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Transform Your Life

By Peter Shepherd, founder of

The challenges we face

I feel that the human nature of Mankind has progressed little over the centuries. There are fundamental problems, like the schism between left and right brain thinking, between male and female ways of being. And the vested interests that resist any kind of progress, free thinking and open-mindedness. The oligarchies, the 1% for whom equality is a swear word.

I think we need to evolve, to move forward as a race, and then we stand a chance of resolving the immense social, cultural, economic and ecologic problems that are staring us in the face. Human nature has to change. That’s all!

It’s that or going over the edge of a cliff, as H.G. Wells foresaw: “Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe.”

If you don’t care about personal growth, that’s OK. You might be quite happy and you will stay that way, until something happens that you don’t have the resources and wisdom to handle – then you may go downhill. Or you may get old and wonder where your life went, since you had been living in a safe but limiting cocoon. Or you might be pretending you’re quite happy, because you don’t want to face that actually you are living someone else’s life rather than what you want to be doing, and that you spend considerable effort avoiding things you don’t want to confront. Or you might consider that painful emotions are just a part of life that is inevitable, and you can continue to live with this suffering.

Igor Morski

Most people do nothing, and so human nature continues to create all the problems that we see in the world, on a personal, familial and social/political scale. But it is possible to ‘find ourselves’ through releasing the limitations we impose on ourselves as a result of our upbringing and negative learning experiences. Only such a person can fully and freely love – without judgment – their fellow man.

Many people are waiting for technology to advance further and solve the problems of Mankind. However technology is just a tool. It can raise our standard of living. However it’s primarily intended to create desirable consumer products that make the rich richer and that profit the few. That’s all. The real issues remain – greed, lust for power, intolerance, prejudice, fear – the qualities of the human animal based on a competitive struggle for survival, and all the fears that result.

The importance of empathy

Jeremy Bentham stated, “It is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong.” But that’s not necessarily true… The end does not justify unethical means. The only way the majority could be happy if the minority were suffering as a result, is if they had become psychopathic: with empathy switched off and compassion missing in action. This blindfold is called expediency and occurs a lot in the world’s socio-political-economic systems, even perhaps in our local neighborhood or family. We get used to ‘switching off’ and it’s time that we as individuals awaken to our responsibilities – to the mutual connection with our brothers and sisters everywhere. Personal development goes beyond personal happiness and extends to the true fulfillment that we can best obtain through loving service and shared responsibility.

Improving the quality of relationships is the key to a better world to live in. With tolerance and genuine listening all problems can be resolved – these result from a state of being that integrates mindfulness, compassion and loving service. The qualities of an awakened human BEING… connected with inner knowing, the source of universal truth that is part and parcel of our essential loving nature.

This is what the world needs – without all the false dogma and political manipulation we see with established religions and the closed-minded protection of vested interests. We need to begin living a life of service based on compassion, instead of a selfish life based on a barrage of fears. We need to become conscious of who we really are, as human beings rather than merely human animals. Communicating and creating instead of enslaving and going to war.

Trans4mind's mission

Our mission is to maintain a comprehensive personal development service dedicated to the uplifting of humanity worldwide, providing each visitor with an abundant choice, both of free and paid resources, to create their path of personal and spiritual growth. We are not linked with a religion or belief system, nor do we seek to control or manipulate people in any way. We work in a practical way with people to help them find their own inner truth and guidance.

At all points, dogma is avoided - indeed, the motto of Trans4mind is: "Minds, like parachutes, function better when open." Having said that, we recognize some fundamental, universal truths, also widely recognized by the world's great religions and philosophers. In particular we feel that Love is our essential nature, that by asking - What would love do? - and listening to our inner voice and feelings we can sense inner guidance, and that this loving guidance is the core of our spirituality. If our life is guided by Love, we can be sure we are on the right path.

