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Blog of Trans4mind Founders: Peter Shepherd & Wallace Huey

There is a direct, intimate and immediate connection between a person's inner world, how they think and feel and the values they hold, and the way they express themselves and create the world around them. We can recognize the values we hold in our heart and express them in our life. We can create our world inside-out. The heart made visible.
In this blog, Peter Shepherd and Wallace Huey post videos, audios and articles to illustrate how a beneficial change of consciousness can be accomplished from the inside out. With actions sourced through inner guidance, we can find peace, abundance and fulfillment and, as a consequence, positively influence our families, place of work and environment.

Videos by Wallace Huey...

Principle of Minimum Effort ~ Becoming Inspired

This is an extremely important principle that has the power to completely transform how you experience your life. Through becoming genuinely inspired, everything then becomes easy.

Law of Attraction ~ Meeting Needs

Wallace offers a new angle on the Law of Attraction, explaining how meeting the higher needs of others is mutually beneficial, an expression of loving service that makes a spiritual connection through the power of Love.

What is Living From the Inside Out?

There are two ways to live: from the outside in and from the inside out. In this video, Wallace describes both these orientations to life and why it's important to live from the inside out.

What is Inner Guidance?

People often ask, what is inner guidance and how can I benefit from it in my life? In this video, Wallace Huey introduces inner guidance as a faculty available to everyone, especially given the right training and assistance.

The Three Golden Qualities

Wallace describes the three golden qualities that will transform your whole life and shares how you can get ongoing assistance to experience each of them.

Wisdom of the Woods

A short film accompanying the free online book 'Wisdom of the Woods' by Wallace Huey. The music was performed and composed by Steve Wyse.

Find Inner Peace

Finding inner peace is the aim and purpose of life and mastering each of the challenges of life helps to uncover the inner peace that lies within us, the home of our loving soul. Therefore the video below is a key inspirational video for us and for Trans4mind Training...

Videos by Peter Shepherd...

Personal Journal - Affirmations

Peter Shepherd describes the Personal Journal - a resource for participants in Trans4mind Training - and suggests some powerful affirmations that you can apply now...

Be Here Now

Peter: “This video describes the universal truths that are central to my understanding of life...”

Just be here now and enjoy the moment...
Our regrets from the past - we don't need them now, just let them go...
Our worries about the future - we don't need them now, just let them go...
As we relax and our mental activity settles down, like waves settling on an ocean,
we become still...
Consciousness reaches its most silent state, serene and unbounded...
We realize that this is our true Self, beyond time and space...
A presence in the ocean of loving consciousness...
As Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you."
My Daily Prayer

Peter: “Here is my interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer...

My source in the spiritual realm,
I celebrate your presence with me here.
Let me be guided by unconditional Love
and be of service for the highest good.
Thank you for the abundance I receive,
and please forgive my mistakes,
as I forgive those who cause me difficulties.
Help me to fulfill my purpose, uphold my values,
and be understanding and compassionate.
With all my love.
Be the change you wish to see in the world...


Wallace Huey
Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance. Today, Wallace is co-director of Trans4mind Ltd and is Director of Training, running the Trans4mind Personal Development Training program of interactive, online video workshops.

Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd is the founder and producer of this website. A transformational psychologist by background, he is author of 'Transforming the Mind' and 'Daring to be Yourself.' He publishes the Inspiring Quotes of the Week every week. Learn more about Peter's views and activities here.

What is Trans4mind Training?

This personalized training - launched on Independence Day, July 4th 2016 - is the best work we've ever done. The training empowers you to create action steps that deliver powerful real-world results across all of your life challenges.
The training when complete will present 46 interactive video workshops - always available online for you to refer to - arranged in 5 modules:
  1. Healing Yourself - available now!
  2. Being Successful - available now!
  3. Enhancing Relationships - Winter 2016
  4. Answering the Big Questions - Summer 2017
  5. Inner Guidance Training - Autumn 2017
The emphasis in these workshops is on practical application. Rather than telling you what to think, the video workshops will encourage you to learn from yourself and your own life. We give you the tools to be guided by inner wisdom, to attain greater inner peace in all areas of your life, and to achieve abundance and fulfillment... These results then work as a whole to transform your life!
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The Training in a Nutshell

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