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Is Love an Emotion?


By Wallace Huey

When we think of love we often think of the emotions we associate with this human experience. These emotions range through excitement, intrigue and attraction. Often we associate the experiences of these three emotions with "being in love." Equally when these emotions are absent we can then feel "out of love."

However are these three emotions a reliable guide to "being in love?" What does being in love mean? And how can we nurture this wonderful human quality in our lives?

The thing about these three emotions is that they come and go. They are here today, gone tomorrow. However, we intuitively know that love is something we need every day of our lives, so we can be fulfilled and delighted with life.

Furthermore, love is something that exists when we are growing, when each day brings new discoveries and a sense of adventure. When we are not only being but becoming - becoming something more!

Furthermore, since the human Spirit is infinite there is no limit to what we can become.

So how can each of us be in love, and grow in love, every day of our lives? Is love a head-over-heels emotional roller-coaster, as Hollywood so often portrays it, or is love and its creation something entirely different?

Personally speaking, I think love is not an emotion - I am convinced love is a commitment. Commitment is not a very popular word in today's "do as I please" 21st century world. So what do I mean by love is a commitment?

My old friend Sai Baba used to say...

Duty without love is deplorable.
Duty with love is desirable.
Love without duty is Divine.

What I take this to mean is that when we are committed from the heart to a particular person, cause or task, then even if that task is really challenging and full of hurdles, we will nevertheless persist until our duty has been fulfilled and the task completed. And we will do so with joy and enthusiasm, however difficult that task may be.

Such love is Divine, because it reflect's God's love for planet Earth and all life on it - generous, abundant and never ending.

It is by each of us connecting with our heart that we can be reliably guided to those commitments which our heart knows we need to make our own. Then we can grow in the direction which God intends for us and through that direction offer the generous, abundant and never ending love that only a heartfelt commitment can provide.

Heartfelt commitment has within it the power to overcome every obstacle, because it contains within a force of will that is entirely above and beyond that of the human will. The will elicited by a heartfelt commitment draws from the full force and power of life itself.

So if you want to experience true love, make a commitment, and if you want to experience God's love, make a heartfelt commitment. Everything else is secondary.

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