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Numerology, or the science of numbers, is an ancient tool for unlocking possibilities and opportunities that otherwise mostly stay clouded by adverse circumstances, external oppositions and internal conflicts. Such conditions keep us from opening up to blessings we might have already earned but are probably not aware of.

Number is the universal language not only in human civilization, but across the entire cosmos. Every number is an encoded expression of consciousness and carries unique energies of a certain frequency.

The frequency of a particular number attracts energies of similar frequency that can materialize in different aspects in life. So the numbers you are intimately associated with, or use frequently, bring their own energies to you and influence the events shaping up in your life. The most intimate numbers are those associated with the letters in your name, your birth date, and your house number, be it residential or workplace.

In numerology, every alphabet echoes the energies of a certain number and has been thus assigned that number, forming what is termed as a Numerology Chart that forms the prime tool a Numerologist works with. Two popular numerology charts in use are...

  1. The more ancient Chaldeon Numerology Chart that works with numbers 0 through 8, 9 being excluded as the divine number and thus not assigned to any alphabet.
  2. The later Pythagorean Numerology Chart that assigns all the single digits 0 through 9 to different letters of the English alphabet.

...Both produce accurate results in unlocking and enhancing fortune for the user. However, most numerologists have a personal preference, mine being the Chaldeon Chart, though I utilize both to come to a cumulative calculation of the best numbers for my clients.

To sum it up...

Numerology works wonders! And as an experienced numerologist I know that even a simple alteration and implementation of the accurate numbers can engineer a critical rewiring of energies in your life that will bring about favorable tides, a complete turnaround of events, and a series of desirable experiences.

Order Your Numerology Session from Sunetra...

The total fee for all numerology solutions pertaining to one person is $40 (or equivalent in your local currency). If you wish to order your numerology solutions, please make this payment through the secure transaction service, PayPal...


In addition, please Email Sunetra mentioning your full name in the exact spelling as on your birth certificate, your birth date, address, and a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Please also specify clearly what numerology solutions you are looking for. If you are unsure about what to specify, Sunetra will first have a preliminary discussion to determine your numerological needs. Your solutions will be worked out and emailed to you within three days after you have provided the above details.

“Divine Grace speaks through us! ”

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