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A 10 minute Daily Practice to Empower, Transform, and Manifest the Life You Desire To Live

Sunetra Basu Devanand

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WHITE LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION is a simple yet profound method of healing, empowerment and manifestation meant for the layman as well as for those experienced in meditation. Sunetra Basu Devanand is spiritually gifted to heal with the divine White Light, the healing light of the universal Super-consciousness. She uses her gift to provide FREE WHITE LIGHT HEALING to every individual who emails her requesting this free service (Sunetrabasuhealing@yahoo.com). Sunetra also teaches this unique and free flowing meditation practice to empower others to heal and manifest life the way they wish to experience it. The experience of White Light Healing Meditation practice is calming, soothing and yet electrifying in its power of life manifestation.

White Light heals all negativities. Healing with White Light is an extremely powerful and rare spiritual gift Sunetra has that she uses to spread health and wellbeing at large for the betterment and relief of humanity. Many have been healed from critical conditions and negative situations with her White Light Healing service as well as with their own White Light Healing Meditation practice.

As mentioned above, besides sending powerful White Light Healing worldwide, Sunetra also has the ability to pass on this power to others who seek to heal themselves and others from negativities and manifest positivity. Through this book she passes on the power of healing with White Light to everyone who wishes to heal from within, to bring positive transformations in life, to experience life the way they aspire to live.

White Light Healing Meditation invokes the Inner Divine power to heal all negative conditions and adverse situations, to cleanse, protect, transform inner subtle energies, and to awaken Higher Consciousness deep within. With regular practice for just ten minutes twice a day of White Light Healing Meditation the practitioner's thoughts become highly magnetized, attract necessary resources and manifest abundance with lightening speed. The course establishes perfect alignment between the practitioner and his/her core consciousness that is inherently one with the universal Super-consciousness.

SunetraSunetra says, “I deeply trust that White Light Healing Meditation heals all adverse conditions. It heals at a level even beyond karmic debts.

“White Light Healing Meditation is one of its kind in effectiveness and speed of healing and can be applied to any situation for relief and transformation. Through my White Light Healing Meditation Course I teach you the simplest way to take your consciousness to the very Source of White Light within you, rather than seeking it externally. It is the Source of creation of all energies both material and spiritual. This information is naturally embedded within each of us, but is in deep slumber. Once this dormant awareness is awakened you will have realized and gained access to the ultimate power of manifestation.”

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The total fee for the course from Sunetra is $50 (or equivalent in your local currency) paid through the secure transaction service, PayPal...

White Light Healing Meditation Course $50

After receiving your confirmation, Sunetra Basu Devanand will send a very special prayer in your name that works as a powerful attunement and perfectly aligns you with the Source of White Light. Sunetra welcomes communication from all White Light students on all matters relating to their Healing Meditation practice. All emails are individually responded to with appropriate explanations directly by Sunetra Basu Devanand. This course also includes valuable add-on materials that help make your White Light Healing Meditation practice smooth, spontaneous and in perfect harmony with Mother Nature.

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White Light Healing Meditation Course
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“Love ignites life, love extinguishes despair. More than for whom it is concerned, ‘love’ itself enlivens from within! Love lives within the heart and permeates into the mind as thoughts. We humans have the power to consciously transform our inner and mental vibes into loving frequencies that only send off blessings to one and all, even those we are not in agreement with.
    “Even disagreeing minds can love each other, and many times opposites attract. Love can travel great distances across oceans and mountains, across latitudes and levels of consciousness ... across the living or to souls that have crossed over. Love reaches every place, time and state. There are unlimited ways in which it finds expression.”
This is an excerpt from Sunetra Basu Devanand's 'White Light Meditation & Healing Course' that teaches the very baseline of spiritual living, how life can be designed and manifested in the simplest way, and how we can consciously get out of the complexities of the mind and liberate ourselves from restraining and limiting notions through the identification of White Light within. Life's larger than we think.

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