Does Divine Healing Work?


By Sunetra Basu

Divine inspiration is the source of all significant and trivial experiences in life. Even in this world of skepticism and logic where every concept has to acquire the sanction of the analytical mind to be deemed reasonable or acceptable to someone of a decent intellect, I have never doubted the presence of the invisible hand in minor and major biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual processes that happen to us at every step in this life of tangible reality. The ‘knowing’ deep within was always that strong.

After having trained, gifted and practiced intangible energy healing methods that always had visible outcomes patients vouched and asked for, I found myself stepping out of the comfortable shoes of an energy healing channel.

It had been twenty-two years of my Reiki journey, a year into Theta Healing methods, and over one and a half decades into silent meditation. I guess going up to the seventh plane was the hidden purpose of the journey, though along this journey, for many I had been instrumental in the critical healing and cure. The healing wave had provided respite from numerous painful conditions and saved many from the jaws of terminal diseases, sometimes reversed fatality when traditional medicine had raised its hands.

For someone who had known to have a few weeks or days of life remaining, to breathe and experience the revival must have been out of the world, I am sure. I never planned nor orchestrated any of these rescues, yet they happened over and over again. There must be some unseen force that empowers us to breathe and live for some more time.

I knew the healing process was hugely enhancing the individual’s power to life. I knew it was life, the intangible wave that brings a cell to life, that was flowing, getting channeled through me. I also knew I was one of just the few thousand out of the hundreds of millions of human beings inhabiting earth who have been chosen to participate in this unusual experience, this divine plan and process of giving someone a second chance in life. A blessing all the way, it transformed me from the core and day by day I became the compassionate one, the very nature every human being inherently is. Yet I shied away from acknowledging it in public. The blessing was meant to be announced, shared and appreciated, as much verbally, as I did internally, and it took me two decades and a few gap years to arrive at that.

None of this was coincidental. None of this was embarrassing. None of this was meant to be a secret. Yet I always imagined how others might ridicule or reject the legitimacy of it, not to mention how it could crush my efforts to preserve the humble personality I was comfortable projecting to the world. I knew, even though we are healing channels yet we could get tied to the credits of the cure, which was often criticized and dismissed.

In 2022, I was ordered by my spiritual master to stop all healing services and was gifted a very powerful healing method that directly descended from the highest dimensions of my spiritual master’s divine abode. I put it up on a website as a service, yet did not take steps to spread the word. I felt unqualified to assert, solicit and offer doubting acceptance, and hence the matter seemed to be futile.

Perhaps the time hadn’t come. By 2023 the method was very well defined and I was confident I had a mature system of healing to offer to the world, that did not require a channel, a mediator to make it available to anyone seeking healing, relief and rescue from adverse conditions. All that it demanded was a few minutes of one’s time every day.

When you know you have the way out, you ought to make it known to every soul that seeks a way out. That is why it was given to you in the first place. That is how you appreciate your gift, your power, most importantly the divine connection in you. With great power comes great responsibility. We have to realize that.

What I have been given has the potential to become the answer to the prayers of as many suffering souls as it can reach. It is the reach that matters. I ask you, the reader to reach out to me. Write to me, share this information with others, come forward to get it for yourself or help someone in need find it.

The method is called Sai Healing and the process could save many lives from further pain and agony. Learning it from me takes a few days only. Classes will be conducted one on one for three days, and if required, more. Practice sessions are provided as and when needed. Watch yourselves heal and find that pain, that annoying condition gone faster than you expect.

For Sai Healing classes please contact me…

Sunetra Basu Devanand


Phone: (011) 91 7899922051

Come out of pain, suffering and distress with Sai Healing.

With love and His Grace,

~ Sunetra

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