Healing Methods That Revive Inner Powers to Bring Out the Best In You


by Sunetra Basu Devanand

Health and happiness are the two pillars that make the structure of life safe and secure. Almost interchangeable, both these factors today face threats that are multiplying faster that the human population itself. It is specifically in this scenario that we lightworkers step in or, jump in to let you know that there is a way. There are higher powers within each one of you that will empower you to swim through any situation in life with finesse and ease, and lead you on to favorable grounds so you have the time and space to make wise, well-informed choices in life and at your own pace. The healing methods I recommend and teach are based on ancient eastern body-mind-intellect balancing and cleansing techniques mastered by yogis/ascetics from the Himalayas and the higher worlds.

My name is Sunetra Basu Devanand and my journey in healing started two decades ago in the year 2000. After a dedicated journey in teaching and healing with Reiki and later on with Theta Healing, I gained knowledge of the most sublime healing method I have ever known, and started teaching the same to others. Over the past ten years, I have consistently been in deep meditation and quiet contemplation during which the sacred knowledge of healing gradually revealed itself to me as the inner being got cleansed and purified. It happened over a duration of eight years. Many spiritual encounters and associations with ascended masters happened and continue to happen with increased frequency today. My mind was able to comprehend Truth a little more with each passing day. I realized that the secret power to heal lay within each one of us. What one needs is a way, a simple method to align with that inner power.

On the journey of self-realization, as the intensity of spiritual awakening increases, with every leap onto the next level the inner state becomes more and more calm, neutral, settled and still, in the dynamic silence of the quiet unruffled mind, lesser and lesser bothered by external situations and stimuli. In reality it is this stillness that holds the seed of manifestation. Once you have touched this inner state every genuine intention of the mind germinates into a tangible reality. Thus, thoughts have unimaginable manifesting power once you have secured the inner alignment.

I teach simple daily practices that align you with your inner reality, revive your absolute power to self-heal, and automatically bring back peace, health, mental balance and clarity in worldly matters as well as in the spiritual domain. Daily consistent practice assures you total relief from anxiety and fear - the root cause of disease. With regular practice sessions of just 30-minute duration one is able to bring back balance in one’s energies, calmness of mind, stability in emotions and relief from symptoms and their root causes. Inner alignment fuels and reenergizes the tremendous inherent mindpower which, once revived and rekindled, can spontaneously attract abundance and resources from everywhere to manifest one’s innermost desires. In the process negative energies are completely washed away and joyfulness returns.

Healing is a human quality of superhuman proportions. Ancient sacred healing methods simply revive it in us and set the fire ablaze once again.

The mind is a magnet that can connect with anything anywhere across the entire expanse of the universe. Once balanced and aligned with the higher chakras (subtle life energy focal points in the body), it can do miracles! A happy fulfilled life is then no more a dream but a living, breathing reality. Good health, peaceful mind and optimal living are a natural occurrence to a happy individual.

The two simple and potent meditation and healing methods I teach are …

*Divine White Light Healing Meditation

*Sai Healing

These sacred healing methods can bring about amazing changes, life transformation, physical/mental peace, ease and wellbeing. They have helped many individuals already and I am now offering these to the audience on Trans4mind. For more information and to sign up for a session with me please email your interests to sunetra819@yahoo.com. You can also call or WhatsApp me on (011) 91 7899922051.

May you heal with every breath you take.

With best wishes,

Sunetra Basu Devanand

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Healing Therapy Sessions, www.divinehealings.org

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~ Abiding in the Self is the ultimate reality of lasting inner joy ~

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