by Sunetra Basu Devanand

All of the tangible world was created with thought... rather an instinct of the Creator! So is all of the material world, the flora and the fauna we experience all through life created, or manifested, with our thoughts! ...this time, thoughts originating through the human mental faculty. Every instance or occurrence of ‘life’ as we see it around us is undoubtedly the product of ‘thoughts’!

‘Thought’ is THE greatest power of the human race!! With thoughts we co-create heaven on earth! With thoughts we co-create hellish suffering and pain! Thoughts pollute! And thoughts purify! With a thought the priest baptizes, with a thought the ‘purohit’ awakens the Mother Goddess, or declares the water collected in a vessel as that from the holy rivers, with one thought the Reiki Channel enables the divine healing wave into the seeker, and with one thought the Reiki Master attunes a student to the super high frequency Reiki Source for life! ...We call it ‘intention’ ...thought with a specific purpose. Indeed, with thought we fall, with thought we rise, and with thought we do awaken!

All deeds must necessarily find their origin in thought! ...just One Thought!

The lifespan of a thought decides its intensity, its power of manifestation. That’s what we call focus... uninterrupted continuous flow of a thought. If a thought is single and stern, it MUST find expression in the material world! The intensity, the sternness, the focus that we are referring to is nourished by ‘Faith’ in the potential of that thought! Faith comes with higher grace! Thus a healthy thought is essentially a gift from ‘higher grace’, or in scientific terminology energy waves cascading down from higher intelligent frequencies into our spectrum of lower frequencies, and channeling via the highest mode of expression within us as ‘intuition’ and ‘telepathy’!

Grace enables us to ‘think in good faith’. So, we must ask for grace from higher intelligence/energy/beings/div- inity matter what you call them! Asking too is a thought in itself, isn’t it!? What a miracle ‘thought’ is, whoever came up with it is simply brilliant!!!

It is true that a single thought can change one’s course of life, destiny, and state of being!! So in order to begin self-resurrection, no matter how deep a pit-hole we might be stuck in, the place to start is ... ASK for grace to conceive that ONE STRAIGHT, STERN, INTENSE (revolutionary) THOUGHT!

When you see a black surface you think of ‘black’ and nothing but black. The same way, when you ‘think’ the change you want to see or rather ‘be’, you must think of that newness, and only that newness! With the intensity of your will/faith the thought germinates into reality. But don’t stop there... keep embellishing it with finery, continue the thought until that reality is picture perfect! ...just as we often hum a favorite tune all the time as we sail through our day. Watch how from that thought string your dream castles pop out in cosmic harmony with your destiny!

Now, if thought can do all that, then can thought not purify?? Sure it can!! Because our thought energy travels through us ...through our chakras, that is, the energy centreers within us! If a thought is sublime/positive, its higher frequency helps dilute dense heavy clots of disease-causing negative energy at our chakras, thus opening up our energy portals to further higher sublime frequencies. These in turn elevate our tangible and intangible energies towards ‘light’!

On the other hand, if the thought we have is heavier and of denser frequencies, of the type that negative thoughts are, constricting, selfish, fear-based and not of love, then they tend to gradually constrict our chakras thus disrupting access path and circulation of sublime life-supporting energies. That’s how the nature of our thoughts shape us within and without at the microcosmic level! The entire world is, in fact, the product of an intricate mesh of thought energy signals from all its inhabitant beings.

For all of matter is dynamic energy flowing incessantly in endless patterns and frequencies, as waves and swirls containing, crisscrossing or channeling through one another. Within this picture, our mind is the router that redirects the energy that has penetrated our consciousness, in one direction or another. Thus depending upon the nature of the thoughts we entertain, energy manifests in different aspects of our lives! We process, redirect and express it with our thoughts, and that is how we decide what we do with the energy resource the universe gave us, maneuvering it whichever way we wish. Literally, we shape our future with our thoughts ...thoughts we have been processing across lives!

We are but a combination of our thoughts and of the collective thoughts floating in our environment through our contemporary fellow beings ...What a wonder, yet so innately natural!

Remember, we are what we think all day! - Now think what you may!

Then to purify yourself, the mind, the body and the emotions, why go to a therapist, healer, doctor or astrologer? Just begin with a single straight thought of ‘purity’ ...ASK for grace to enable the seed of purification!

Let the process begin...


With love and light! ...

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