The Silver Chord

The Silver Chord

by Sunetra Basu Devanand

We often invest our valued resources in the scrutiny of human faculties, culture... their geographic, economic, civic, moral and spiritual variations, thus plotting the impact of our collective thoughts, words and actions along with the ups and downs they effectuate upon the history of human civilization and the future of the earth.

Almost all of us spend most of our precious lifetime in exploring, recording, learning, living, and remembering the ways of the world around us. The fact that we have manifested here as humans directly exposes us to the tangible visible world of matter and myth! However, reality, or more aptly, the very vital, crucial aspect of our reality remains buried under what it projected ...a playground to score our goals on both sides and to exit the grounds with a trophy or a trough!

Remembering God is something most of us still do... and that is THE SAVING GRACE! ...the one strain of our lost memory of Self Identity and of ‘Source’!

A constant reminder through daily regular practices, celebrations and services as one’s religious following or spiritual pursuit prescribes, stands as a ‘savior’ of the human race! Though differences in the superficial matters of color, beliefs, ways and rituals do create a lot of anti-God energy taking the ugly shape of mass violence, killing, destruction and demolition, yet the fabric of all religions and spiritual pursuits remains the very same... ‘God vision’, ‘Realization’, ‘Truth’, ‘Liberation’ and ‘Oneness’!

...Yet many minds... yet many ways... which is fine! But why the comparisons? Why the need to compare and contrast?? Why not strictly contain one’s practices within one’s spiritual domain that stretches way beyond time, space and the confinement of ‘I’? Did we really grasp the INNERMOST values and teachings of our religions/spiritual practices? - or did we just read and hear and make something of our own out of it? ...naively handing over the reins of our judgment to the conniving lustful Ego-consciousness that leads us astray into vicious self-ignorance!

Even one’s spiritual quest is not immune to ego-attacks, or as one of my fellow seeker on ST describes... ‘spiritually transmitted diseases’!

Such disguised evil is often hard to differentiate from true devotion and surrender, sometimes making it impossible to diagnose!... Camouflaged in deceptive self-glorification, this invisible virus nestles well within the ignorant mind, taking full advantage of its vulnerability to self-honor!

However, even within this grayish picture there peeks a silver lining from somewhere beyond the conscious mind!

...From the deepest layer of being, from an area around the heart, that is directly encapsulated by the Soul, speaks the Inner Voice of ‘Truth’, unbiased and unadulterated at all times! It instills instant immunity to all the above threats to humanity and its extinction, breaking the shackles of myth, severing the bondage of ‘maya’ and melting away the trap that meshed our vision of Truth, God, Spirit and Source!

If only we were to heed to this ‘Channel of Divine Voice’ playing His timeless words incessantly within each one of us, then even without reading, following, affiliation to a religion, dogma, sect or philosophy in the outside world, we would safely zip line through life’s ups and downs, temptations and distractions, trials and tribulations, along the built-in spiritual cord and straight into God’s welcoming bosom ...of purity, love and simplicity, our rightful dwelling!

Commonly called the ‘silver chord’ by many spiritual enthusiasts, this is our hidden, often forgotten link to eternity - our latent powerhouse of energy that we can launch any moment we consciously wish deep within! This is the divine vehicle from eternity, the encrypted formula that once decrypted with a single true intention of love to reconnect, will shoot us back into the core of Mother Energy! The invisible spiritual silver chord never breaks! We are never severed, the vehicle, namely the soul, is never disengaged except from superficial memory. Then too one keeps getting signals from Heaven through intuitions, dreams, apparent coincidences and supposed miracles! To be able to interpret it is the dicey part of the game! To AWAKEN the sleeping consciousness is the only requirement - the singular way to what we seek!

If only we would ‘listen’ to the voice within, that is, the conscience - as we usually call it, and obeyed its wisdom, unconditionally ignoring the constant lure of erratic sense-gratification, then there will be no chance of even an accidental slippage onto the quaking grounds of ‘ego-consciousness’! Channeling goodness through voluntary service would be the willing and winning way of life!

...simply by focusing within the heart!

What if we just closed our eyes, and dived within, swam deep and looked further for the light??... It is worth the try, for the light will appear, fuelled by our focused intention, blind devotion and heart-rending love for reunion!

...Seeking Him, His love, His light... as is, may we retrieve our pearls of wisdom in His ocean of love awaiting our return!

Just Listen, Look, Lead your mind into the Lull within!


With love and light! ...

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