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The Ripple Effect

ripple effect
By Peter Shepherd

Personal development is a process of finally uncovering our true self… recognizing our potential, expressing our creativity... emerging from the chrysalis of our past upbringing and conditioning.

By being more self-aware, by responding rather than reacting, we can feel more inner peace and at the same time have more integrity - start to really be ourselves, rather than meeting others’ expectations.

We can learn to master the combination of life challenges that are common to the human condition, like a jigsaw. Through personal development resources we learn the basic principles of how life works. Principles we already know deep inside as they are universal truth, not theory or dogma.

And this is powerful… We start to see an holistic picture emerge, a much deeper understanding. The jigsaw connects in front of our eyes. We don't just have a problem, we have a potential. Now we can make our heartfelt dreams come true. The human heart becomes visible. Our life is transformed.

As we transform our own lives, that has a ripple effect. The world around us changes to match our raised vibration. The influence of the way we are and of our actions spreads outwards.

Conscious intent is what creates our reality; it only takes a relatively few conscious people to start to create a better world around them, to begin to make a real difference.

We can work together to begin to create this new consciousness, this new world - a world based on loving values (empathy, understanding and compassion), in place of instinctive fears. The human being masters the human animal.

Our personal development can have such huge ramifications because we’re not on our own. Our core self is spiritual in nature and therefore connected with all consciousness, with all mindful, caring persons.

As we develop personally, it will affect everyone - political, social and economic issues will be influenced in positive ways, reforms will become possible, and our transformation will spread out and make a difference on a wider scale.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. This is not just a glib metaphor, it’s a dream that can come true.

The real change that's needed comes from the inside out. Inspired, engaged and energized individuals will make life better for all around them, no matter the political or religious institutions that are in place. As the Dalai Lama so aptly put it, in response to a question from the audience...

Dalai Lama

Imagine if the values of the heart could be brought into our families, communities, charities, organizations and businesses - what kind of a world would this create?


To help you picture what the impact of the values of the Human Heart is currently having on our civilization, on this page you see images of our planet that are inspiring, creative and uplifting. These images don't happen by accident - they exist because a few people have changed their thoughts and feelings, raised their consciousness and then acted, from the heart, to transform the world around them.


These people may be husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, parents and children, friends and colleagues, architects, business people, ecologists, engineers, care givers, healers, rescue workers, leaders and builders of every kind and hue, but the one thing that runs through everything they have created on this page is a set of values that honor one another and the planet - and it is these values, expressed in what they have created and in the life they lead, that has given rise to these wonderful images.


Despite all the bad news and distress, a new kind of person is actively working to build a new kind world. Because it is rarely featured in the mainstream media we are featuring it here, as recognition of all the great work being done. We invite you to also become a creative contributor to healing our planet.

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Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd is the founder and producer of this website. A transformational psychologist by background, he is author of ‘Transforming the Mind.’ Learn more about Peter's life experience and his views on many subjects at his Biography Page. Read More Articles by Peter Shepherd.
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