by Sunetra Basu Devanand

Allow the day - allow the night, allow every moment to sparkle its light!

Allow the sweat, allow the pain! Allow your hope... never think all is in vain!

Allow yourself the cozy space - take a break often from the rat race!

Allow yourself a little more time out of the ceaseless number crunching rhyme!

Be at ease every day or two, or even a few minutes, feel... red, white or blue!

Breathe normally, then close your eyes, and listen to the inner silence speak wise!

Labor, lust, love and pain... allow all right in... for you're in the game!

Feel the anger, feel the slight, watch the fall just as you watched the flight!

Let the pride wings down for a while, let others know this too is in style!

Not always does the flag fly high... your half mast days are to honor the sky!

Embracing that which life brings by, you cast a smooth sail on tides, low and high!

Even in the midst of the stoop and trough, thank your stars that they shine just enough!

Will each moment, wish every day, and let the flow wash your silt away!!

This poem, as a loving message, goes out to all those of us who feel stressed, burdened and weathered due to overexertion and rough patches in life, for those who feel lost and alone in times of distress and don't know how and where to bring back the light from!

Life has its highs and lows. Not all of life is a smooth sail, not all days are as sunny as yesterday! Every stage, every experience has a purpose of its own, a unique message, a valuable lesson to carry home. There are pricks and there are petals, and both need to be experienced when their turns come.

Even within the rough patches there will be moments of respite when life lets you catch a breath... breathe in long and deep whenever you get the chance. Do not shun those stand-alone moments of joy. Expose yourself to the rays that peek from behind the clouds; welcome love, cheer and enjoyment that intersperse the troubles. Do not run away from your fear... avoiding it makes it chase you through life; confronting it scares it away. Accept life's challenges, face your fear and give it a shot! It might be a blessing in disguise! This might be the last mile before the finishing line and success might be waiting just around the corner! Besides, life is full of surprises ...give it another chance! They say, the cave your fear to enter might hold the key to untold blessings!

At times, be lenient with yourself; grant yourself the permission to fail when something isn't meant to be! You do not need to prove yourself to you or to the world all the time! Enjoy the liberty to gain or to lose! Lift that pressure off your shoulders... you cannot dictate the current of time, but you can choose to flow with it. Accept defeat when it comes... abide by the terms of life! ...Thus do you honor Divine Will! Trust that there are many more successes to come!

Embrace the rays of hope that peek from behind the clouds, accept love, cheer and enjoyments that intersperse the troubles. Allow every moment to ripen its own way and bear the fruits you deserve... Let life follow its course! And no matter how vexed or pressured you are, take time out for yourself, be alone by yourself, introspect and reconnect with your inner divinity! ...Its wisdom will recharge you for the rest of your journey.

Free yourself of the heaviness, let the momentum of life itself wash you clean! Never lose hope! Always remember... Someone cares, Someone watches over, Someone is there for you unconditionally, every step of the way! Try to perceive the larger picture of life... know that there is a greater mission in hand!

Keep the faith in the unseen hand! ...Surrender! Stop taking care of life for once! ...Instead, let life take care of you its own way!

~ With love and light!

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