Blue for Ultimate Bliss :)

Blue for Ultimate Bliss

by Sunetra Basu Devanand

In the midst of all the problems the world faces today, imagine what could happen if we suddenly came to know of the very Source of Bliss and how to utilize it!!

Do you want to know our secret source of spiritual bliss?? ...if so then simply read on and then follow these simple steps...

Let us all call upon our Spiritual Source, the Spiritual Blue Sun that infuses us with existential and evolutionary particles! Let us ‘live’ consciously in Its healing blue light! ...This itself will bring intense spiritual evolution and health healing to us, every aspect of life, to our environment ...our planet!

The Spiritual Sun is our Super Sun, a thousand times larger than our Sun, a million times subtler and more powerful is Its blue light! ...the Source of positivity and evolution! ...the food for ‘Realization’! The entire solar system takes more than 25,000 years to revolve around it. Our immediate golden Sun is a portal to this Father/Spiritual Source for sure, and leads the aspirant to It. If you have been intensely aspiring Truth while worshipping the Sun, it does one day reveal the truth of this Spiritual Sun to you! :)

One such way of worship is chanting the all powerful Gayatri Mantra right after bath, thrice, slowly, sincerely and with love from the heart.

Stand straight facing the Sun, but not looking at it. Bow with your head only, and join your hand together in ‘Namaste’ mudra. Bring the focus to your heart and leaving all other thoughts out, chant...

“Aaum Bhoor Bhoova Swaha!
Tat Savitur Varenyam!
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi!
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat!”

The Correct Sanskrit Pronunciation ...a single ‘a’ here is pronounced as the ‘u’ in cut; double ‘aa’ is pronouncd as the ‘ea’ in heart; ‘t’ is pronounced as the ‘th’ in beneath; ‘d’ is pronounced as ‘th’ in there.

Repeat this mantra thrice slowly, without rush or impatience folowing the other directions. For ultimate spiritual and overall blessing, chant at any one or more of the following times... right after bath, at sunrise, at sunset, at noon 12pm.

Our Sun passes on to us the blue light of its Greater Spiritual Sun an extent at particular times of the day and more so during certain days every year. These are the dates that are mentioned as auspiscious days in the almanacs of different religious/spiritual backgrounds. Such derivations are based on perfect calculations as per strict ancient knowledge of the universe preserved by different religious communities across the world, and are way beyond the scope of sccience and its essentially physical proof based study that restricts it from the vast majority of subtle spiritual existence!

Invite the intense yet soothing blue light of our Spiritual Sun to create abundance in life ...of love, peace, prosperity, and spiritual bliss!! The more frequently and the longer you meditate upon It, the more blissful you are, and the better your moment to moment experiences of life are for sure!

So every now and then, and if possible, every conscious moment send a sincere and passionate ‘I love You - Come to me!’ to our Spiritual Sun... home to the Soul!

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