Anger Issues

Anger Issues

by Sunetra Basu Devanand

Modern day civilization demands a fast lifestyle. In keeping with its increasing needs, many of us ignore the very basics of healthy, happy and harmonious life. One of the most common evils of our times is anger, often mistaken by us as our Nature, leaving us helpless.

Are you someone who gets angry easily? ...Someone who loses temper at the drop of a hat? or, Do you believe you do get angry but only when there is a valid reason, when provoked, etc.? Do you also believe that this is THE natural response your mind creates in the face of ‘angering’ stimuli and that there is nothing you can do about it? ...That trying to produce any other response to such stimuli would be going against Nature, stopping the spontaneous flow of energy along its natural course?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, it would be a good idea to take a closer look at yourself. With slight change of perspective, introspection and soul-searching, this apparent ‘truth’ about yourself that you hold on to might turn out to be a different story altogether...

Most of us feel anger is in our nature and our natural response to unreasonable stimulus, that it is not we who are to blame, but the stimulus that provokes an angry response.

Well, your anger issues actually have nothing in common with your real nature. Unlike who you think you are, you really are the ever loving ever forgiving peaceful soul, an extension, a likeness, a microcosm within and of the Eternal Absolute! Every soul having been thus created in the likeness of the Creator who is all love and light, strives to co-create out of its very own love energy through the three most powerful tools of manifestation in the physical realm... thoughts, words and actions. And that’s exactly how we started our journey!

Anger was originally the aftermath of our very first unloving response to an unwanted stimulus, muting its inner voice and its guidance from the higher self. Of course, there could have been a very different, loving way to handle the same situation. After that, in another similar situation, the mind, being used to picking from memory, chose to repeat the same angry response. Thus one odd response gave rise to a chain of odd responses to many more seemingly unwelcome stimuli. By then the brain was convinced that anger is its natural response to words, behavior or events that it did not take to liking, and labeled this tendency turned habit ‘basic nature’! On the contrary, angry responses, being energy unlike our true self, are what take us away from our basic nature! And, a conscious or unconscious loving response would actually take us back, inch by inch, to our true nature of the divine being that we are!

Moreover, an angry response to a stimulus does not end there. It goes a long way through time, individuals and circumstances rippling on destructive energies into the life(s) of the doer(s). When you receive an angry reply, you vent it there or elsewhere, thus exposing the other to this destructive anti-life energy, who might again vent out his anger to yet another individual... thus giving rise to a chain reaction! Now, as far as the self is concerned at the individual level, every energy one sets forth into creation brings back a multitude of similar energies in the opposite direction, that is, the energy you send out finds its way back to you one way or the other, sooner or later. That said, the nature of your response needs to be exactly what you would want to invite from the universe because what you give is what you get. This is the universal spiritual law and its field too is ...well, universal! Now that allows you to pre-arrange, if you want to, ‘good’ experiences that create a chain of happy interactions in life! So you get to set the very essence of your life, by consciously offering loving responses that reflect the substance of your soul!

In most cases, trapped in a myth of the vicious anger cycle, we simply live in ignorance, apparently helpless about our very own self, of who we are and what we do! Well, the good news is that just the way we crept into it, we can crawl right out of it as well! Just as our brain outsmarted our conscience, slighting our higher self and its loving nature by sending out unfriendly, apparently involuntary responses, the same way, we can with some conscious effort, by watching our thoughts and responses, guided by the inner voice of our conscience, break through the negative tendencies that we are so convinced is a part and parcel of who we are! With a little dedication and vigilance we can erase the older impressions of unhealthy pattern of responses with impressions of new positive loving responses stored in our immediate memory that the brain will then access to decide its response to stimuli.

Apart from doing away the chances of negative energy rebounding back to us, this self improving exercise helps remind the soul, bit by bit, of its forgotten divinity, its love story of eternal being, universal oneness, purity, ecstasy and bliss! Changes in the very feel and flavor of life thus lead are unquestionable! Our own positive responses then return, one by one, to grace our lives and our very being, that is, once the aftermath of earlier outrage has been lived, loved, and realized.

May we see through the eyes of the inner being, may we hear through the ears of the inner being, may we experience through the mind of the inner being ...the soul! May we willingly initiate the cycle of loving peaceful responses!

...Surrendering to divinity all our unloving tendencies, and asking for Higher Grace to bestow upon us the power to create loving responses instantly makes way for the first one!

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