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Blog of Trans4mind Founders: Peter Shepherd & Wallace Huey

There is a direct, intimate and immediate connection between a person's inner world, how they think and feel and the values they hold, and the way they express themselves and create the world around them. We can recognize the values we hold in our heart and express them in our life. We can create our world inside-out. The heart made visible.
In this blog, Peter Shepherd and Wallace Huey post videos, audios and articles to illustrate how a beneficial change of consciousness can be accomplished from the inside out. With actions sourced through inner guidance, we can find peace, abundance and fulfillment and, as a consequence, positively influence our families, place of work and environment.
Peter Shepherd

Trans4mind Training Podcasts by Peter Shepherd

Each podcast is focused on some of the key challenges we all face in life, with inspiring quotes and commentary. Trans4mind Training includes an interactive online video workshop for each of these life challenge, to help you transform your life.
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#6: About Teamwork, Leadership, Money and Empowerment
Peter Shepherd looks at the key issues presented by these challenges that we face in our lives: to Work Well in a Team, to Be a Leader, to Master Money, and to Empower Other People, with accompanying articles. Download

#5: About Creativity, Life Purpose,
Presenting Yourself & Fulfillment at Work
Peter Shepherd looks at the key issues presented by these challenges that we face in our lives: to Express Yourself Creatively, to Find Your Life's Purpose, to Present Yourself Successfully, and to Find Fulfillment at Work, with accompanying articles.

#4: About Grief, Success, Integrity and Goals
Peter Shepherd looks at the key issues presented by these challenges that we face in our lives: to Cope with a Major Loss, to Achieve Success, to Be a Person of Integrity, and to Reach our Goals, with accompanying articles.

#3: About Anger, Self-Esteem, Fear and Bad Habits
Peter Shepherd illustrates the key issues presented by these life challenges - Let Go of Anger and Frustration, Improve Your Self-Esteem, Overcome Fear and Anxiety, and Overcome Bad Habits - with inspiring quotes, commentary and accompanying articles.

#2: About Healing, Forgiveness, Guilt and Jealousy
Peter Shepherd illustrates the key issues presented by these life challenges - Find Your Healing Path, Learn to Forgive, Get Over Guilt and Overcome Jealousy and Envy - with inspiring quotes, commentary and articles.

#1: Introducing Trans4mind Training
This series of Podcasts are focused on the life challenge workshops that comprise Trans4mind Personal Development Training. This #1 issue introduces the training, and talks about some key ideas of personal growth, followed by a couple of articles: The Ripple Effect by Peter Shepherd and The Only Revolution by Wallace Huey.

Earlier Podcasts
To accelerate your personal growth, participate in online interactive video workshops on these life challenges - begin your Trans4mind Personal Development Training.


Wallace Huey
Wallace Huey
In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, Wallace wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful realization of inner guidance. Today, Wallace is co-director of Trans4mind Ltd and is Director of Training, running the Trans4mind Personal Development Training program of interactive, online video workshops.

Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd is the founder and producer of this website. A transformational psychologist by background, he is author of 'Transforming the Mind' and 'Daring to be Yourself.' He publishes the Inspiring Quotes of the Week every week. Learn more about Peter's views and activities here.

What is Trans4mind Training?

This personalized training - launched on Independence Day, July 4th 2016 - is the best work we've ever done. The training empowers you to create action steps that deliver powerful real-world results across all of your life challenges.
The training when complete will present 46 interactive video workshops - always available online for you to refer to - arranged in 5 modules:
  1. Healing Yourself - available now!
  2. Being Successful - available now!
  3. Enhancing Relationships - Winter 2016
  4. Answering the Big Questions - Summer 2017
  5. Inner Guidance Training - Autumn 2017
The emphasis in these workshops is on practical application. Rather than telling you what to think, the video workshops will encourage you to learn from yourself and your own life. We give you the tools to be guided by inner wisdom, to attain greater inner peace in all areas of your life, and to achieve abundance and fulfillment... These results then work as a whole to transform your life!
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The Training in a Nutshell

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