Personally, I feel my mission is to awaken love in people, that inner knowing that is not ego but spiritual in nature, the basis of compassion, understanding and empathy. The human being, as opposed to the human animal (fear and instinct based). Largely asleep in our world unfortunately. To awaken conditioned and mind-controlled people en masse is a huge task, and urgently needed with so much of our society going downhill. But at least, we can each do our best to shine a light and manifest a better world. Together that will make a difference.

spiritual path

The spiritual path – where to start?

The spiritual path is a vital component of our training. “Who am I?” is the classic meditation question, but it’s too big a question. It’s too generalized… where do I start? The question needs breaking down. Gradually we can learn who we really are, with the guidance of good personal development training. We can discover what our values really are, and whether we are currently living according to them … or if we living according to what we were told to do, what is expedient, to please others and their expectations of us, or just the easiest solutions to the challenges of life. As we examine each of the many life challenges, and the role we are currently playing, we build up a truer and truer picture of “Who am I?” We learn we have an inner resource for knowing, our inner guidance. Only then we are coming from the right place when we ask the more practical questions: “What do I want for my life?” and “How will I achieve this?” For these are two essential questions that every responsible adult must be able to answer with integrity.

The power of love

We are not linked with a religion or belief system, nor do we seek to control or manipulate people in any way. At all points, dogma is avoided - indeed, the motto of Trans4mind is: “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”

Having said that, we recognize some fundamental, universal truths, also widely recognized by the world's great religions and philosophers. In particular we feel that Love is our essential nature, and that by asking “What would love do?” and listening to our inner voice and feelings we can sense inner guidance. This loving guidance is the core of our spirituality. If our life is guided by Love, we can live and serve in simplicity and profundity.

Trans4mind does not advocate any particular philosophy and is not affiliated to any religious teaching or organization. But we do take an holistic approach, which includes the spiritual dimension of our lives - indeed, we feel that discovering and fulfilling this dimension of our being is the raison d'etre of personal development.

What is personal development?

First of all, what is personal development, as practiced at Trans4mind? It is learning ways to clarify who exactly one IS, where this is obscured; to develop greater intelligence, life skills and creative potential; and to empower individuals to recognize and overcome their life challenges. In this way, a person's quality of life is enhanced... individuals get the chance to fulfill their dreams, and above all, to discover a genuine sense of inner peace and serenity.

The aim of personal development is to...

  • care for our health and well-being
  • develop communication and relationship skills
  • raise awareness and mindfulness
  • develop the intellect
  • increase emotional intelligence
  • better face personal life challenges
  • recognize our spiritual dimension

Personal development works by enhancing and integrating rational, emotive and intuitive faculties - mind, body and spirit working in unison. This empowers us to live a happy and fulfilling life, through exercising free choice, seeing objective truth and realizing the highest degree of purpose.

The fundamental principles that underlie effective personal development are as follows:

You can have a much better life if you are true to your core self, therefore guided by love and intuitive inner knowing.

You can be an oasis in the lives of your family, friends and community, to uplift their lives with your presence, to help make the world a better place.

That’s what is needed today: you being… YOU. With no fear in your life as you are overflowing with love.

The aim of each workshop is to support the Trainee to obtain insights about one of their life challenges - challenges that are common to all of us, since we are human beings.

But our society provides very little education about these life challenges - there is no school of life other than hard knocks. Indeed we very often receive misinformation from parents, teachers, colleagues, media, religion and the culture in general.

If we cannot meet our challenges we are stressed and confused. We retreat to safe but limiting solutions. If we do not truly know ourselves, we are unaware of our needs, our values and our purpose. As a result we fail to live a life that is fulfilling. Stress, confusion and lack of fulfillment makes us unstable and far from peaceful in our being.

We react instead of respond. We regret the past and worry about what the future may hold, instead of being fully involved and mindful in the present. We suffer from painful emotions, frustration and low self esteem. We become unconscious of our loving inner self and its natural insights into universal truth.

We believe truth is to be found by viewing the world objectively, always keeping an open mind, keeping all beliefs open to revision. Seeing what is. And secondly by combining objectivity with a conscious looking within, to what the heart is saying. This source of inner knowing relates to the spiritual essence of a human being, whose motivation is essentially service and compassion founded on unconditional love.

