​Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses

Understanding Reiki Healing

The word Reiki, meaning 'prana shakti' (in Sanskrit), or life energy is a high frequency energy wave that flows through each living being, nourishes the cells and energizes the physical, mental, emotional and subtle energy bodies of individual living beings thus keeping them not only alive but also healthy and happy. In fact, the flow of Reiki through an individual brings him to life. It is the invisible bond or glue that binds the soul to its physical existence and establishes him as a sentient being.

Everybody is born with Reiki.. However, with time, the Reiki contained within gets eroded gradually due to the normal aging process and the accumulation of negative energies. This process could be mild or sometimes gets aggravated and/or accelerated. Negative energy blockages are energy waves that vibrate at much lower frequencies than the life energy waves. They obstruct the smooth flow of life energy, and slacken the process of individual self-preservation in the physical(cellular) as well as subtle energy bodies. They are the root cause of disease and can be...

  1. Encountered from external sources (e.g. interacting with others who carry negative energy in their aura, or bear negative thoughts for us);
  2. Contracted as suffering due to disease, infection, dysfunction, deficiency, trauma or accident at the physical/mental/emotional levels, as a way of balancing karmic debts;
  3. Created within us as a result of our own negative thoughts and feelings.

Reiki Healing is the process of accessing the universal Source of this life energy, removing the accumulated negative energy blockages and replenishing the positive life energy that has gotten depleted due to the above reasons.

Course Options

Sunetra teaches her Reiki courses as Support Based and Class Based courses...

Support Based Courses: If one opts for support based courses a thorough student-friendly course material is emailed to students once they have registered for the course. The attunement is given on a mutually fixed date/time. Instructions to follow during the attunement are communicated beforehand. The course material explains all theory and practical details of Reiki Healing. After students have studied the course material their doubts and queries are cleared and important key points in the healing practice are explained via phone or email as and when needed. Thereafter students must begin their 21 day self cleansing practice that forms an integral part of Reiki Training. The course completion certificates are emailed to the students after attunement.

Class Based Courses: If one opts for class based courses, a soft copy of the course material is first emailed after the student's registration and fees payment is done. The student must study the material and note down all queries and doubts. Two class dates are fixed at mutually agreeable dates/time. All classes are conducted by Sunetra Basu Devanand via Skype video calls or over the phone, whichever is preffered by the student. The entire course including its theory and practical aspects are thoroughly discussed and demonstrated during the classes. The course completion Certificate is emailed to students after the classes are completed. Students are most welcome to email or call Sunetra whenever they need guidance with their healing practice.

Reiki First Degree Course

(Eligibility: Aspiration to channel healing energy)

Students are attuned to the universal Source of Reiki. Students are taught the process of channeling the energy to effectively heal the self as well as others... a miraculous revelation to begin with! After course completion every student is empowered and able to channel Reiki to the self and to others with the touch of palms.

Support Based Reiki First Degree Course (via emails and phone calls)
Holistic Spiritual Healing with Touch (Usui Shiki Ryoho) - Course Fee: $60...


Class Based Reiki First Degree Course (over Skype)
Holistic Spiritual Healing with Touch (Usui Shiki Ryoho) - Course Fee: $100...


Reiki Second Degree Course

(Eligibility: Reiki First Degree Completion and three months healing experience).

Reiki First Degree Channels are eligible to further their depth, power and field of healing by taking this advanced healing course. The course trains student to heal with energized Reiki Symbols that empower them to send Reiki healing across time, space and to multiple recipients simultaneously with exactly the same power and healing effect as individual in-person healing sessions. After completing this level one is well equipped to launch one's own professional Reiki healing practice.

After course completion the student is empowered and able to heal the self and others across any distance and to heal negative experiences in the past and future. Students are also able to employ advanced healing techniques to channel healing to multiple problems, situations, events and individuals simultaneously. Reiki Second Degree transforms Reiki First Degree Channels into professional healers.

Support Based Reiki Second Degree Course (via emails and phone calls)
Advanced & Distant Healing Across Time & Space - Course Fee: $90...


Class Based Reiki Second Degree Course (over Skype)
Advanced & Distant Healing Across Time & Space - Course Fee: $180...


The Five Principles in Reiki Practice

Reiki Courses

Client and Student Testimonials

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