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The Way Forward

Forest Lights

By Peter Shepherd

A Turning Point

The current years are felt by many to be a turning point in the consciousness of humanity. Make or break. Some expect great things to just happen, to come upon us as if "from above" like an act of God. However, I feel this is an unenlightened view of the nature of God and of ourselves. God is love and God lives within us, each and every single one of us. The turn-around in consciousness - a spiritual awakening - will need to come from within us. It is a change that we can create - and this is the time.

We are the channel for the action of God, the universal creative consciousness. If we don’t act, nothing will happen. No one will be any the wiser; we will just have missed the crucial opportunity that we face.

In order to create our reality - to make things happen in our experience of the world - we operate at all levels of our being: the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. We do this 100% of the time whether we are aware of it or not. It is possible to improve our life experience by becoming more conscious of our creative process.

In Western culture, we are brought up to view our lives primarily as a physical manifestation: we go to work, produce things, get paid, survive, try to keep our bodies healthy, find a partner, make a family home. Talk of “creating our reality” from a spiritual viewpoint seems out of touch with reality, maybe even a bit crazy. But if you follow it through - as I will try to explain - it does all tie together. The everyday life we experience is very much affected by our spiritual nature, our creative will. Then we manifest that “will” according to the beliefs we hold, the feelings that result from those beliefs, and our resulting actions.

We can start living consciously and manifesting what we want right here and now, and put into place our plans and dreams in the real world.

The Multi-Domain Approach

I believe in a multi-domain approach. We are not just one with God; nor just angelic beings; nor just a witnessing consciousness; nor just a creative mind; nor just a scheming ego; nor just a social being struggling to survive; nor just a lover, parent or friend; nor just a creature programmed by genes; nor just one with the super energies of the planet and the Universe. We are all of these things at the same time. A unified field.

Manifestation is a spiritually powered process. With the right spiritual, mental, and emotion preparation, things seem to “just happen” or fall into our lap. While this may appear to be so, in practice it isn’t the whole picture. The other domains of our being play at least an equal part. Although opportunities may arise that seem magical - synchronicities, because we are connected beings, the unified field again - and like-minded people will naturally identify with our desire (law of attraction) and share their resources, the primary channel of achievement of what we desire is provided by ourselves, our own actions and communications and mental resources, such as intellect, creativity and intuition.

As a result of our intention, magical results come about. Of course, this “magic” isn’t really magic; if it happens then there must be science to explain it, albeit not the orthodox. Metaphysics is a super-set of physics, not its enemy. Perhaps Sheldrake’s theories of information fields are the closest - I perceive it more in the order of information/thought than about energy/vibration – it is in the zero-point, the implicit encoding of the holographic universe. But then they are two sides of the same coin anyway, as in the case of gravity; whether potential or energy, either way it has a field of influence.

The implicit, hidden world is that of creative potential, of Spirit, outside of space and time; the real world is its explicit manifestation through creativity; and the mind is the intermediary, interpreting intuitions and drawing up plans of action. Therefore, I think for most of us intention works at the mental/spiritual level, not just the physical. Spirit has the power to align cause and effect sequences right down to the material level. Each person is an independent cause, but also they are part of the universal consciousness, and in this respect they also act as one.

Telepathic influences on others and their resulting actions cause events to occur and things to appear as if by magic or synchronicity. But it isn’t really magic, its cause and effect. Spirit works on matter through mind and actions. Real action needs to be taken to manifest real things... there are such solid agreements cementing the physical: a lifetime’s conditioning and learning to play “the game of life.” It wouldn’t be much of a game if any of us could easily change the rules or alter the playing field! We have the potential of being games makers, and I believe we should rise to that, but when we play football that’s what we do.

Good old “goal setting and getting” is as important as ever. That’s practical, “get down to it” psychology. Our knowledge base and mind development and social skills (concentration, study, communication, memory, creativity, intuition, leadership, etc.) are as important as ever. These are our cognitive contributions. Vital if we want to make a difference: to think and live outside of the box of our cultural norm. In addition, to achieve anything meaningful we need to put our heart and soul into the mix too.

Many people sincerely wish for their life circumstances to be different, to win the lottery or to obtain promotion. Most of the time this doesn’t come about - “wishful thinking” or desire doesn’t cut it and one suffers. What is needed is creative intention or will, not just a wish or desire. It’s the process of manifesting and it needs to be done without attachment, and it needs to be followed through with the correct attitude and actions.

When the Buddhists speak of desire as something to overcome in order to prevent suffering, they mean the attachment to a possession or an outcome, such that you can’t live happily without it. Buddha was right, but it isn’t desire itself that he was warning about, it’s attachment to the outcome or object of desire. So as a result you have a fear of not attaining it or of then losing it. So you put force and effort in there. Force results in counter-force, a reaction. That acts as a counter-intention and nullifies the intention. Nothing happens.