This is quite apart from the mind and instincts of the human animal that empower the ego. Our animal motivation is primarily fear, reacting to perceived threats to survival, and therefore leading to envy and greed.

We truly need to know ourselves, to find our inner loving core. It is for each person to discover their own version of truth and to recognize the universal values it contains. The measure of that truth is alignment with the values of loving service.

With open communication, we gain in understanding, we see reality more clearly, our empathy increases and we feel compassion.

Communication -> Understanding -> Reality -> Empathy = Compassion

The CURE is Compassion

By learning how to find the truth that underlies each of the life challenges, and implementing these insights into our everyday life, we can start to follow our spiritual path. This means we will remain conscious and responsible whatever the situation, and at the same time involved and flowing with the stream of life, connected with all around us and profoundly appreciative of every moment of our lives.

In this way, Trans4mind is an oasis in unbounded thinking. So what is unbounded thinking? We experience. We learn. We share. We progress.

Vision with Action

The Need for Personal Development

Let’s get back to the nitty gritty… Most often, when we have an uncomfortable or stressful feeling about our life circumstances, we bury it beneath watching TV, having some food or a drink, gossiping with the neighbors, working out at the gym, whatever. We may not even acknowledge we have a problem, and even if we do, we hope it will go away rather than doing anything about it - after all, things are as they are, what can we do to change them?

There's little recognition that the real source of our problems and anxieties, or lack of purpose and fulfillment, and maybe lack of meaningful relationships in our lives - the real source lies within us. We each have the power to take responsibility for what is within our control. And to realize - rather than resist - what is not and let it go. By being more self-aware, by responding rather than reacting, we can feel more inner peace and at the same time have more integrity - start to really be ourselves rather than meeting others’ expectations.

So personal development is a process of finally uncovering our true self, in effect. Recognizing our potential, expressing our creativity... Emerging from the chrysalis of our past upbringing and conditioning.

We may get a handle on one particular issue that we realize we need help with and read up on it, maybe look it up on Trans4mind, or visit a professional for assistance… maybe a life coach, why not! And that may indeed help for a while.

But the many other challenges we face in life tend to pull us back down - they most likely haven't been recognized or addressed, and as each connects with the other they have a powerful weight, and so most often we return to our habitual patterns of behavior. Life goes on much the same.

But now a better path forward is available. We can learn to master the combination of life challenges that are common to the human condition, like a jigsaw. We learn the basic principles of how life works. Principles we already know deep inside as they are universal truth, not theory or dogma.

A person engaged in personal development is endeavoring to learn how they can live a happier and more fulfilling life, through exercising free choice, seeing objective truth, being in touch with their inner knowing and authentic values, and realizing the highest degree of purpose. As well as engaging in a continued process of self-directed education - all the things they never taught you in school!

Addressing the challenges of life, these challenges become no longer stressful; instead they become aspects of life that are positive opportunities for learning and expression. The result is a change of consciousness, an evolution of human nature. We will be coming from a place of pure intent – compassion and loving service – so the effect of our vision, the power of our manifestation (particularly combined with others with whom we are connected through intent), will be relatively huge compared to those who are motivated by fear and competition (that has no creative effect at all).

Be the change

Imagine an oasis of peace, fulfillment and unbounded thinking. Now imagine you are this oasis, spreading out and expanding until you fill your whole environment. You have become the center of your own revolution…. a revolution in consciousness. It’s not only about doing the great things, it’s about doing even small things with great love. Then your influence shines like a beacon.

A few truly awakened people have a bigger effect on the mass consciousness than you might think. It’s about manifestation - manifestation works when it’s based on loving service. Creation is powered by love.

Now's the time to begin to transform your life...

Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd is the founder and producer of this website. A transformational psychologist by background, he is author of ‘Transforming the Mind.’ Learn more about Peter's life experience and his views on many subjects at his Biography Page. Read More Articles by Peter Shepherd.
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