares t'was all could see.
A hole was cut, the wild release
And my homestead was at peace,
Where in my robe new raiment hung
That when adorned became as one."

"Creativity gives rise to the limited out of the unlimited, to sanity out of madness, to the valuable out of the priceless, to abundance out of nothingness, to the original out of the familiar and to hope out of despair." --Wallace Huey


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