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The Path of Love

The Path of Love

By Peter Shepherd

“Love is our true essence. Love has no limitations of caste, religion, race, or nationality. We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love. To awaken this unity - and to spread to others the love that is our inherent nature - is the true goal of human life.”

This quote from Ammachi says it all, don't you think? Love is the source of universal truth, therefore the perfect guide in our lives, and we each have an unlimited supply within us because it is who we are. We are made by Love, we are made of Love, and we are made for Love.

This is all the dogma we need. In other words, none. Because it is simply nature, it’s not supernatural. The latter is interesting but you don’t have to believe in things you haven’t seen for yourself in order to have a spiritual philosophy of life.

I believe the things I’m saying here are universally applicable, no matter if you are religious, agnostic or atheist. The path of love applies in our family and relationships, at our workplace and community, as well as within each of us.

Much of the time, our choices are the path of least resistance. But we can change what we choose. We can choose to stop compromising, to believe in ourselves and our values, to move forward with our lives guided by our own truth.

The Light of Love

Fear is the nature of the human animal, its survival mechanism. Like a scaredy-cat but cleverer. We love our body-mind but it is not our true inner nature, which indeed has nothing to fear. The light of love dissolves fears.

Our Soul is essentially a powerful source of love; that's true for each and every one of us. Love is the light of truth. When you accept truth as your being, it immediately exposes the Shadow, all the other parts of yourself that are not guided by love. The light exposes their falsehoods.

But to some extent we depend on those false solutions, as we created them to deal with problems in life, albeit in fearful ways: to justify, make excuses, blame, rationalize, be right, avoid, resist, control, and so on - rather than the braver path of communicating empathically and taking responsibility.

Acceptance is powered by love; resistance is powered by fear; it is you that empowers them both.

“Whatever you resist, persists. The healing route is the opposite of resistance, it is acceptance. The way out is the way through: to open up, release our feelings, accept and let them go. To face reality as it is, which is much easier with love in our hearts rather than negative interpretations and self-defeating beliefs. Fortunately love is our true nature and is unlimited in supply.” ~ Peter Shepherd

The Way Out is the Way Through

So courage is needed; the way out is the way through. But it's worth it as bringing light to the misguided solutions of the past - understanding why they were made and loving their creator - is the ultimate learning experience and enables us to embrace our wholeness.

The competitive survival game is part and parcel of our presence as human beings. I believe we also have a higher role to play than that, a destiny to help evolve humanity toward a more enlightened consciousness, which includes perception of our Oneness in individual, relationship, community and cosmic dimensions.

The human animal (the body-mind) experiences life as duality, and the human soul (when fully awakened) as non-duality. At the same time. And that's OK... You don't have to stop being human when you are awakened to Oneness. Of course. You don't have to give up your life and move to an isolated cave in order to be enlightened.

The Mindful Way

Journaling encourages mindfulness. Mindfulness isn't about being self-conscious, and it isn’t applied only within a meditation session. Instead, you can apply mindfulness when you are implementing a principle into your life, such as a beneficial concrete step you have decided upon, and then it starts to go wrong - perhaps you forget all about it or do the opposite. But now alarm bells ring - you awaken to what’s going on and you can choose to act differently.

So you recognize when you're being inauthentic - feeling, thinking and acting reactively, based on fears - and immediately awaken and get back to being yourself, a conscious, loving person with response-ability. Then let go again, be in the moment, in the flow, enjoying life, being your authentic self.

The truths of life are simple. But the reasons why we behave as we do are frequently complex, a combination of many factors, and logic that can easily become misdirected, conflicting and confusing, even within our own minds. And yet despite this, when we are mindful - ourselves - truth can be intuitively discerned. This is universal truth that we can all access if we are in touch with our inner nature.

The Path of Love

To summarize, there's two fundamentally different ways of looking at the world we live in...

  1. Materialist scientific view - a world based on evolution with our primary motivation being better survival, leading to greed and egoitism, with the constant anxiety of non-survival. The human animal we are so familiar with. The path of fear.
  2. Consciousness-based spiritual view - a world based on creative compassion, with our primary motivation being the light of love, with widespread practice of loving service leading to sharing, happiness and fulfillment. The human being expressed at last. The path of love.

The purpose of Trans4mind is to help make the path of love accessible to people of all ages and cultures, so the human heart becomes visible in all aspects of our life on this planet - a world following the path that Jesus, Buddha and many other prophets have prescribed. And this is Trans4mind's vision.

Love leads to connection and oneness, acceptance and compassion. It's the path we need to take, both to survive and to evolve. It's the path that more and more people are taking, so let’s play our part - indeed, let’s be leaders of that movement.

“Love is the antidote to fear, just as the way that light illuminates and vanishes a shadow. Inject love and fear disappears... then we are naturally guided by our own inner truth, in place of the old and shady motivations that were governed by fear.” ~ Peter Shepherd

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