Manifesting intentions need to be effortless and without attachment to the outcome, i.e. with unconditional love and gratitude, but not with fear or greed. That suffering one normally feels when your desires don’t manifest is from an attachment of some sort, the source of the counter-intention. It wasn’t a pure intention, it was undermined by counter-intentions, feelings that point in quite the other direction.

Subconscious forces, such as hidden conflicting beliefs and suppressed fears, are resolved only through deep introspective work on oneself. And one’s ethics need to be cleared, such that one feels more worthy of the exchange of wealth for value that you have created for others or services done. One also needs considerable emotional intelligence, intuition, and creativity because we have to clear our intentions, be open to guidance and play an active part in the manifestation process.

Your every thought and word is contributing to your life experience. Your thoughts and interpretations produce your emotions which, in turn, result in how you feel about a particular event occurring in your life. This is why two people can look at the exact same event and have opposite feelings about it. You are creating your own subjective reality, moment by moment, with the thoughts you choose to think and what you say, both to yourself and others. And through the power of Spirit your subjective reality impinges on the physical reality.

It isn’t so much a “magical” process as a way of being that is quite foreign to most people. The average guy just does not realize that he can change his actions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and identity. Instead they are perceived as the result of influences upon him, so he feels molded and in effect, with few choices. Life just happens to him, and it’s all other people’s fault. The truth - that he is responsible for the quality of his life - is, in that context, a revelation. Because if he’s responsible, then he can change things around.

This is the reason Trans4mind exists - to help people in the process of improving their lives. All the products we recommend and resources we offer support an improved ability to manifest your dreams - to take your life to a new conscious level.

The Manifestation Process

Creation occurs when we have a clear image of a desired state and trust that we can make it happen. If we can make it happen subjectively then generally we can make it happen in the physical world too. Motivation and the energy to create comes from this desire: the structural tension between the current reality and the desired achievable reality, the vision.

With the Manifestation Process you create the best spiritual, mental and emotional way of being which will empower you to achieve your desires and attract the resources you need. These are the steps:

  1. Define the goal, the state desired.
  2. What would it be like if you could...?
  3. Expose resistances (irrational fears and limiting beliefs) - experience them to the degree that you realize that you create these; you can then change them or just let them go.
  4. Pretend that you can....
  5. Describe the scenario in detail. What does that feel like...? (all senses and emotions, body-mind-spirit)
  6. Be thankful that you can make it so in your subjective reality, feel gratitude like you already have what you are desiring; at the same time feel without attachment that it is for the good of all, and also that you could happily let go of the same. (Attachment leads to suffering; it also leads to not having, as the jealous husband will tell you.)
  7. Open yourself to, accept responsibility for, and feel one with being an agent (not necessarily the only agent) for the actions and wisdom and whatever else is required to manifest the state desired in our shared physical reality. Feel this inspiring and motivating energy. Be a joyful player in the game of manifestation here on Earth. Determine your next steps in the game plan, what you can do now to get things moving.
  8. Flow unconditional love from Higher Self through your body-mind to all people and all things.

You envision the reality you want, as if it is in the now and even - or perhaps especially - be grateful for it! That’s creating from the God/Spirit level, the spark of God that you are. Yes, you start from lack (want), but you don’t move forward in lack. Many, many people have found this does make a difference in this material world... it isn’t just wishful thinking.

With the blocks removed about considering it’s OK to be/do/have whatever, you can then more easily do whatever it takes to manifest it. It’s the Robert Fritz creating principle: a crystal clear vision inspires and energizes the path of least resistance to your goal. Your current abilities and having are irrelevant to you being able to start creating; that’s where you’re going and you now - with that empowering vision - have the energy to work through any barriers, and acquire any necessary skills and resources along the way.

That’s why the vision has to be genuine, specific and what you truly want, and any blocks and conflicting beliefs that you may hold need to be exposed and released. Otherwise wishes and prayers can be, in effect, the avoidance of a reality that one is unwilling to confront. But if it’s genuinely your vision, and in accordance with the knowing of your Higher Self, it will happen, and you won’t be able to stop yourself running around like a wild thing making it happen - since YOU are the most important channel of your creative power, just as much as the world around you.

Then you act, according to your intuitive knowing. You can tell if that comes from Spirit because it will have the presence of Love. That means acceptance without judgment. And without negative emotions like fear or hatred, which are resistances against what exists - that which you are creating! You may be guided to sources of information to help you act more effectively.

So then do it, the first step, the first communication. Make the plunge, and then learn from your experiences in manifesting what you want. Spirit will offer these learning opportunities (sometimes they may appear as “mistakes”) as part of your ongoing connection with your true all-knowing Higher Self.

Podcast: The Way Forward
The current years are felt by many to be a turning point in the consciousness of humanity. Make or break. The turn-around in consciousness - a spiritual awakening - will need to come from within us. It is a change that we can create - and this is the time.
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