You Set The Trend

You Set The Trend

by Sunetra Basu Devanand

“Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed”...holds true across time and space. But the universe was created by a nuance of the divine Intellect... and we do ‘create’ our world, our life and ourselves every instance with our thoughts! ...As a matter of fact, that’s what my previous blog titled ‘Self-purification’ was all about.

If energy cannot be created, then what do we create with our thoughts, and how?

We create patterns! Or rather, we recreate what already is, giving it a new form, state, and frequency; energy finds preliminary expression into our consciousness as thoughts, intuition or telepathy. We have the power to transmute the energy we receive by deliberately tailoring our thoughts into whatever level of consciousness we want to dwell in. In other words, we refurbish incoming energy giving it a brand new look and feel, much of which actually matches our current state of consciousness. If we wish to raise ourselves, our state of being, then we should make it a point to filter incoming thoughts, and entertain only positive, enlightening, loving thoughts. For those sad, painful, hurting, negative thoughts that somehow make their way through the mind, we must fortify them with faith and reshape them into positive/divine/love energy.

...thoughts...words...actions...finally, deeds!

Likewise, if we entertain thoughts of lower consciousness, of sorrow, deprivation, fear, jealousy, selfishness and greed, then that’s what we dwell in.

The real catch is that the kind of energy you choose to dwell in finds its way to you again and again thereafter. For the universe is neutral to you no matter what, and gives you exactly what you want. So it had its Law of Attraction in place... thus like attracts like, good attracts good, and bad attracts bad. If you think of love, you receive love from everywhere and you bring to yourself resources of love; if you think mean, that’s what you experience from others; if you think of ‘light’, divinity, of the Holy Spirit, of angels, archangels and ascended masters, that’s the best way to invite divine vibrations into your life! That’s how you experience higher intelligence more and more every moment in time, always showing you the right way, from a much wider and elevated spirit perspective of things, characters, events and accidents both good, and not so good. Thus depending upon your treatment of thought energies, you decide what life brings to you. Sweetness attracts more sweetness, indifference attracts indifference from others and pain attracts pain.

Our mind is like a magnet... if you think of something, then it must come to you one way or another. What comes to you in turn must be treated/processed into that which you really want to invite into your life! Thus you have all the power to harness or change the way things are at present by molding your thoughts! Think positive, think good, think prosperity, think sincerity, think service, think forgiveness, think love, and that’s exactly what will flow into your life. Resources will manifest in plenty to enable your experiencing the same! The universe is both abundant and generous to us... so rest assured that reality will supersede expectations! For no matter how much you need or ask for, there is always more!

...More of ‘what’ is for you to decide. So live as you like! - Think well, think beyond limits!! Live as you like!

Talk of helplessness... well, not anymore! Now set the trend... Think the change you want to be, feel the power, center yourself and self-empower!

With love and light! ...

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