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Be Here Now

Peter: “This video describes the universal truths that are central to my understanding of life...”

Just be here now and enjoy the moment...
Our regrets from the past - we don't need them now, just let them go...
Our worries about the future - we don't need them now, just let them go...
As we relax and our mental activity settles down, like waves settling on an ocean,
we become still...
Consciousness reaches its most silent state, serene and unbounded...
We realize that this is our true Self, beyond time and space...
A presence in the ocean of loving consciousness...
As Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you."

My Daily Prayer

Peter: “Here is my interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer...”

My source in the spiritual realm,
I celebrate your presence with me here.
Let me be guided by unconditional Love
and be of service for the highest good.
Thank you for the abundance I receive,
and please forgive my mistakes,
as I forgive those who cause me difficulties.
Help me to fulfill my purpose, uphold my values,
and be understanding and compassionate.
With all my love.

Be the change you wish to see in the world...

Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd is the founder and producer of this website. A transformational psychologist by background, he is author of ‘Transforming the Mind.’ Learn more about Peter's life experience and his views on many subjects at his Biography Page.